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05-MAY 16-2023

Good morning.
Investors have largely focused on the Federal Reserve and its interest rate hikes over the past year.  With the Fed now strongly hinting that they’re done, it’s likely that the economy can adjust to current rates and grow, while inflation continues to trend lower.
However, we’re likely not moving back to a full-blown market rally yet.  With the debt ceiling debates going on right now, there’s a slight chance that the US will default on some of its debt, at least technically and in the short-term.  While this political drama unfolds, market volatility will likely rise – and we’ll likely have some down days ahead.
Traders and investors alike should use those down days to take advantage of lower prices, as the debt ceiling drama usually ends up working out just fine over time.  Any drop related to the debt ceiling fears tends to reverse quickly.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Phillip Patrick: The First Time the U.S. Defaulted on Its Debts
I learned a lot during my webinar with Ron Paul last month, including one thing that really surprised me… I had no idea the U.S. had defaulted on its debts before and… [Read Here]

New Debt Report Proves We’re in Uncharted Territory
You don’t need a degree in economics to understand that the economy is driven primarily by consumer spending.  However, people overlook that in 2021… [Read Here]

May 16, 2022

Management April '22Good morning.
Markets turned higher Thursday afternoon and soared on Friday, just as the S&P 500 index touched on a 20 percent decline from the top.
Does that mean we hit a bear market and now we’re ready to move higher?  After all, that’s pretty similar to a drop in late 2018 – with the bottom occurring that year on Christmas Eve.
Not so fast.  As with late 2018, the Fed is still hiking interest rates.  And they’re still earlier in the rate hike cycle.  What’s more, inflation is much higher than the last time we touched on bear market levels.  So traders should expect continued volatility, but it would be best to view rallies right now as a bear market rally, not a return to a bull market.

PMP - May 21, 2022

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Silver, Gold – or Both?  Finally, a Useful Answer
An analysis published in the United Arab Emirates-based Gulf News examines the age-old question: when to buy gold, and when silver?  Both are time-honored safe haven investments, but… [Read Here]

May 16, 2021

Here’s to a better YOU … and now … Today’s DarrenDaily Recap Sunday.  A collection of the weeks videos from Darren Hardy.  Enjoy!

Naturally beautiful: Fonti di Billa, Newfoundland, Canada.

Fishing boats in Fonti di Billa as waves caress the black sand beach

…as waves caress the black sand beach.

May 16, 2020

Will the Most Popular Job in 29 States Disappear?Good morning.
I hope you had a great weekend.  It’s great to see people out and about, masked or not.
I happen to live where things are opening up more quickly, and I have to tell you, it’s a relief.
The only problem is that what is true for one, is not true for the whole.  The fallacy of composition across states is leading to a lot of uncertainty.  That uncertainty is what’s holding the bulls at bay.  There needs to be another bullish catalyst or the bears will want to come out of quarantine as well.

Will the most popular job in 29 states disappear?

Yes, it is having a shocking impact on our economy – it’s a true pandemic causing massive suffering.

But what most people don’t realize is that this virus has also accelerated an even bigger long-term trend that’s going to have a massive impact on you and your money over the next few years.

In short: A terrifying (for some) and new disruptive force is creating thousands of new millionaires (Barron’s estimates 20,000 to 200,000 so far) while at the same time destroying the financial future for many others.

The good news is, no one in America can do a better job of outlining what is happening – and more importantly, what you can do about it – than the founder of our research firm, Porter Stansberry.
Now look…
No one believed Porter years ago when he said the world’s largest mortgage bankers (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) would soon go bankrupt.
And no one believed him when he said GM would fall apart… or that the same would happen to General Growth Properties (America’s biggest mall owner)… or that oil would fall from over $100 per barrel to less than $40 a barrel.
But in each case, that’s exactly what happened.

May 16, 2019

Suffer from lack of confidence?

An easy shortcut to fix our lack of self-confidence is to be an expert.  Expert?  Well, to at least know more than our audience.

If we are afraid of public speaking, give a speech to the 6-year-old first-graders at the local school.  We won’t be nervous.  We know more than they do.

In network marketing, we can increase our confidence by simply learning more.  That is why we read books, attend Saturday morning trainings, and hang around the leaders.  Every new piece of knowledge will give us more confidence to talk to other people.

“I don’t know how to start when talking to people.”

Here is a solution.  Start with the first sentence.

It is impossible to start with a second sentence, so our first sentence has to be good.

Unfortunately, our prospects judge us quickly.  That is why our first sentences must be good.

Here is an entire book of great first sentences we can choose from to kickstart our business.

A book to “Quickly Get Prospects on Your Side.”

Available in Audio, Ebook, and Paperback.


I’m pleased to call Tom “Big Al” Schreiter a friend and mentor.

Have a great week!

Keith & Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Come From Aways, Do You?

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