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03-MARCH 09-2024

Package '24Drives, Needs and Aptitudes
Becoming a successful leader all about: (1) knowing your “DNA” and the “DNA” of those you lead, and (2) applying this knowledge to influence others effectively.
What is “DNA”?  It’s the drives, needs, talents and strengths you’re born with and use to function in life.  Think of it like the operating system for your soul – the system and filters through which you experience, interpret and respond to what happens to you.  Your “DNA” governs how you process what you experience with your five senses and influences what you enjoy and what you don’t like doing.


March 09, 2023

SubwayGood morning.
Financial markets have bumped up their bets for a 50-basis point increase the next time the Federal Reserve meets later this month.  About half of traders expect the move, up from 30 percent before Chairman Jerome Powell suggested on Tuesday that the central bank would need to act more aggressively.
Right now, interest rates stand at a 4.5 to 4.75 percent range.  That’s still under the most recent read of 6.4 percent inflation – which suggests that economic conditions still aren’t tight enough.  Until short-term rates are over the rate of inflation, there’s likely more rate hikes ahead – no matter how quickly they move higher.
Investors and traders alike are getting a yellow flag to watch out on trading on the long side right now.  It may be better to target some short-term downside opportunities in the face of a faster pace of rate hikes.

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March 09, 2022

Life InsuranceGood morning.
With companies cutting back on buying Russian oil and gas output, and with domestic policies such as suspending drilling on federal land still in place, it’s clear that oil prices have a lot higher to go.  The record price for oil in the US is about $148 per barrel, set back in 2008 right before the economy started to unwind.
As many have started pointing out, today’s gas prices are only the highest before being adjusted for inflation.  Given that a broader geopolitical flareup could still be on the table, it’s not unreasonable to see oil prices move as high as $300 per barrel.  That was the assessment of one Russian energy executive when looking at the massive cutback in Russian oil buying now.
For investors and traders alike, that kind of move higher could lead to a recession.  It points to further upside in commodities, but after that, a potential falling out as the world economy slows.  Expect some big swings in the space, and continue to keep defensive in today’s markets, even if they show an oversold rally in the next few sessions.

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March 09, 2021

First-Day-BackGood morning.
For a few weeks, the stock market seemed concerned with rising interest rates on bonds.  In particular, the 10-year Treasury seemed like it would hit 1.5 percent and havoc would unleash.
1.5 percent was hit.  And now yields are closer to 1.6 percent.  That’s still not a huge return for giving Uncle Sam your money for 10 years. In fact, with inflation expectations still at or over 2 percent, it seems like a guaranteed loss.  Yet outside of tech stocks, the market doesn’t seem to fazed… as though the market is starting to rotate out of high-flying tech and into relative under-performers in the value space right now.

Are value stocks a better buy here, or do tech companies look like the better play following their steep drop?

Hit reply and let us know your thoughts.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

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March 09, 2020

Touchy FeelyGood morning.
Have you ever heard the expression, “between a rock and a hard place”?  That’s what the market is up against.  The bond market is pricing in the next recession, while economic data have investors wondering how much worse things can get.
For now, it appears that stockholders are taking the wait and see approach last week as the S&P 500 was able to hold on to its $2900 support and the jobs report showed tremendous resilience by adding 273,000 jobs.  I can’t wait to see what wonders this week holds for investors.


“Living for other people’s expectations guarantees you’ll fall short of your own.” –Marie Forleo


March 09, 2019

When you don’t finish a job at work, you’re lazy.

When your boss doesn’t finish a job at work, (s)he’s too busy.  😉

Come From Aways, Do You?

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