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01-JANUARY 25-2024

Staff motivationThe greatest of all rules for human happiness is talking things over.  Half of the trouble in life comes from not understanding each other, and the other half from not trying to understand.

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Video: What ‘$7’ Fries Reveal About The Economy.
The surface-level economic data seems to be relatively strong.  So why do people feel so pessimistic about the economy?  It’s stuff like this…
[Read More]

Americans Suffocated By New Kind Of Debt.
Buy now, pay later helped fuel record holiday spending online, surging 14% year over year, but now that those bills are coming due… [Read More]

January 25, 2023

Great IntentionsGood morning.
A group of 43 Democrats have introduced a bill in the House of Representatives.  Dubbed “The End the Threat of Default Act,” it would eliminate the debt ceiling entirely.  That would end any future negotiations between whoever is in power in Washington.
Given how power has shifted in Washington over the decades as the deficit has grown to over $31 trillion, the debt ceiling has largely come down to quibbling over how much the size of government will increase, not whether or not it should.
Traders should expect a resolution to the current debt ceiling deadlock shortly, and for overall government spending to rise – and with it other asset classes too.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Another Crucial Economic Signal Turns Negative
Gasoline prices continue to climb for the fourth straight week, rising 32.7 cents over the last month as crude oil prices rise, data from AAA showed on Monday.  Gasoline prices are up 11.8 cents over a week ago, and are 9.4 cents higher than they were a year… [Read Here]

How To Really Get Sound Money
One of the great fictions about money is that it is neutral.  It isn’t.  It’s either designed for the elites or for the citizenry.  Many proclaim a desire for “sound money,” but “backed by X” currencies are not “sound money” unless they can be… [Read Here]

January 25, 2022

Great PlanGood morning.
On Friday, the stock market broke its 200-day moving average lower for the first time since July 2020.  Stocks are looking at oversold levels going into the weekend, with many names down much further than the overall stock market index.  But yesterday’s wild trading saw a massive drop reverse into a gain at the close.
This reversal could be a sign of capitulation by sellers, and that the worst of the current decline is over.  With leveraged traders already wiped out, and plenty of cash from retail and institutional investors on the sidelines, the market could see a strong bounce back recovering half or more of its losses in just a few weeks.
Traders should line up their future positions now if they haven’t yet, and select prices at which to start buying even while it looks like carnage out there now.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Fidelity Triggers Frenzy Among Gold Investors with This Announcement
Fidelity International says that gold does more to diversify your savings than typical commodities.  They also say it is a risk-free way of… [Read Here]

American Companies Swoop in To “Fix” Inflation (But They Left Out This Fine Print)
Since it isn’t likely that inflation will ease any time soon, we should prepare for “sticker shock” in the near future.  That’s because… [Read Here]

January 25, 2021

Something CleverGood morning.
A year ago, shares of Gamestop (GME) could be bought for under $5.  The retail operation was seen as on its last legs.  But then Michael Burry, of The Big Short fame became a fan.  So too, did the posters of Wall Street Bets, a subreddit of traders looking for their next play.  They were fans in regards to a short-squeeze thesis, given how many shares were already being held short.  That played out spectacularly on Friday.
Shares, which were as low as $12 just a month ago, closed on Thursday at $43 and surged nearly 70 percent intraday to a high of $76, before being halted.  The exchange halt caused shares to stop heading higher, and may mark an end of the rally — or not.  Traders looking for their next big win might be wise to take a look at other heavily-shorted stocks for a similar explosive rally.  They may also want to look out below when the buying frenzy stops.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Since a year ago today, when the first Covid-19 virus was confirmed in Canada … Coronavirus has destroyed nearly $15 trillion in global stock-market wealth in just five weeks. (March 21 through April 30, 2020).

Silver Markets Showing Signs of Life –Christopher Lewis
“With Joe Biden talking about a potential $2 trillion worth of stimulus, one would assume that the US dollar would eventually suffer as a result, and of course the demand for silver […] should continue to be strong.”

Gold $1,858.28 (+1.5%)
Silver $25.62 (+3.0%)
Platinum $1,111.45 (+3.0%)
Palladium $2,393.77 (-1.2%)

January 25, 2020

5 Amazing Questions That’ll Make This Year Better

  1.  What parts of your business did you find the most joy from this year?
  2.  What did you avoid doing in your business this year?
  3.  What do you wish you had done more of in your business?
  4.  What do you wish you had done differently in your business?
  5.  What do you think you could do better next year?

These are the type of questions that make, The Best Sales Person I Ever Met

With a knock on the door … How many boxes of cookies will you be buying?
You’ll want to share them with your friends, won’t you?  😉

January 25, 2019

Getting a wee bit nostalgic?  Wistful?  Regretful?

Aren’t we becoming over familiar with the “Harsh Realities of Life!”?

What?  You?  …back to work!  [At the very least I’ve got my coffee]

Come From Aways, Do You?

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