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02-FEBRUARY 05-2024

Dear me!All Time Happens Now
Time is an illusion.
Although you may never be able to wrap your head around this concept, all time happens right now.
The past is gone.  You remember it now, and you remember it inaccurately. but the past is gone.
The future hasn’t happened yet, and when it gets here, it will be now.
All that happened before, and all that will happen, are illusions.
The only thing that matters, the only thing that is real, is now.

PMP - Feb 03 - 2024

Now here’s the rest of the news:

“Tax Relief Act” Extended: Something Ominous Lurks Inside…
Ever since inflation became a political issue, will, politicians have taken notice.  This time, Congress wants to help America’s struggling families by adding a cost-of-living adjustment on top of a tax credit.  What could go wrong?… [Read Here]

February 05, 2023

Today’s Newfoundland picture!Governor's Mansion and park, St. Johns

Governor’s Mansion and park, St. Johns.

February 05, 2022

Focus On What You Can Control

As the leader, you have to be the most focused person on the team.  There are some things you can control and some you can’t.  The secret to making any business work is to figure out where you have the most tangible influence and then focus everything on those things that will move your business forward.  What you focus on grows.

  • A real leader knows that the greatest challenges comes from within.  Be brutally honest with yourself.  Ask yourself: what are my weaknesses and potential pitfalls?  The more aware you are, the better positioned you are not to let this challenge get in the way.
  • Treat your predecessors with respect and give them the benefit of the doubt.  It can be tempting to badmouth the leadership that came before you, but doing so will only weaken your own leadership.  Focus on what you need to do, not what your predecessors did.  Take the best of what came before, and focus on what you need to do to build for the future.
  • You can’t change human nature.  You can’t change your customers, your employees, or anyone else.  All you can change is what you do.  There are things you can influence and things you can’t.  Why waste time and energy on the latter?
  • You won’t get real results trying to light a fire under people.  You need to light a fire within them.  Rather than trying to focus them on what you want them to do, focus on why they want to do it.  A manager tells people what to do.  A leader helps people find why they’re doing it.

In your present situation – business, organization, career – list those factors influencing growth that you can control, and those you can’t.  Among those you can, choose which one you think is most important.  In other words: Find your rudder.

February 05, 2021

I KNOW WE DID NOTGood morning.
For retail traders interested in sticking it to the hedge funds, this week’s selloff in popular names has been tough.  While shares of GameStop are still substantially up for the year, they’re now down nearly 85 percent from their intra-day high last week.
Is the short squeeze over? Perhaps, perhaps not.  Brokerage firms are untapping the brakes they tapped last week when they halted trading in a number of names.  The real question, however, is whether or not traders will take their profits (or losses) to another brokerage firm when all is said and done.  Since most firms at least made some limits on trading last week, it’s a good question to see who the winners and losers will be going forward.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Brandon Smith of explains why we can expect federally-enforced lockdowns soon, and how to protect our communities from economic oppression and Reset agenda policies… [Read Here] U.S. Mint Sold Out of Gold & Silver Coins 
After seeing 258% sales growth over last year, amid an ongoing supply shortage, both the U.S Mint and retailers were already behind before the recent surge in silver.  Here’s why the U.S. Mint can’t keep up with demand… [Read Here]

February 05, 2020

Quora  From Your Digest

What are the most entertaining protests?
Author: Sean Kernan
Every single month, every member of the US Congress receives an issue of Hustler Magazine.  It’s just another titty magazine, albeit an extremely famous one.


It might sound like Larry Flynt is trolling congress, and in some sense he is, but it is really a form of protest, against the sanctions that have been leveled against him in the past, including a brief stint in prison.  He is an innovator in the business of porn, running the first widely sold hardcore porn magazine.  (Source: Inside Larry Flynt’s 36-year mission to troll congress. Kohn, Michelle)
And when we talk about this little congressional prank/protest, we aren’t talking about a small operation here.  It is 535 issues, that arrive monthly at the US House of Congress, addressed to individual members.  Flynt has been doing it for almost 40 years now.  In 1984, they tried to take him to court to make him stop, but the court ruled in his favor, saying that the people are given the right to petition the government, even through the use of porn.
Typically, they require interns to dispose of them, sometimes awkwardly, walking halls looking for trash.  Though I suspect not all 535 make it to the garbage pen.

…also in today’s news … President Trump was acquitted by the US Senate.  😉

February 05, 2019

Habit #2 — Set Small Goals; Take Small Steps One Day at a Time

[Tomorrow — Habit #3]  Day three of our Seven Habits of Recovering Procrastinators.  🙂

Come From Aways, Do You?

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