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05-MAY 29-2023

Good morning.
RainmakerTech stocks helped save the market last week, and with progress being made on the debt ceiling front, it certainly seems like we could be set up for a quiet summer, with markets potentially moving slightly higher and adding to their gains this year.
But chances are we’ll see more volatility.  Even without the debt crisis, the banking sector still faces some challenges. And the bank bailout facility that was created earlier this year to avoid more seizures by regulators continues to see assets flow in, with over $90 billion so far.
So keep your head on a swivel in today’s markets, and look for opportunities both long and short.

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May 29, 2022

Today from Newfoundland and Labrador…aerial-landscape-view-of-a-scenic-road-on-the-atla-2022-04-05-07-22-09-utc

An aerial landscape view of a scenic road on the Atlantic coast.

May 29, 2021

“I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” –Michael Jordan

Focus on doing one thing at a time!

…scrap mult-tasking.

If you’re strapped for time, we’re going to let the cat out of the bag right away with the theme of this email: Scrap multi-tasking.  Focus on doing one thing at a time.  Focus on in-the-moment unitasking.

Unitasking is a practice of immersing yourself fully in the execution of the present moment.  It’s an ability to be more fully aware of questions like:

    • What exactly is happening in this moment?
    • What do I want to get out of this moment?
    • What do I need in this moment?

Unitasking involves training – or practicing – the skill of attention, and doing one thing at a time can help you:

    • Slow down, pay attention and focus.  On a path toward any goal and long-term change, focus is essential to success.
    • Think about what’s truly important to you.  A stronger skill of focusing your attention means you get to make more conscious choices about what you give your attention to.  After all, you have limited attention; where are you going to invest it?
    • Lower your stress level.  Being able to intentionally direct your attention will help you stay calm and productive during your most stressful times.

You can practice unitasking any time, beginning with seemingly simple tasks like taking out the trash, taking a walk, having a conversation, playing with your child, driving and prepping and eating food.

How can you do those simple tasks without the usual distractions of things like social media, email or texting?

Whatever moment and task you choose to practice with, give it your full attention.  Try to minimize or mentally filter other distractions.  Then, when that task is fully done, move on to the next thing.

Where and how do you get distracted?

Expect this to be challenging.  Challenging is okay.  Anything worthwhile, it seems, involves a challenge, which is a gateway to growth.

When you do run into a challenge or experience some resistance, notice and name what comes up for you.  After all, the practice is not only meant to give each activity our full loving attention, it’s also to build honest self-awareness.  If you do that, you’re winning.

Change That Up!

May 29, 2020

Which is it? The long or the short...Good morning.
Things were moving along swimmingly before the announcement came of a press conference tomorrow by President Trump on China.  What’s happening on Hong Kong is tragic.
I have a brother that’s lived there for over 10 years and he’s had to move to Japan.  Somehow a tear gas gun in the face will do that to you.  The market has continued to shrug off the tremendous risks that are still present.  This is just another reminder that we are still “lost in the woods” economically.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Don’t Ignore This Ominous Market Signal

Every year around this time, my wife Caryl and l take a vacation… (visit New York City, Halifax. or Europe).

Last night, Caryl told me that plane tickets from YYC (our closest airport) to “where-ever” were ridiculously cheap and asked it she should book a trip for June/July, when pandemic lockdowns are presumably looser.  My response: “Let’s wait and see how the pandemic plays out.”
Multiply my decision to defer a major purchase by similar decisions made by several million other consumers and you get an idea of the challenges impeding any economic “recovery.”
Consumer confidence has been traumatized by the coronavirus.  Even as economies reopen, many people will remain reluctant to start mingling in bars, restaurants, sports stadiums, theme parks, and shopping malls.  They will be especially reluctant to step into the crowded fuselage of an airplane.
To my mind, this dynamic explains an anomaly during the current stock market recovery.  Typically during rebounds from bear markets, cyclicals lead the market higher.  That’s not the case with this recovery in equities, which isn’t demonstrating cyclical leadership.  It seems that even the bulls have their doubts about the economy’s future and they’re pricing in a long, slow recovery…

May 29, 2019

Take the “i” out of triumph and what do you get?  ..hi Trump! …Okay, it needs work!

Come From Aways, Do You?

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