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06-JUNE 05-2023

Good morning.
The U.S. economy now has 3.8 million more jobs than during its pre-covid peak.  As a headline number, that’s great news.
But the labor market is on track to change.  One big change is AI, which could automate many tasks that could be done by well-paid, white-collar workers.  And developments in robotics and automation have kept pressure on blue-collar jobs for years.
In the meantime, foreign workers are at a record high, while native-born workers are still well off their pre-pandemic peak.  These trends all point to the potential to push wages lower over time, and create higher unemployment while the economy adjusts to these trends.  It could also lead to numerous hot-button political issues.
The good news?  Lower wage growth and the development of these trends can benefit companies, even though that may not develop the technologies themselves.  The coming decades may prove a boom time for investors.pmp-june 5, 2023

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Will Gold Reach a New Record Price This Year?
Gold’s price has languished around $2,000/oz for a while now, and several analysts believe that will soon be nothing but a fond memory.  A new record-high price in the next few months is… [Read Here]

June 05, 2022

We’re going back to Newfoundland for a week’s holiday!wooden-stairs-going-down-to-a-rocky-atlantic-ocean

Wooden stairs going down to a rocky Atlantic ocean.

June 05, 2021

Are Fears Holding You Back (How to Let Go)

Despite its negative connotation, fear isn’t always a bad thing.  In fact, there are countless instances when our fearful gut instinct keeps us out of trouble, such as in life-or-death situations.  Having said that, many of us face fear on a much different level on a more routine basis, and these 3 fears hold us back by tricking us into thinking we are comfortable and safe.  When you learn to let go of them, you open new doors and possibilities.

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).  Many of us can’t stand the thought of missing out on activities, information, opportunities and the like.  As a result, we struggle … to keep up, to catch up, to be included, to be noticed and to be loved … all in the name of FOMO, which usually means overcommitting and constantly checking emails, social feeds and the like.  The solution for FOMO is being truly present, noticing everything and everyone around you – the big picture, the little pictures and all the tiny details that contribute to the moments that make up the here and now.  It’s not easy.  It takes practice, but it’s the only solution for FOMO.

Let Go of FearsFear of Disappointing Others (FODO).  This is the fear that makes us say ‘yes’ when we really want to (and should) say ‘no’.  It’s the fear that keeps us quiet when we disagree, and it’s the fear that leaves us feeling depleted and resentful.  People-pleasers are all too familiar with FODO.  But the truth is that other people’s disappointment (or pleasure) has very little to do with you.  The remedy for FODO is setting boundaries.  People will always often push boundaries, but there’s always one person who can set and honor your boundaries: YOU.  By doing that, you remind others that your boundaries matter, and you may inspire them to create their own.

Fear of Trusting Yourself.  If you are unsure about trusting yourself, it will be almost impossible to remedy FOMO or FODO because staying present is hard and creating/enforcing your own boundaries will be very challenging.  If you’re the type of person who looks outward for answers and often second guesses yourself, this may very well be a fear of yours.  If you are running on autopilot, constantly reacting to life’s demands, you may have lost track of who you are and what’s important to you.  The only way to trust yourself is to listen to your heart.

Let go of these fears so you can show all the way up for your life.  These fears aren’t protecting you.  They are dragging you down and holding you back.  Letting go of these fears may take some time and practice, but it will be worth it.

To Letting Go, Change That Up.

June 05, 2020

FranklyGood morning.
We were four days and counting without a down day and 1 out of the past eight days.  While that’s not unusual, it was the way we did it.  Financials rallied over 2% while big cap tech names wilted.  At the end of the day, the market is a group of 5 companies that have exhibited strong correlation and too big for any sector to overcome.

“How fast do you think the economy will recover?”

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Jim Pearce, chief investment strategist, Personal Finance, was asked:
I believe full economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic will take much longer than the stock market’s recent behavior would suggest.  In April, the unemployment rate soared to its highest level ever since it has been tracked going back to 1948.  At the same time, economic productivity, as measured by gross domestic product (GDP), fell at its steepest rate since the depths of the Great Recession 11 years ago.  Enormously disruptive macroeconomic events like this one have very long tails that drag on for years, sometimes decades, and are impossible to predict.  I believe the stock’s market V-shaped recovery thus far is actually the first half of a W-shaped recovery.
If so, another V-shaped pattern should emerge over the summer that could be just as severe as the first wave, especially if second quarter results are worse than feared.

June 05, 2019

There’s a quote out there by Maureen Dowd that goes like this:

“The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you’re worth less than what you settle for.”

Riddle: ‘Of all the things in the world, which is the longest and shortest, the quickest and the slowest, the most divisible and the most extensive, the most disregarded and the most regretted, without which nothing can happen, which devours everything that is little, and gives life everything that is great?’

“The answer is time.¹

To someone who is building a following, these words should strike a chord!  Companies and their employees face similar challenges.  If someone expects to stay in the game, they have to be able to make rapid adjustments.  Fortunes are made and lost by those that disrespect the importance and power of time.

If you want to increase your signups by 30%; or said a bit differently…

The Best Way To Close Your Network Marketing Prospect

…is with a phone call – not by leaving a message!  I fully believe that you will lose out on somewhere between 20% to 30% of the people you could have closed had you gotten on the phone with them.

    • The #1 reason that I was always wanting to get on the phone with a person is, in my opinion, it is the most effective.
    • The #2 reason is, I wanted to qualify them.  I wanted to see if they were someone I wanted on my team.  Is it a fit?
    • The #3, #4 and #5 reasons are, ’cause I’m worthy of working with fun people that are great to be around.  Posture and Respect are 4th and 5th – and must work both ways!

You have a fabulous … rest of the day! 🙂

¹Nothing is longer, since it is the measure of eternity.  Nothing is shorter, since it is lacking in all our plans.  Nothing is slower for him who waits.  Nothing is quicker for him who enjoys.  It extends to the infinitely little.  All men disregard it.  All men regret the loss of it.  Nothing happens without it.  It makes forgotten everything unworthy of posterity, and it immortalizes the great things.”

“Killing time isn’t murder; it’s suicide.” —Harvey Mackay

Come From Aways, Do You?

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