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01-JANUARY 04-2024

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Trying something new for a few days to see if it will boost my energy level… I plan to drink an ENSURE each morning for a week!

pmp 01-06 2024

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Here’s Why 2024 May Be Gold’s Best Year Ever
Instead of reviewing the year, we consider developments over the past decade.  Even so near gold’s recent all-time high, 2024 is already shaping up to be a great year for gold… [Read Here]

January 04, 2023

Someone yelled FIREGood morning.
Some traders believe that as the first day of the year goes, so will the rest of the year.  If so, investors may be disappointed.  The market opened strong, but gave up modest gains within the first hour of trading.
Of course, one day doesn’t make a trend.  The first day of trading in 2022 saw the stock market hit all-time highs… and also marked the most recent market high ahead of a painful year.
Chances are the market’s trend lower will continue, with some sizeable rallies along the way.  That trend won’t change until interest rates stop going up and inflation looks like it’s been fully wrung out of the economy.  That gives traders the chance for more downside opportunities in the coming weeks and months.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Why 2022 Was The Worst Year Since 2008
Stocks fell in afternoon trading on Wall Street Friday as major indexes closed out a dismal year with lingering concerns about stubbornly hot inflation and a potential recession.  The S&P 500 fell 0.8% as of… [Read Here]

Germany Has Their Highest Inflation In 70 years
Germany has recorded its highest annual inflation in more than 70 years, according to preliminary data released Tuesday by the country’s Federal Statistical Office.  Surging energy and food prices due to Russia’s attack on Ukraine saw… [Read Here]

January 04, 2022

Meeting free zoneGood morning.
Inflation rates should peak this year, as the Federal Reserve finishes up its bond-buying program and potentially starts raising interest rates later in the year.  However, a few trends point to the idea that inflation may stop growing as quickly, but it will still be at uncomfortably high levels.
One data point in manufacturing data.  Manufacturing leads to more goods, which helps keep a lid on inflation.  However, right now shortages and supply chain issues mean production is still at December 2020 pandemic levels based on the latest PMI data.  That means we’ll still see a lot of money chasing about the same amount of goods for some time.  That’s a classic recipe for inflation, so continue to trade with beating inflation in mind.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

How Inflation Could Crash The Economy In 2022
It’s understandable if you’re tired of hearing about rising inflation.  But it each month seems to bring fresh records not seen in decades.  Things are so bad that Bloomberg recently put out an “inflation survival guide” after interviewing… [Read Here]

January 04, 2021

You Are HereGood morning.
The Carolina Panthers has agreed to pay offensive lineman Russell Okung partly in cash, but also partly to mobile payment firm Strike so that he can buy Bitcoin.  It’s the first time a pro-athlete is getting paid in such a way.
While the average American may not be able to move $6.5 million of a $13 million annual salary to cryptocurrencies, one of the stronger trends of 2021 was a major shift towards investing in cryptos.  With interest rates likely to stay at zero, and stimulus and money printing occurring at a high rate for the foreseeable future, it’s one trend traders would be wise to follow in 2021, whether with the currencies themselves, or companies embracing Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

January 04, 2020

Two Chinese StocksGood Morning.  A few different indicators come into play with the start of the year.  One, called the “first five days,” looks at the trading performance of the first trading week of the year going back to 1950.  If stocks finish higher in the first five days of the year, over 80 percent of the time the market will he up for the year as a whole.

If that’s the case, we’re 1 day down, and 4 to go to indicate an upbeat year for stocks in 2020.  Sure, nothing moves in a straight line, and today’s bullishness will undoubtedly fade at some point in the year.  For now, however, enjoy the party.  😉

“What Scares Me” isn’t what scares me … but what Darren Hardy’s message for us today.  Listen closely!

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more,
so that we may fear less.”
—Marie Curie

January 04, 2019

Good Friday All…

Caryl brought today’s quote from Toastmasters last night.  We couldn’t identify its origination, but here it is:

When you build a house, every brick counts.  When you build a character, every thought counts.  You are what you think.  Love, purity, peace, wisdom — the more you think of these qualities, the more you will become them.

Playing Bridge today with my mom and friends, around noon, then back home to make a few phone calls before supper.  Tomorrow “it’s-a-go” to pickup Marie, a retired work colleague of Caryl’s, and the three of us are to visit Murray Robinson at his home for coffee.  Murray just celebrated his 91st birthday and we like to check on him from time-to-time!  Both Caryl & Marie worked for Murray at the Pelican Group for many years.

Love your friends….

January 04, 2018


January 04, 2017

Invitations went out to our family to enjoy a chili meal with us on Saturday!  We never get tired of having the family over a quick visit, warm hardy food, a few laughs and lots of fresh smiles.

Work was good … no surprises … everyone thinks they can do the manager’s job better than the manager.  I’m just glad to get out of there after six hours.  Off tomorrow, so I get to sleep in a bit, move some stocks around … pocket some money and throw some away.  The throwing away part is not my choice, but when a stock moves in the wrong direction … it’s time to say farewell.

Will put a bit-of-money away today for our family vacation later this year.  Must find some pictures of where we will be going for our vacation.  Went to Mark’s for a couple of flannel shirts.  Mark’s have some great buys!!!!

Working on another website, besides this one, before bed.  Goodnight all…



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