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03-MARCH 06-2024

Pie '24Today we finished “Everything I Know About Success I Learned From Napoleon Hill” and started “The DNA of Successful Leaders” by Troy L Tate.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

This morning, Barron’s reported that gold surpassed its previous all-time high price and reached $2,141.79 (USD) per ounce.
Why now?  Well just look around!  I challenge you to pick just ONE reason people are buying gold right now…

  • The increasingly unsustainable mountain of U.S. debt (and surging interest payments)
  • Economic volatility, including the state of the real estate market
  • The U.S. dollar’s increasing irrelevance in global capital markets
  • Two consecutive years of record-breaking gold buying by the world’s central banks

I sincerely believe there will be many, many more broken records in the months and years ahead.

“The best time to buy gold was in 1971. The second-best time to buy gold is right now.”

March 06, 2023

Pie ChartGood morning.
Mortgage rates are on the rise again, hitting 6.65 percent last week.  While still below last year’s highs, it appears that rates will continue trending higher before going lower.  Overall, mortgage rates have more than doubled off of their lows just over a year ago – which in turn has substantially increased the cost to borrow a home.
With home affordability rising, institutional investors are stepping in.  Many institutional buyers are able to float a bond or otherwise borrow money at lower rates than mortgage costs, and they can do it at scale.  That’s partly why asset managers have added single-family homes to their portfolios over the years.
This trend will likely continue as rates rise.  While homeowners who refinanced when rates were low are still well off, it may be prudent to invest in asset managers who are able to take advantage of lower costs.

03-04-2023 - PMP

Now here’s the rest of the news:

The Gold Investor’s Best Friend: This 500-Year-Old Law
I think about Gresham’s law a lot.  Back in the day of the first Queen Elizabeth (1533-1603), her banker, Sir Thomas Gresham, made an observation about… [Read Here]

Phillip Patrick: Would ChatGPT Buy Gold As an Investment?
If you want to be wowed by technology (or terrified of it), ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence bot that has become wildly popular in the last couple of weeks… [Read Here]

March 06, 2022

Despite all … All Is Good!Newfoundland_15

Bright sunshine above… hang in there!

March 06, 2021

Attitude: The Difference Maker II

Think of a friend, colleague, family member, or mentor whom you greatly admire.  Stop.  Don’t keep reading.  Really think of a name, and write it down.

Now write five things you admire most about this person.  We’re betting you’ll gain an interesting and important insight by doing it.  So please stop and write down what you admire.

Why did we ask you to do this? 

Because we’ve found that most of the time, many of the characteristics we admire in others have to do with attitude.  We admire and like to be around people who are positive, tenacious, and expectant.  People with a good attitude lift us up and inspire us.

Your New AttitudeOn the other hand, people with bad attitudes don’t get very far in life.  While it’s possible for people with great talent or drive to achieve with a bad attitude, it doesn’t happen very often, and it takes an incredible amount of effort.  And on those occasions when they do achieve some measure of success – their attitude prevents them (and those around them) from enjoying it!

Compare that with a person who has average talent and drive but chooses a great attitude.  People who choose a healthy attitude often experience increased opportunities, improved relationships, and a larger perspective.  These are the building blocks for success.

That’s why attitude is a difference maker – all things being equal, your attitude is the main thing.

When it comes to leadership, attitude becomes even more important.  You need to see possibilities when others don’t, encourage people when they are feeling defeated, and demonstrate commitment when others want to quit….

A good attitude is an extra plus in life.  It makes our lives better.  And it also makes our leadership better, because leadership has less to do with position than it does disposition.  The attitude or disposition of leaders is important because it influences the thoughts and feelings of the people they lead.

Good leaders understand that a positive attitude creates a positive atmosphere, which encourages positive and productive responses from others.  Our attitude may not be the asset that makes us great leaders, but without a good attitude, we will struggle to reach our full potential.

Do you see the connection between living a life without complaining or grumbling and living as a light in the world?

When we allow ourselves to give into a bad attitude, we dim our light.  When we choose instead to have a healthy attitude, we become beacons among the darkness.  The light we share is generated by the attitude we choose.  When we look at the world with a positive attitude, we can see possibility, potential, and positivity – which helps us grow and shine his light to the rest of the world.

To Being Positive,
Change That Up!

March 06, 2020

Cash is KingGood morning.
To be honest, I’m getting a little fatigued with all the coronavirus talk.  I heard that cruise ships are offering killer deal with free flights!  Makes me want to have my heart checked and throw caution in the wind and sail the Caribbean or something.


Globally, the coronavirus has killed more than 3,118 people … And the death toll continues to rise.

While this is a terrifying pandemic, what the media fails to tell you is that over 14,000 people have died and over 250,000 people have been hospitalized from the influenza virus this season.

YES — you read that correctly — The flu has taken far more lives globally than the coronavirus!

Yet so many people are fixated on the coronavirus.  But there is ONE thing that BOTH of these viruses have in common…


A lack of vitamin C has been long known to increase susceptibility to viruses.  In fact, studies have shown that vitamin C deficiency is related to the increased risk and severity of influenza infections…

But, you must be aware that not all vitamin C is created equal.

Most people buy vitamin C in tablet form and they DO NOT receive the benefits of those vitamins as a majority of the nutrients are not absorbable in the stomach…

March o6, 2019

Busyness can be an Illness… here’s why

Think about it…

I’m busy!

How often is that your excuse?

For many of us, it comes out of our mouths multiple times a day.  Often, our schedules are so packed we leave zero time for unplanned presence and awareness.

And many people are proud of their busyness… wearing it like a badge!

We want to remind everyone how tough we are – how important we are.  We want everyone to know how hard we have it – how much we have to do… how much we have to juggle.  We have to move from one thing to the next just so we can prepare to do it all over again tomorrow.

I am super busy, everybody!

Often, that’s the message that we want to communicate to others… and we want credit and mercy.

But what if we take a different, uncommon approach?  What if we actually pause to hear the music… to tune into life, our surroundings, ourselves and those around us?

Here’s the thing: Busyness is NOT a badge of honor.  There’s no honor at all in endless busyness.  Busyness is just an illness that makes everything harder than it has to be.

Most of the time, our busyness is self-inflicted, and we’re busy simply for the sake of being busy.  Yes, our busyness is most often within our control.  In fact, most of the time, we actually create hurry and worry where none really exist.

Nearly all of our busyness is nothing more than an overreaction in our heads.  We manufacture it in hopes that it creates a sense of urgency in others, somehow making our lives easier.  Instead, it typically does the exact opposite – busyness often only creates anxiety, bitterness and complexity.

And on those days when busyness is real – with lots of things to do – it is often due to an overbooked schedule that we personally create.

So, why are we making our lives harder, busier and unhappier than they have to be?  Sadly, a big part of the reason we fill our lives with needless busyness has to do with the always-plugged-in, always-connected, always-sharing, always-comparing society we live in.

We default to defining ourselves based on where we are and what we have in relation to everyone else.

If we don’t have a “better” career, house, car, or pair of shoes, we feel inferior.  And the only way we can possibly do better, is to be busier doing… whatever!

We fill our social media feeds and our calendars with manufactured busyness to avoid just being exactly who we are, exactly where we are.

In the process, we not only miss out on the serenity and beauty that exists within ourselves, but we also miss out on the same serenity and beauty in the world around us because our busyness has buried it with hurry and worry and the endless need to be somewhere else, doing something else, as fast as feasibly possible.

Are you ready for a positive change in your life?

Let’s wake up every morning from here on out and mindfully let go of our needless busyness and stress.  Let’s start making every moment less busy and more beneficial.  Let’s start keeping our lives ordered and our schedules under booked.  Let’s start creating a foundation with a soft place to land, a wide margin for error, and room to think and breathe.

So we can pause to hear the music for a moment, and smile, when the opportunity arises.


Come From Aways, Do You?

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