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06-JUNE 02-2023

Good morning.
Regulatory GuidelinesWith tech stocks coming off of last week’s big pop higher, it’s clear that the market rally in the past few weeks has been driven just by tech.  This has been one of the narrowest market breadths in history, with only a handful of stocks moving higher.
Backing out tech, many sectors are down for the year.  But with the debt ceiling coming off the table, it’s likely that stocks will trend sideways over the next few months.  That’s part of the market’s historic seasonality.
Typically, volatility is light in the summer, although a renewed banking sector crisis could lead to a spike this year.  But generally, traders and investors may want to focus on smaller potential trades now, and see how the market is setting up for the next move higher – and which sectors it will occur in – later in the year.

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June 02, 2022

Deciding VoteGood morning.
Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase (JPM), helped fuel a drop in stocks yesterday as he warned that investors should prepare for a financial hurricane.  With interest rates being raised into a slowing economy, and with supply chain problems gripping the world, the analysis is fairly spot on, even as stocks have had a relief rally.  However, it may be more astute to say that we’re already in such a hurricane.
The statement is a reminder that traders should continue to look for some downside opportunities with selected put option trades.  But given the extent of the pullback, and an increase in insider buying, taking a longer-term view towards industry-leading companies that have been overly beaten down is also a strategy likely to pay off in time.

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Analyst: America’s Debt Interest Could Mean Disaster
The justifiable and unavoidable focus on the highest inflation in 40 years should look beyond its visible impact on the economy and the cost of goods and services.  While the most noticeable sign of increased prices appears at… [Read Here]

Global Food Supplies Are Collapsing And This Proves It!

A food insecurity expert to the United Nations.  Sara Menker, the CEO of agriculture analytics firm Gro Intelligence, told the UN Security Council that before the end of summer, the world will suffer a shocking shortage that could lead to… [Read Here]

June 02, 2021

SportsGood morning.
There are many important ideas and guidelines to bear in mind when investing.  As for strict rules, there really aren’t that many, as every market, sector, and situation is different, no matter how slight.
But if we had to come up with a Rule #1, it would be to expect the unexpected.  Right now, markets have spent a few weeks fretting over inflation.  That may continue depending on what macroeconomic data comes out in June.  But it’s also clear from the market’s more sideways rather than down move over the past few weeks that the unexpected thing for markets to do – head even higher – may be something to expect.

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Inflation Is a Dangerous Way to Get Rid of Debt Burdens –Richard M. Ebeling,AIER
It has long been understood that price inflation is a form of tax.  Price inflation affects everyone, and it is far more arbitrary and painful in its effects on individuals… [Read Here]

June 02, 2020

CovidGood morning.
There are so many reasons to want to throw shade on the rally in the market.  Economic data, a pandemic, riots and looting, companies selling significant shares of their own stock and on down the line.  If you add all of them up, do you come up with $3 trillion.  That’s the amount the Fed’s balance sheet has expanded since last September.

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It’s The End of the World (and Investors Feel Fine)
The news headlines are horrific but investors seem unflappable.  It brings to my mind the title of this classic R.E.M. song: It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine).
American cities are ablaze with violent protests, a deadly pandemic bedevils the world and the Presi-dent ot the United States was sequestered yesterday in an underground White House bunker to pro-tect him from rioters.
Wall Street’s response to this dystopian tableau?  A collective shrug.
The three main U.S. stock market indices all closed in the green yesterday, with the Dow Jones Indus-trial Average up by almost 100 points.  As of this writing Tuesday morning, the three indices are poised to open higher.
The disconnect between stocks and political-economic realities is striking.  Let’s look at the latest data for clues.  Perhaps a day of reckoning awaits, or maybe the optimism is justified…

June 02, 2019

Thought I would share my ride across town this morning when I woke to a flat tire on my “Caddy”.

All is well, AMA were called to change the tire on the Caddy… 🙂

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