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04-APRIL 05-2023

This HouseGood morning.
Traders are once again starting to bet on oil rising to $100 in the coming months, thanks to a recent output cut by OPEC members totaling over 1.1 million barrels per day.  Higher oil prices will likely act as a form of inflation… but there’s another reason to expect prices to stay higher for longer.
That’s because rain-soaked California is now starting to miss out on key planting season in the state’s lush farmland.  Adding in flooding in the Midwest, and it’s likely that there will be a reduced crop season this year… which will likely keep supply low and prices high.
With food and energy prices likely to remain strong, higher inflation seems likely in the months ahead.  As does the possibility of a slowdown in other parts of the economy as consumers pay more prices at the grocery store and gas pump.  Traders should continue to expect inflation to run hot and stocks to trade weak overall… although a few well trade higher from these rising prices.

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U.S. Government Struggles To Delay Default
The government can manipulate the gross national debt to keep it below the debt ceiling while issuing new debt.  But not for long.  Then the game is over.  The funny part is how close the government’s checkbook balance will go to… [Read Here]

The Banking Crisis Just Got Worse
If our banking system can’t find a way to turn things around, our entire economy will soon be in a world of hurt.  When banks get into trouble, they start getting really tight with their money.  That means fewer mortgages, fewer commercial real estate loans, fewer… [Read Here]

April 05, 2022

Literature April '22Good morning.
For every buyer on the market, there’s a seller.  And for every seller… there’s a buyer.  That fundamental truth can get lost amid the shuffle of a bull market.  Knowing who’s buying and who’s selling can give traders an idea of where the market is trending.
Over the past several months, institutional investors like hedge funds have been sellers on each rally higher.  However, retail investors have remained active, and with the second quarter of the year now underway, funds rotating may end up having to chase a number of winning stocks.  In short, markets should continue to be volatile.  Traders will likely see their biggest returns in individual stocks that might not make logical sense to rally… until you look at who’s buying and who’s selling.

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How to Successfully Retire in the Upcoming Lost Decade
With the challenges that retirement savers already face like pandemics, planning, and an uncertain stock market, the rising price at the pump is one… [Read Here]

Powell Throws Away the Map, Ignores Lighthouse – Time to Abandon ship?
Today’s economic situation isn’t pretty, but it could be worse.  After an energy crisis in the late 1970s, and an Iranian conflict, inflation in the U.S. soared to… [Read Here]

April 05, 2021

Corporate LadderGood morning.
Investing occurs on two levels.  The first level includes the fundamentals, like how much a company is earning, how it expects to grow, and so on.  The second level?  It’s about what the market thinks about the stock, and if the market is right or wrong.
Some of the biggest profits can be made looking for the market to be wrong, cashing out of an uptrend ahead of its end.  The first quarter of the year saw a lot of reversal, particularly in high-growth names.  For the second quarter, value stocks are likely to do a little better as investors feel burned on growth.  But look for an opportunity to buy back into growth, as any push into value may create some bargains there in the quarter ahead.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

THIS is What a Margin Call Looks Like 
Here’s how a modest hedge fund forced some of the world’s biggest banks into a mutually-destructive fire sale that wiped out $35 billion in market value and cost the banks billions in losses, all without SEC oversight… [Read Here]

April 05, 2020

Here’s to you … and now …
Today’s DarrenDaily Recap Sunday.  A collection of the weeks videos from Darren Hardy.  Enjoy!

I’ll leave you with another picture from The Best Place on Earth


April 05, 2019

I love great advances in technology and science … here are two very quick video that excite me!  The first is a device that would have made my climbing poles much easier and safer…

The next keeps our comrade in the field, maintaining the peace, safe!

Come From Aways, Do You?

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