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06-JUNE 14-2023

Good morning.
While the stock market is at 2023 highs, and inflation continuing to slow, there are still plenty of warning signs for the economy.  It may not mean an imminent recession, but it does suggest that traders may want to be cautious over the next few months following the market’s big move.
One big sign is that foreclosures are finally on the rise.  Filings are up 14 percent for May, compared to the same month a year ago.  And the trajectory is still rising.  With potential borrowers priced out from buying foreclosures with today’s high mortgage rates, even a small continued increase could spell trouble.
Investors should focus on finding long-term winners here, preferably in companies still well off their highs.  Traders can bet on a sideways market over the next few months with put option trades.  And those interested in buying real estate may want to start raising cash now to make better offers later in the year or early into next year.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Consumer Credit Surges To New Record
Credit card debt is on a big surge, but let’s dig a bit deeper with inflation adjusted numbers to spot what’s really happening.  These consumer credit numbers for April are from the Fed’s G.19 Consumer Credit report… [Read Here]

Debt Is The Real Problem In Global Market
The real drama of default in global markets has not been the federal debt ceiling negotiations in Washington but the write-off by inflation.  The issue of whether it turns out that the U.S. Treasury for a few weeks has been slow in servicing its… [Read Here]

June 14, 2022

Shit!Good morning.
Markets continue to get slammed, with the Nasdaq down nearly 10 percent in just the past three trading days.  This kind of move can often be the sign of hedge funds or other leveraged players dealing with forced liquidations.  Once that stops, however, we could finally be facing the capitulation for this bear market.
That doesn’t mean things are going to look rosy anytime soon.  The end of a bear market is mired with fear, uncertainty, and doubt.
Traders should consider the companies they want to own for the long haul, and look for a valuation for those companies that makes sense in today’s climate.  And if a stock is still far cheaper than that, it may be time to start making a few long-term strategic buys in the coming days and weeks.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

What’s Happening to America’s Wealthiest Families Proves the Dollar Is Failing
There isn’t any doubt, when inflation accelerates, the lower income class hurt the most.  After all, that’s what happens when… [Read Here]

Biden’s Inflation-Fighting Plan Is Nonsense (And Even HE Knows It)
Jerome Powell repeatedly claimed that inflation was only “transitory” for a good portion of 2021.  (Spoiler alert: the official data show he was wildly wrong.) [Read Here]

June 14, 2021

Graduation_01Good morning.
There’s an old Wall Street saying that the cure for high prices is… high prices.  That’s because when prices are high, competition comes into play and customers seek substitutes.  Recent inflation data showing a jump in home and car prices (both new and used), is also leading to potential buyers to hold off on making a purchase.
That could reduce demand enough to keep prices from heading higher in those areas.  A slowdown in governmental assistance to the economy in the form of stimulus checks and high spending may also help nip this rising inflation in the bud.  The downside?  Holding off on spending and government assistance tends to result in a slowing economy.  That’s not such an easy trade-off after all, and why most economists and politicians support some small amount of inflation.

Gold currently at $1,893.74, silver at $27.70

Now here’s the rest of the news:

You’ll Never Believe the Tax Rates Billionaires Actually Pay –Paul Kiel, Jeff Ernsthausen and Jesse Eisinger, ProPublica
IRS documents revealed the richest 25 Americans pay a tiny fraction of their wealth in taxes.  Even if you use income to compare, billionaires still pay very low rates… [Read Here]

June 14, 2020

Here’s to a better YOU … and now … Today’s DarrenDaily Recap Sunday.  A collection of the weeks videos from Darren Hardy.  Enjoy!

Describing its beauty!!! White lighthouse on the coast of Newfoundland, Canada

White lighthouse on the coast of Newfoundland, Canada

Oh yes… Happy Father’s Day!

June 14, 2019

Fun Friday!

Says it all…


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