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02-FEBRUARY 11-2024

Date Cartoon '24The Power of Expectation
What would happen if you expected everyone you know and those you come into contact with to be enlightened?  What if you held them to a standard of excellence?  The evidence in studies with children and teachers is clear.
If you take a class of average students and tell the teacher that this is a class of exceptionally bright kids with high IQs, the students perform better and their scores on IO tests at the end of the year go up.  The opposite also happens.
Our expectations affect what we get in the world.
Expect enlightened souls, and you live in heaven.  No kidding.  This is a good world to live in.
May you be so blessed.

February 11, 2023

Only you can diminish your self-esteem and only you can restore it.  Freedom comes with non-attachment to whatever another says or does.

February 11, 2022

More Business '22Good morning.
Inflation is now running at a 40-year high, with a 7.5 percent annualized gain.  Digging into the numbers, there have been some big month-over-month changes that show where the economy’s strengths and weaknesses lie.
Among gainers, rent rose about 0.5 percent compared to the prior month, a big source of costs for renters.  And owner-equivalent rent rose 0.42 percent, a way of trying to gauge the costs of homeownership.  Health insurance rose 2.7 percent month-over-month, but may have been driven by annual rate increases with the start of a new calendar year.  And, likely fuelled by rising energy costs, air fares rose 2.3 percent month-over-month.
On the plus side, lodging dropped 3.9 percent month-over-month, and rental prices slid 7 percent month-over-month, although that may reflect a seasonal demand for holiday travel.  Overall, investors in energy, and real estate appear to be the big winners when looking behind the current inflation rates, a trend likely to continue for the next few months.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Fed Braces For The Bubble Pop, Insiders Say It’s Over
The Fed has gotten away with their current strategy for over a decade.  Global deflationary forces, led by the internet and a reliance on cheap Chinese production, have offset inflationary pressures.  But now things have changed… [Read Here]

February 11, 2021

Mistakes Were MadeGood morning.
Investors loved it when Tesla Motors (TSLA) was able to join the S&P 500 index after four quarters of straight profitability.  However, with that addition came something else: The unpredictable behavior of billionaire CEO Elon Musk.
Yesterday, Musk tweeted about buying Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency that was started as a joke based on a meme.  The move was enough to send Tesla shares dropping – and now that it’s in the S&P 500, the entire index as well.  After a strong move higher the past few weeks, however, this was likely a market in search of a brief selloff.  Nevertheless, it’s a good lesson on avoiding extreme leverage, and staying nimble.  After all, who knows what a billionaire will spark on social media next?

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Rising Amounts of Fiscal Aid Create Strong Floor for Gold Prices –Sunil Matkar
“Soaring debt in major economies and monetary & fiscal lending led to increase in money supply, along with the heightened fear due to the pandemic are few of the top factors for gold’s rise.  Many of the same reasons are expected to lift [gold] prices this year as well.” [Read More]

February 11, 2020

Power Thought That Raises Awareness

Whenever we’re talking about personal transformation — whether it’s physical (lose weight), financial (get out of debt), mental (overcome anxiety), spiritual, relational (repair a broken relationship), etc. — what we’re really talking about is change.  And for most, that can be scary.  In fact, many people don’t even entertain the idea of change until the pain of not changing becomes unbearable.

Newfoundland CoastIn other words, you have to be ready and willing to change…  While there are many things that can hold us back from changing, and more importantly, the personal trans-formation that we desire, we are often our own worst enemies.  Think about how many times you’ve gotten in your own way with negative self-talk, by peppering our-selves with self-criticism, and by doubting our capabilities.  This brings us to today’s power thought.

“I am willing to release old, negative beliefs. They are only beliefs that stand in my way.
My new thoughts are positive and fulfilling.” —Louise Hay

What’s great about this power thought is that it raises awareness, which is a primary tool in a mental ninja’s toolbox and critical for personal transformation.  In a non-judgmental way, start identifying times, places, and areas of your life when you are being self-critical, experiencing self-doubt, or thinking self-defeating thoughts.  Even better, when you do, replace them with positive, fulfilling thoughts.

To help raise awareness, ask important questions.  What are the thoughts and images going through my head?  Are they helping me, or are they hurting me?  Are they holding me back, or are they pushing me toward my goals?  Are these thoughts of success, or am I focused on failure?
Asking Important QuestionsAnother way to help raise awareness and displace those negative thoughts with more encouraging ones is to do push-ups.  Say what?  When you do catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, beating yourself up, or having self-doubt, do five pushups, squats, jumping jacks, burpees, whatever.  Choose your favorite because the idea is not to punish yourself; rather, it’s to break the cycle and raise that awareness.
Finally, choose a mantra.  Maybe it’s the power thought above or maybe it’s something else that’s more personal to you.  Choose something that’s important and relevant to you.  Something that encourages you, promotes positive, fulfilling thoughts, and reminds you what’s truly important.

To you, my friend … to YOU!  😉

February 11, 2019

Monday Morning!

Magnificent NFLD
Aerial panoramic view of a small town on the Atlantic Ocean Coast during a sunny day.  Taken in Trinity, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Great weekend past… really enjoying working with animation & avatars and just reading.  Our lives are far more enjoyable — certainly more instructional — if we view each thing that happens to us as just that — a happening.  I’m reminded of this quote:

”The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; the optimist, the opportunity in every difficulty.”

Things tomorrow will be a bit of a blur, as I’m getting drops put in my eyes at the optometrist.  I’m sure to be walking around with sun glasses for most of the day, staying away from the computer screen and bright lights!  😎

Come From Aways, Do You?

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