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05-MAY 22-2023

Good morning.
Rumours of a debt ceiling solution remained just rumours last week.  But optimistic traders pushed markets higher.  Stocks are now back to their early-March peak.  That’s about where they traded before the banking sector came under pressure.
Meanwhile, the Fed’s Bank Term Funding Program hit a record high usage last week.  That suggests that the sector hasn’t fully pulled through yet.  While some banks have positive data to report on deposits, others don’t.  Chances are we could see more turmoil there in the coming weeks.
Following this recent rally, it’s clear that investors and traders alike should look to hedge, or even come up with some short positions.

Now here’s the rest of the news:


May 22, 2022

Oh where could we be?  Newfoundland I see…st-john-39-s-newfoundland-canada-city-on-the-2022-04-06-17-12-39-utc

St. Johns.

May 22, 2021

“To live your greatest life, you must first become a leader within yourself.
Take charge of your life, begin attracting and manifesting all that you desire in life.” –Sonia Ricotti

Tips to Beat Procrastination

Do you struggle with putting off or altogether avoiding things you know you should and need to do?  Join the club.  None of us is immune to the strongholds of procrastination, which can crush dreams, goals, and careers.

If you procrastinate – or know someone who does – it’s time to take action and put an end to procrastination for good.  Here are 8 tips to do exactly that.

Schedule blocks of time to get things done.  This is just as straight-forward as it sounds.  Just like you would set aside time for an important appointment, schedule time for tasks, responsibilities, and things that are important – especially those things that you’ve been avoiding.

ProcrastinationIf it comes to mind, do it.  Simply put, don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.  Often, when something comes to mind, we write it down so we can remember to do it later.  And too often, it sits there on the list.  If you can, do it right when you think of it.

Use a timer.  Set a timer for a specific amount of time (see suggestion #1).  You can use it as a reality check.  Are you doing what you’re supposed be doing?  You can use it to create a sense of urgency.  Did you accomplish what you set out to in the specified time?

Do not multitask.  Very few people can effectively multitask.  There’s an opportunity cost when you switch from one mentally-demanding task to another, and while most people are good at starting multiple tasks at once, few are good at finishing them.  Focus on one thing at a time.

Eliminate distractions.  Distraction = procrastination.  Move your phone out of arm’s reach (or better yet, out of the room).  Turn off your email.  Heck, you may even need to move yourself to a new environment to minimize distractions.

Keep yourself accountable.  Share your goals, objectives, and deadlines with the important people in your life.  You’ll keep yourself accountable by telling others to keep you accountable.

Identify detours.  Do you have a “procrastination destination,” as Charlene Johnson refers to those “places” we go when we are avoiding something.  Whether it’s cleaning, organizing, checking email, or working on less important tasks, try to identify those shiny objects that distract you from the big picture.

Fill up your tank.  Surround yourself with positive-minded, goal-oriented, driven people who energize you and lift you up.  Fuel your body with positive images and messages, nourishing foods, and healthy movement.

Last but certainly not least, adopt a do it now mindset.  Don’t put off those important tasks, conversations, or projects any longer.  Take a confident first step.  You don’t have to be perfect; you just need to put your best foot forward.

P.S. Smile now!  Don’t put it off…

May 22, 2020

Uprecedented OpportunityGood morning.
Tipping points are always difficult to predict, but it doesn’t mean you don’t try to predict.  As the job-less claims continue to rise, even as businesses are opening back up, it creates a reality that is problematic for a debt-based economy reliant on more debt and more consumption.  The volume on the XLF put options might be a little bit of a warning that there is trepidation out there over the prospects of a speedy recovery from this illness.

Now here’s the rest of the news:  Like most folks, I start my morning with a hot cup of coffee.  Especially during the coronavirus lockdown, it’s reassuring to know that some of the best things in life are easy to come by.  In a moment, I’ll show you an unusual profit opportunity in the coffee sector.  But first, let’s take a quick look at a few of the major players.
coffeetimeSelling coffee is a pretty simple business.  You buy beans from growers, package them for retail, and send them through the distribution chain.  That’s how Starbucks (NSDQ: SBUX) became one of the great American growth stories.  Over the past 10 years, its share price has returned more than 600% to its grateful shareholders.

May 22, 2019

TRUTH: Everything Worthwhile is…

“Everything worthwhile is uphill. Sadly, many people have uphill hopes and downhill habits.”
—John C. Maxwell

No matter what you want in life, there is one simple truth that you have to accept: Everything worth-while is uphill.  There are no shortcuts, and there are no fast tracks.  Virtually anything that has value and purpose requires work to attain it.  You have to put in the effort to get what and where you want.
Whether it’s a good marriage, a successful career, a healthier, better-looking body, you name it, you have to work at it.  As John Maxwell says,

“Nothing that is good in life comes easy.  And very little that comes easy is good.”

Put differently, anything and everything you desire in life, everything you would like to strive for, is uphill, meaning that the pursuit of it is often challenging, grueling, exhausting, strenuous, and difficult.  No person who has climbed the mountain of success (in any domain) ever said, “I have no idea how I got to the top of this mountain.  I just woke up one day, and here l was.”
Why Not Just Do It Now?Any climb uphill must be deliberate, consistent, and willful.  It must be intentional.  And the climb also requires tremendous self-discipline, which is essential for a successful life.
If everything worthwhile is uphill, that means you have to make the choice to go and get it.  You have to put one foot in front of the other and take that hill one step at a time.  You must grow and stretch yourself a little every day.
What is that keeps you from climbing?  What are your “downhill habits” that are weighing you down?  What are your “downhill beliefs” that are holding you back?  We ALL have them, and one of the most important steps in the powerfully rewarding uphill journey is recognizing what they are.
And there’s a good chance you have more than one.  That’s okay; that’s normal.
The key is tackling them one at a time — not all at once, as that typically leads to feelings of frustration and overwhelm.  Focus and work (really work) on one downhill habit or belief at a time, and each time you successfully uproot one, make sure you give yourself an uphill hope.
After all, the uphill climb never stops.  It’s not a matter of “when” you achieve a certain goal or “if” you just get that next shiny object.  Every day is an opportunity to take climb a little further uphill, and as you get higher and higher, the view just keeps getting better and better.

To The Climb... but …don’t climb alone!

Come From Aways, Do You?

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