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02-FEBRUARY 01-2024

I started itStarted a new book today, ” Life’s Missing Instruction Manual” by Joe Vitale

Sunrise was at 8:20 this morning but it was light around 7:30 AM.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Fed Secretly Prepares For Financial Collapse
A new policy is reminiscent of the Fed’s actions during the 2007 financial crisis, where financial authorities encouraged large banks to tap into… [Read More]

$1 Home Lottery – Real Estate Crisis Leads To Desperate Solutions
Hopeful homebuyers attended an event on Monday at Newark City Hall as part of the Newark Homeownership Revitalization Program (NHRP).  Their goal?  Buy a home for $1… [Read More]

February 01, 2023

Failure OptionGood morning.
Investors are getting more bullish, following the market’s strong start to the year.  However, economic data shows a continued slowdown.  The worst is in consumer trends, given the substantial way that consumer spending impacts the economy.
A number of economists continue to predict a recession this year.  And Treasury yield curves remain deeply negative.  Historically, that’s predicted 100 percent of prior recessions. Fortunately, with the market down so much over the past year, investors wouldn’t see as big of a decline as in prior recessions – but don’t count out a further drop in stocks, including a retest of the lows, from here.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Americans Hit With Financial Devastation
I don’t have to tell you that your money doesn’t go as far as it once did.  You see it every time that you go shopping.  Our leaders flooded the system with money and pursued highly inflationary policies for years, and now we are… [Read Here]

The Truth About Lifting The Debt Ceiling
Every time the United States reaches its debt limit, we read that it is important to reach an agreement to lift it.  The narrative is that the debt ceiling must be raised, or the U.S. economy will suffer a severe contraction… [Read Here]

February 01, 2022

Snow Blame!Good morning.
The past few years has seen an explosion in retail investors making trades, particularly in the options market.  In the past few weeks, traders have reacted to the market’s recent decline by buying put options in small lots, typically a sign of retail, rather than institutional, behavior.
By waiting until after a market correction to buy puts, these retail investors are paying increased premiums due to higher implied volatility in stocks.  And by buying in individual securities rather than indices as a whole, retail traders could be generally right about an overall decline, but see their hedge trade lose money as a result.
While the recent recovery in stocks may not continue, if it does, it will hurt traders buying puts right now.  But the bigger takeaway is a more interesting one.  Retail traders now seem less interested in buying the dip and more interested in chasing the current downside momentum.  If that’s the case, stocks may have another leg lower in the coming weeks.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

How To Survive The Super Bubble We Are Now In
Jeremy Grantham, co-founder of investment house GMO, thinks we are in a “super bubble” that is going to pop, just as the housing bubble did in 2008 and the dot-com bubble in 2000.  But he has some advice on to where to put your money to… [Read Here]

Energy Prices Hit A Jaw-Dropping Figure, And It’s Going To Get Worse
Brent crude touched $90 per barrel briefly this week for the first time in years.  The bigger reasons all have to do with fundamentals.  And $90 per barrel of Brent may be only the beginning.  A lot has been written recently about OPEC’s spare capacity and the terrible outlook for it. [Read Here]

February 01, 2021

Can't Sit StillGood morning.
On Friday, Robinhood opened back up trading in GameStop (GME) shares.  However, traders were limited to 2.  Other brokerage accounts still created headaches for investors as well, and not just with GME.  For instance, on Friday morning, Interactive Brokers was still limiting trades on BlackBerry (BB) to “closing actions only.” A few traders found a workaround by buying in-the-money call options and exercising them.
Meanwhile, there was no word from brokerage firms on what limitations – if any – would be placed on hedge funds so they could avoid being caught so heavily short in the future.  The White House press secretary punted on questions about the market’s unusual moves.  No doubt the “powers that be” have figured out a plan over the weekend to extricate themselves.  Until then, traders should be cautious lest they find themselves limited in what they can do in their investment accounts.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

The Resurgence of Silver –Jim Rickards
“Silver (but not gold) responds to the business cycle, since more or less silver may be needed for industrial processes as the economy is either in expansion or contraction.”
Gold, Silver Coin Demand Surging, Straining U.S. Mint’s Capacity –Reuters
“Sales of U’S. gold bullion coins rose 258% in 2020 while silver coin demand was up 28%, the U.S. Mint said Today!”

February 01, 2020

People don’t quit because network marketing doesn’t work.  They quit because they don’t know how to do network marketing.  The pain and rejection weren’t worth the money.

When I started network marketing, I had 2 problems.

Aerial river view#1.  I needed prospects

#2.  I didn’t know what to say to prospects.

Guess which problem I worked on first?

Yes, I worked on problem #1 first.  I went out and found hundreds of prospects to ruin.  Ruin?  Of course, because I didn’t know what to say to them.
To help our newest team members the most, let’s concentrate on teaching them exactly what to say to their prospects.

Listening is hard.  Why?  Because our minds think 10 times faster than other people can talk.  😉

Then lightning struck … The NOs were worth gold!

Let me explain:

Hey, I spoke to a member a couple of days ago and it reminded me that the no’s are worth gold.

A no turned into over 300 people joining his business….

Here is the recap on a conversation he had with a prospect a few months ago.

To keep conversation private I will call the member (Matt) and I will call the prospect (Peter)

A few months ago Peter called Matt back from a voicemail that Matt left, here is the voicemail.

Voicemail to Peter’s phone: “Hey Peter this is Matt… I came across one of your sites and I have a quick question when you have a chance give me a buzz, my number is 555-555-5555”

Peter picks up the phone: And calls Matt back.

Matt answers the phone: “Hi this is Matt.”

Peter says: “Hi Matt this is Peter, I got your voicemail, what can I do for you?”

Matt says: “Thanks for calling me back Peter, I was hoping you could help me out… the reason for my call is, I’m expanding my Network Marketing business & I believe that you have been in Network Marketing in the past… So I wanted to know if the timing is a good one to take a look at any good opportunities?”

Peter says: “Matt I appreciate the call but I am in the best business in the world and their is no way I would have an interest in looking at anything else.”

Matt says: “No problem, that makes sense… what company are you with?

Peter says: “I am with the ABC company for the last 7 years.”

Matt says: “Oh that is a great company I have heard good things about them… anyway I am not sure if you are in building mode right now, but if I had people with Network Marketing experience that may be open to looking at your ABC business are you able to talk to them?”

Peter says: “Yes I am always looking for good people to work with send them my way.”

Matt says: “Great, give me your email address I will send you a link to a system that can connect you to Network Marketers; and, you can check it out to see if it can help you in your business… Oh-by-the-way, it is the same system that connected me to you so you will get a chance to see how I found your contact info.”

Peter says: “Oh!  Okay, that sounds good, here is my email”

Matt says: “Ok great, I will send it from my gmail account with the subject line: Per our conversation.”

Peter says: “Ok thanks!”

Matt says: “Okay great … have a nice day!”

*  *  * 

beach-glassesOkay, so this is pretty close to the conversation Matt had with Peter a few months ago.  Peter checked out the link which was Matt‘s link to MLMROD, Peter ended up joining at the P1 Level, Matt made $15.  Then Peter upgraded to P2 a week later and Matt made $100 when he did that.

Cool Matt made $115 from Peter that had no interest in looking at Matt’s business at all… not bad… right?

Well what happened was Matt did a good job of keeping in touch with Peter and making himself available for when Peter needed some help on using MLMROD.

So fast forwarding the clock… Peter recently called Matt up and shared that their had been some major changes in his company a few months ago and things are not going so good and his group of 14,000 people is down to about 10,000 so he was looking for a new home for his team.

In short… after a few calls between Matt’s upline and Peter, Peter ended up joining Matt’s business and to date has brought in over 300 people in the last few weeks.

So the point is the “NOs are worth gold” … but the main point is Matt focused on building a relationship and like I teach all good things come from building relationships.

Matt took the script that is taught in the Home Study Program and made it his own.

Do that and you will have massive results…  🙂

February 01, 2019

Lessons Taught By LIFE — 12 things to always remember.

  1.  The past can’t be changed.
  2.  Opinions don’t define your reality.
  3.  Everyone’s journey is different.
  4.  Judgements are not about you.
  5.  Overthinking will lead to sadness.
  6.  Happiness is found within.
  7.  Your thoughts affect your mood.
  8.  Smiles are contagious.
  9.  Kindness is free.
  10.  It’s okay to let go and move on.
  11.  What goes around, comes around.
  12.  Things always get better with time.

Live life to your fullest… Everyday!  😉

Come From Aways, Do You?

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