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02-FEBRUARY 24-2024

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February 24, 2023

not sinkin'Good morning.
The next market downturn may already be here.  This week saw manufacturing data show a continued cooling in the economy.  And inflation remains high enough that several Fed officials have stated that more work is needed in recent speeches.
With the market slowing down following its strong rally to start the year, investors may want to take on some downside precaution.  That includes buying put options on companies susceptible to large drops in the coming weeks.
But investors can also look for long-term buying opportunities by looking at good prices now for great companies.  When the market’s falling, companies often get into bargain territory — but it can be emotionally trying without having a plan in place.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Inflation Numbers Get “Adjusted”
There has been a hullabaloo of sorts in certain circles recently about the adjustment of weights for the calculations of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Swirling around in this hullabaloo were… [Read Here]

February 24, 2022

Butt HeadsGood morning.
Less than six months ago, amid a roaring bull market, investors loved the idea of a Metaverse.  While the technology has its potential, the way it’s shaping up now, it looks simply like a video game complete with a VR/AR headset.
That may explain why many Metaverse names have taken a tumble in recent months.  The biggest loser?  Meta Platforms (FB), which was renamed from the company’s core product, Facebook.  No surprise, shares have now been nearly cut in half from their peak.
That’s sent Founder Mark Zuckerberg’s position among the Bloomberg Billionaires Index down to 13, as the share drop has caused his net worth to decline by over $47 billion.  The coming months may see a solid buying opportunity for Metaverse stocks, but for now, the space is still coming off a hefty valuation premium.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Is The Inflation Peak Risky For Gold Investors?
Not only won’t inflation end soon, it’s likely to remain high.  Whether gold will be able to take advantage of it will depend, among others, on the Fed.  Do you sometimes ask yourself when this will all end?  For instance, we finished the year with a shocking CPI annual rate of… [Read Here]

JPMorgan: The Fed Will Fight Inflation Using This Extreme Blueprint
JPMorgan Chase economists now see the Federal Reserve hiking interest rates nine consecutive times as central bank policymakers look to tackle hotter-than-expected inflation.  In an analyst note to clients, the JPMorgan economists say… [Read Here]

February 24, 2021

couldGood morning.
Some market analysts are worried the stock market is about to drop.  Why?  Because of 10-year Treasury bond rates.  Since the start of the year, they’ve been rising from about 1 percent to 1.36 percent.  In other words, if you lock up your money with Uncle Sam for 10 years, every $1,000 will pay you nearly $14 per year.
With those kinds of returns, it’s clear that stocks are still the best game in town.  And with inflation running over 2 percent per year officially (and even higher unofficially), it’s a guaranteed loss, versus the risk of a potential loss with the stock market.  That’s why we see the market’s latest moves as nothing more than a little volatility.  When 10-Year rates are at least on par with inflation estimates, that’s a different conversation.

Would you be willing to lock up your money for a decade for a mere 1.36 percent annual return?

Hit “Reply” to this email and let us know what you think!

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Echoes of the 90s Dot-Com Bubble Are Loud and Clear –Jonathan Ponciano
Eleven key market metrics that flashed warning signs just before the stock market crashed in March 2000 analyzed.

February 24, 2020

File HenryToday it’s not lack of information, it’s lack of support.
When it comes to health and fitness, we love reading about…

  • Foods you should and shouldn’t eat
  • The best exercises for [insert “trouble area” here]
  • New workouts
  • The latest, trendiest diets
  • Tools & tactics that the hottest celebs and athletes are using

And of course, if you’re the social media type, we know you love looking at pictures of what other people are eating and doing.  Simply put, we have a fascination with diet and exercise, and thanks to that, we have no shortage of information overload.  Yet despite our obsession with food and fitness, there’s still a very clear problem when it comes to problems with health and weight management.

Along those lines, for many people, the issue is not a lack of information, it’s a lack of support.  In other words, in order to successfully transform our bodies, we often have to transform our lives, and to do that, we need to have support from the people with whom we choose to surround ourselves.

It makes sense.  Humans are naturally social.  We are intended to be part of a tribe, and we thrive when we have a sense of community.  For starters, a supportive community helps by providing encouragement and motivation.  Like-minded people with similar goals…  free pizza

  • Encourage you to keep going when the going gets tough
  • Share similar experiences (challenges and triumphs)
  • Give you a genuine pat on the back for making progress
  • Inspire you to do your best
  • Never criticize you
  • Provide non-judgmental accountability
  • Raise awareness to self-sabotaging habits

In other words, social support means encouragement, recognition, motivation, inspiration, friendly competition, accountability, and overall, FUN.  And of course, when you surround yourself with positive social support, you get great information related to health and weight loss, such as tips for burning extra calories, recipes, healthy foods, and snacks.  You know, all those things we’re so fascinated with.

Sometimes it can be tricky to find social support.  In other words, you may have to look outside the circles you currently find yourself in (which may be a good reflection of how you got to where you are).

February 24, 2019

Why Goals Are Overrated

If you ever went to college, I’m sure you heard the words “5 year plan.”  Even if you didn’t, you probably thought about where you want to be in 5 years.  Or perhaps someone told you along the way to “plan ahead!”
Maybe you wrote it down on a piece of paper or a mirror so you can stare at it.  That’s all fine and dandy, but what does it take to get there?


For me, goals are overrated.  It’s great to have goals, but thinking 5 years ahead is a bit too much.  Sometimes we spend so much time on our goals that we forget that we are the ones that have to make them happen.  For me, I knew I wanted a luxurious lifestyle, but I was always focused on the next day.  The next hour.  The next moment.
When you truly live in the present, the future doesn’t matter all that much.  Because we can’t control the future, goals are pointless.  Your main goal should be to focus on the NOW and focus on the daily tasks and routines that will take you to where you want to be.
At the end of the day, it’s okay to have goals.  But don’t let your goals consume you so much that you forget about the NOW.
The most important thing you can be doing is living in the present.  Do something right now that will assist you in achieving your goals.

Don’t wait.  Time isn’t waiting for you!

Come From Aways, Do You?

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