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05-MAY 26-2023

Good morning.
Wall Street SpecialsThere’s an old Wall Street saying: Sell in May and go away.  After the first quarter of the year, stocks do tend to have lower returns going into the summer and autumn, before rallying to close the year.  However, this month hasn’t been too terrible… at least so far.
Stocks were moving in a tight range until they tried to break higher last week.  Then they got knocked down as the debt ceiling deadline has inched closer.  That may be why traders are starting to take profits on up days – selling the proverbial rip, especially after yesterday’s rally in tech, fueled by a massive move in Nvidia (NVDA).
Those who have leveraged positions long may want to wait until the debt ceiling is settled, to avoid risking any big losses.  And those looking to hedge can buy relatively inexpensive put options going into the long Memorial Day weekend, thanks to the market’s range-bound trading this past month.

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The Economic Suffering Is Off The Charts
Things have taken a turn for the worse.  In recent months, economic activity has been dropping all over the nation, and that decline appears to be accelerating.  We just learned that gross domestic income has now fallen for… [Read Here]

May 26, 2022

Delusional Sales PartyGood morning.
Most asset classes have fallen far from their peaks.  Cryptocurrencies have had the largest percentage drops.  And for the housing market, the data is still showing a slowdown in sales, rather than a full-on drop in prices. But one area that’s held up well has been the commodity market.
That may be about to change.  The world’s largest commodity consumer, China, is warning that their economy is in trouble.  The harsh lockdowns earlier this year significantly crimped demand for goods and services.  The good news?  That could mean that consumers finally start to see easing prices in everything from lumber to copper to energy prices.  The bad news?  The chances of a global recession continue to rise.

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The Dow Hasn’t Done This Since The 1920s
China’s recent ‘stimulus’ has offered hope against the relentless tightening of financial conditions by The Fed and that buoyed stocks.  But that ended after a relatively calm week of selloffs turned more violent as gamma expired away and stocks puked… [Read Here]

12 Nightmarish Economic Trends In 2022
If you thought that the economic news was crazy during the first half of 2022, just wait until we get to the second half.  So many of the problems that we are experiencing now are going to continue to intensify, and Americans are becoming more… [Read Here]

May 26, 2021

2021 Olympics in JapanGood morning.
When it comes to investing, it can pay to look where investors aren’t.  A few months back, all eyes were on 10-year bond yields.  In the past few weeks, those yields have been steady, even dropping somewhat.  That’s a bullish sign, and one that’s critical amidst inflation fears.
Another piece of data to consider?  The ratio between the stock market and the price of gold.  Gold prices may be on the rise again relative to stocks.  That can occur in bullish markets, like those of the early 2000s.  Markets may not trend significantly higher, but signs point away from a big drop in the next few weeks.  And what they do point to is a possible push higher for gold.

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“Heads, Gold Wins; Tails, Gold Doesn’t Lose” –Jim Rickards
Daily Reckoning contributor Jim Rickards analyzes gold’s recent history and concludes that, if we don’t understand gold’s price, then we’re asking the wrong questions.  Here’s why Rickards things buying gold is a no-lose proposition… [Read Here]

May 26, 2020

Saving Millions Isn't EnoughGood morning.
It’s a shortened week for the equity markets and it will be somewhat of a proving ground for the burgeoning bull market.  The old axiom of “sell in May and go away” has frequently proven timely especially given the significant rally we’ve had since the March lows.
However, with Fed stimulus dialed up, will the possibility of reopening and easy money be too tempting for the bulls to keep it going?

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Why Silver Has Never Been a Better Deal Than It Is Today!

Gold is the extrovert at a party.  It takes the spotlight at cocktail gatherings.  It’s the star in the precious metals market most of the time.
This isn’t a bad thing… But when gold hogs the spotlight, people tend to forget about silver entirely.
That’s exactly what’s happening right now.  Investors have driven gold prices through the roof.  Meanwhile, silver hasn’t seen the same explosive rally.  Check it out…

Gold vs Silver

Silver prices are down 3% this year, while gold prices are up 14%.  And in recent weeks, we’ve seen the widest value gap between the metals of all time.
Simply put, silver has never been a better deal, relative to gold, than it is today.  The ratio of the two metals broke out to all-time highs in April. 

Come From Aways, Do You?

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