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06-JUNE 04-2023

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June 04, 2022

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June 04, 2021

FinanceGood morning.
The past decade has seen a rather unusual trading strategy emerge. It’s one that’s gotten noticed and has become more popular than ever.  It’s a simple strategy too.  All you have to do is identify the most-shorted stocks on the market, wait for the market to have one of its periodic pullbacks, and go long on those companies.
For whatever reason, those stocks have tended to have the strongest rebounds.  That’s likely because with so much short interest, it doesn’t take a lot of volume to cause a big move higher.  Typically, going long the most-shorted names has been great at the start of an uptrend, but the move fades fast.
Now, we’re seeing retail investors drive these stocks higher, in a development likely to cause hedge funds to either rethink their strategies of shorting a company into bankruptcy, or investing in better lobbyists.  Until then, it’s a strategy worth considering.

Precious Metals Prices
Price at week’s end (change over last week)

Gold … $1,893.21 (-0.7%)
Silver … $27.90 (-0.4%)
Platinum … $1,174.26 (-1.3%)
Palladium … $2,879.20 (+0.6%)

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Fed Sponsored Speculation: Real Interest Rates Are -4.1%, Lowest Since 1980 –Mike Shedlock,MishTalk
“Real” means inflation adjusted, subtracting the Fed Funds Rate from the CPI.  Consider housing prices and rates are even deeper into negative territory… [Read Here]

June 04, 2020

Mother of All SleepingGood morning.
I hope all finds you well as we begin another session.  There was a headline used by Marketwatch that described the movement in the market with the phrase “the unbearable lightness of the stock market.”  As the market melts higher, is it unbearable?  No matter if your bullish or bearish on the market, there is a sense of unbearableness to the way it’s trading.  The unnaturalness leaves everyone somewhat dissatisfied regardless if they’re making money or not.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Don’t Go Picking Up Quarters in Front of a Steamroller
Making money is a thrill.  It’s fun, and addictive, and when everything’s going your way it’s even easy.  But there’s a catch.  Nearly anyone can get caught chasing profits at the worst possible time, and the stakes may be higher than you think…

June 04, 2019

Happy Birthday to my Best Bud Bill,

Live Long & Prosper!

Today’s message comes from Darren Hardy … whom I could not agree with less than 100%.

Hope you got the real meaning behind this! 🙂

June 04, 2017

Walkin' the high-road

What weighs more?  A pound of fat?  Or a pound of muscle?

I don’t know.  But I do know this.  Putting on a pound of fat is a lot more fun than putting on a pound of muscle.

But you might ask, “How would you know?  You’ve never put on a pound of muscle!”

Good point.  But for now, I will take someone else’s word for it.

Caryl and I went for a short walk that took us around in a circle of 10+ kms.


Come From Aways, Do You?

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