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01-JANUARY 06-2024

Improving '24Today I went back to look for the keys that fell out-of-my-pocket yesterday… FOUND THEM!

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January 06, 2023

Baked GoodsGood morning.
One way to look at the markets is at sentiment.  The final week of 2022 was the third-worst week for sellers on record, with retail investor selling $3.1 billion in stocks.  While that’s not huge at the institutional level, it’s a sign that many smaller players have been throwing in the towel.
Typically, these extremes also act as a contrarian signal.  It may not be a sign that the market will have a massive rally.  But we could expect a 5-15 percent bounce higher in the coming weeks, given the extreme negative sentiment.
Traders should still be cautious, as the overall market trend is down.  But a few bullish trades can be added to bearish ones right now.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

The New 401(k) Rules For 2023 (Important)
If you’re eager to boost your retirement savings, there’s good news for 2023: higher 401(k) contribution limits.  And now is the time to adjust your deferrals, financial experts say.  You can funnel $22,500 into your 401(k), 403(b) and other such plans for… [Read Here]

January 06, 2022

Another DateGood morning.
The S&P 500 started 2021 trading at a hefty 30 times earnings.  Historically, that’s well above average, and, as a whole, into what many would consider bubble territory.  But at the start of 2021, earnings were still heavily depressed from the impact of the pandemic.
Fast forward to a year later, and the S&P 500 is up about 27 percent.  Yet the S&P 500 only trades at 23 times earnings.  What caused the price to earnings ratio to drop?  The best year for earnings growth on record, with the S&P 500’s earnings up over 60 percent in a year.  That’s taken some pressure off the high value off of the markets from a year ago, and gives the market room to continue higher, especially as earnings still have room to improve in 2022.  Just expect the rate of earnings growth to slow this year.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Another Jaw-Dropping Economic Record Was Just Broken
A new record was announced broken in November, and while some people say the record is a sign of confidence and evidence that the economy is bouncing, others say it’s a sign that Americans are losing hope in a possible economic recovery… [Read Here]

American Fed Faces Its Most Important Decision Ever
As of November 2021, the rate of inflation has reached 6.8 percent, the highest since 1982, and is unlikely to have peaked yet.  Despite Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell originally proclaiming this inflation spiral to be transitory, the Federal Reserve has announced… [Read Here]

January 06, 2021

ClickGood morning.
Stocks had their best trading day of 2021 thanks to a rally.  Traders ignored the uncertainty of runoff elections in Georgia, which could tip the balance of power in the United States Senate.
If anything, stocks seem more interested in moving based on Covid headlines rather than political concerns.  The latest news of Covid lockdowns around the world may be able to move markets down a little bit, like they did on Monday.  However, the current monetary policy in place is likely to keep the market from declining too much.  That means that even small market sell-offs may create solid trading opportunities, as anyone who bought the dip on Monday can attest.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

January 06, 2020

The Year Of The Leader” … maybe …


Maybe we forgot this.  Will 2020 be the year we add leaders to our group  instead of just distributors?  Leaders are everything.  We measure our success in network marketing by the number of leaders on our team.

But … How Do We Get These Leaders?

The quickest solution?  Turn ordinary distributors into high-quality leaders.  But how do we do that?  There is a step-by-step process that anyone can follow.  So instead of working with distributors for an entire year, let’s use this step-by-step process to create leaders instead.  The difference in our bonus check is staggering.

An example?

Could we learn to do this?  Kim Madsen is a leader.  He doesn’t take phone calls from his team with problems.  Instead, he only takes a call with a problem if the distributor already has two solutions!  This one little change removes time wasted listening to problems.  Could we learn to do that?

Creating leaders is done step-by-step.

When we know exactly what to teach our distributors, they can become leaders.  This is better than some silly advice such as, “Be more positive.”  Not everyone wants to be a leader.  Some want the social life, some want a part-time hobby.  So we will follow this three-step leadership formula:

Masterclass Recording

1.  Ask, “Do you want to be a leader?”

2.  Give them the preliminary leadership test.

3.  If they pass, we will show them step-by-step exactly how.

As little as one new leader can take us from average to superstar.

Are you ready to learn a system to create leaders?

Classes are on Tuesday, January 14, 21 & 28.  😉
(Classes are recorded so if you can’t make your preferred time, you can watch your class session later.)

January 06, 2019

Every day is a great day… today is no exception.  Took our Christmas decorations down this morning; our inflatable Santa stuffed in a storage box, and tree hidden in a basement corner, for another year.

Speaking of cards, I found this one in my upstairs office: I began to think…

Tomorrow I go for my six-month-eye-exam.  Nothing to worry about, but I will need cataract surgery, at some point.  Because I’m not work-ing a regular job, and our medical system is government subsidized, doctors are required to prioritizes need vs want, hence ‘the retired’ are deferred to the rear of the line.  My doctor monitors overall vision quality; keeping “us informed” as well as-the-powers-to-be as to the length of the line, and our position in it!  No substantial change is expected, so my wait will be eighteen to 24 month.

Tomorrow I begin my 14 Day Challenge!  More later…

January 06, 2018


January 06, 2017

Woke early this morning to be at work for 5:00 AM … short day however … only six hours!

Then home to work on resolving a WP upgraded-theme-issue.  Things are not as easy as they seem, at least with resolving techie issues. More expensive than I thought it would be too!

Got some “major” email reading accomplished today.  Where did the day go?  Tomorrow the family is over for chili and chat … so grocery shopping was done when Caryl came home.  Saturday will start early with work, then home to make “winter” chili.

No! … a different chilly!


Come From Aways, Do You?

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