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02-FEBRUARY 15-2024

Greeting '24Most people are failures, aren’t they?  They work all week at a job they hate, for their entire lives and then try to forget who they are for the weekend, until they go back to the job they hate on Monday morning.  Most people really do lead lives of quiet desperation, and then die without having ever lived.
If you do what most people do, you’ll get the results most people get.
If you want something other than the obvious to happen, you need to do something other than the obvious.  And you need to do it now.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

A.I. Drives Explosion In Layoffs
UPS just had its largest layoff in its 116-year history.  This was made possible, in part, by new technologies including artificial intelligence… [Read More]

Who Is To Blame For “Shrinkflation”?
Do you hate it when the big bag of chips you bought turns out to contain mostly air inside?  Well, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) does, and she’s crusading to… [Read More]

February 15, 2023

PreparedGood morning.
We like to follow insider buying at companies, as insiders tend to be knowledgeable about their company.  And they’re required to file Form 4s with the SEC as soon as they make a trade – or face a hefty fine, if not the threat of prison.
But insiders aren’t allowed to trade on knowledge that hasn’t gone public yet.  That’s still illegal.  Yet a study from the Social Science Research Network suggests that insiders are using ETFs loaded with their company stock to trade ahead of other events.  Since the ETFs own dozens, if not hundreds of other positions, the gain is minimal.  But it’s still an area that needs to be addressed.
For the time being, we’ll stick with insiders making legal trades, especially after good news has already dropped.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Are We In A Real Disinflation?
Are asset inflation and its bellwether, the euro, really heading into a new spring following a winter marked by the now-fading scare of Fed disinflation (alternatively described as “restrictive monetary policy”)?  A computer powered by AI could… [Read Here]

12 Major Layoffs Announced In February
It appears that the tsunami of layoffs from last year is starting to accelerate.  January was horrible for job losses, and major layoffs are coming fast in February.  But the Biden administration would have us believe that… [Read Here]

February 15, 2022

Upcoming Holiday_2021Good morning.
As with many geopolitical fears, the flare-up between Russia and the Ukraine appears to be quieting down.  While it’s still too early to close the books on this latest fear, expectations for an imminent war seem to be fading by the hour.  That’s good news for markets, which were rattled last week.
Meanwhile, fitness tech company Peloton (PTON) has announced that it’s not looking to be sold at the moment.  Shares dropped again, resuming a long-term downtrend that only started to reverse when a potential buyout was on the table.
While radically different, the market reaction to both events show that investors and traders are incredibly sensitive to any news developments right now.  Traders can capitalize on this by going long during any short-term market fear, or selling any rumour that causes a stock to pop before more facts can come in.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

UBS: Gold’s “Tried-and-Tested Insurance Characteristics” Shine Brighter than Ever
Recently, CNBC’s Elliot Smith explored the resilience of gold’s price during the recent stock market volatility and surge in… [Read Here]

Fed One Meeting Away from Creating a Doomsday Market Sinkhole
The effective Federal Reserve funds rate has been sitting at virtually zero for a long time now.  It feels strange to think that it was 14 years ago when the fed… [Read Here]

February 15, 2021

To be honestGood morning.
Reddit is now on Wall Street’s radar for investment ideas (welcome to the party).  But while Wall Street may be focused on the retail traders in WallStreetBets, other parts of the site can offer some great investment lessons as well.
For instance, one user posted the results of a survey they conducted on LinkedIn to determine what has caused the latest shifts in digital transformation.  The overwhelming response?  The pandemic.  That data gives insight that company leaders may not have been ahead of the curve, but they knew how to react when a dire situation presented itself.  The investment lesson?  Digital trends are still ongoing, and investors likely have years of ample opportunities to profit in the space.

This Time It's DifferentNow here’s the rest of the news:

Are Inflation Fears Justified? –Kenneth Rogoff, Project Syndicate
Should markets be panicking about a possible spike in demand driving up inflation and interest rates, causing asset prices to fall across the board? [Read Here] The Last Time This Happened Was June 2007 –Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge
Why is this important?  Because the last time the indicator was this close to “Sell” was June 2007 after which we generally saw one-year returns of -13%.  No wonder… [Read Here]

February 15, 2020

There is a ‘secret shame’ of middle-class Americans’ and it’s not diminishing!

I'll show you my investmentThe effects are wide-ranging.  High costs are preventing workers from moving to high-productivity cities, thus smothering the country’s economic vibrancy and putting a drag on its GDP; economists have estimated that GDP would be as much as 10 percent bigger if more workers could afford to live in places like San ]ose and Boston.  High costs are forcing families to delay getting married and to have fewer children, and putting the dream of owning a home out of reach.  [A mere four companies have account-ed for the stock market’s profits so far this year.]

What is perhaps most frustrating is that the Great Affordability Crisis is amenable to policy solutions — ones most other rich countries adopted decades ago.  In other developed economies, child care, early education, and higher education are public goods, and do not require high-interest-rate debts or end-less Average American Net Worthscrambling by exhausted young parents to procure.  Other wealthy countries have public-health systems that cover every-body at far lower cost, whether through socialized or private models.  And numerous proposals would transform residential construction in this country, including one that just failed in California’s legislature.

But the Great Aflordability Crisis hides in plain sight, obvious to households but unmentioned in the country’s headline economic numbers.  It persists even as President Donald Trump rightly praises the country’s growth, low unemployment rate, and rising household incomes.  And though there are many nationwide policies that could end Advantage of being America2the crisis, they all seem unlikely to pass through the country’s broken Congress; the brightest glimmer of hope lies in housing and health-care policy by individual states.  But it is still a dim glimmer.  This crisis looks sure to stay with us for the coming decade, what-ever recessions or expansions it may hold.

“Where are we today?”  I know where I am.  😉

February 15, 2019

quotes (3)Payday Friday!

“All bridges can be crossed, so do not give up!”

Played bridge at the community centre this morning with my mom!

Busy weekend ahead…  Getting my tax info ready for my accountant over this weekend.  Caryl and I go for dinner with Bill and Chris to celebrate the “girl’s birthdays”… of course Monday is ‘Family Day’, so we have a 3_day weekend.  Lots to do… got to run…  😉

“It’s agreed. You won’t mess with us and Harry won’t unleash himself on the world.”

Come From Aways, Do You?

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