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06-JUNE 19-2023

Good morning.
Last Friday marked the second-busiest day for options trading in history.  Traders were heavily moving into call options last week, as inflation slowed to two-year lows and the Federal Reserve declined to raise interest rates.
That helped the volatility index, or VIX, drop to its lowest levels in two years.  Typically, when the VIX is this low, it’s prone to a sharp move higher.  That could come from a market panic, like March’s banking crisis, which may not have ended quite yet.
For now, with things quiet, traders may want to look at inexpensive put options with time to play out.  But it may not be time to heavily trade the short-side right now.  For long-term investors, the name of the game here is to look for stocks that still trade at a reasonable value – and ideally pay a growing dividend.

PMP june 17, 2023

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Central Banks Could Be Planning Something Huge For Gold Investors
Central banks broke historic records with their gold buying over the last 15 months.  Why?  Inflation resistance?  Diversification?  A hedge against de-dollarization? [Read Here]

June 19, 2022

Today!aerial view of a small town on a rocky atlantic

An aerial view of a small town on a rocky Atlantic…

June 19, 2021

How To Win The Day

With every sunrise comes opportunity.  Each day is a figurative clean slate — another chance at getting it right and moving the ball closer to the goal line.  Regardless of what happened yesterday, we have the chance to start anew each morning.

Hand turns dice and changes the word reactive to proactive.And the morning sets the tone for the entire day.  You own the morning, you win the day.  The happiest, healthiest, and most successful people know this.  They embrace it, and they use it to their advantage.  They build morning rituals to establish the foundation for the day.

Here are 6 things they do differently — and consistently.

Gratitude.  When you begin the morning with joy and love in your heart and mind, it changes the whole shape of your day — and you.  Practicing small acts of gratitude increases resilience, improves mood and feelings of well-being, increases energy levels, improves self-confidence, and much more.  Consider how fortunate you are and count your blessings — every morning.

Begin anew.  It’s a brand new day, baby.  That’s exciting.  Today is a new opportunity for learning, success, happiness, and adventure.  Embrace it.  Live for the now.  Not yesterday.  Not for tomorrow.  Not for someone else’s life.  Be in the moment.  Be in YOUR moment.  Make the most of it.

Move it.  Morning may not be the ideal time for an intense workout, but the happiest, healthiest people incorporate some sort of movement practice or light exercise in the morning.  This gets the blood flowing and helps wake up the body and mind.  It also creates positive momentum for healthy behaviors through the day.  As an added bonus, get outside in natural light to help boost mood and energy levels while establishing optimal circadian rhythms.

Read something positive.  Whether it’s scripture, a motivational quote, or an inspirational book, happy people take time to incorporate some positive, inspiring reading in their morning. It helps start the morning off on the right note and gets the productive juices flowing.

Morning routine.  The morning is about building momentum, and there’s no better way to do that than with a routine.  A routine not only builds momentum — helping you feel in control and owning the day — it also helps reduce the number of decisions you have to make.  That means saving that brain power for things that matter.

Start with what’s most important.  We’ve talked about priorities before, and the most successful people know that they have to schedule the most important to-do to come first — before emails, phone calls, meetings, and chaos sets in.  Be proactive instead of reactive by setting aside time to focus on what counts first.

To You,
Change That Up!

June 19, 2020

No Kiddin'Good morning.
It’s official!  We’re in a period of deliberation.  There is just a lot being thrown at the market right now and valuations, earnings and the news cycle is putting a brief pause to any direction.
The reality is that we may have a brief period of low volatility for a period until stuff gets sorted out.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

How the Coming Crash in the Dollar Will Unfold
Scorn has long been heaped on those daring to question the supremacy of the U.S. dollar as the world’s dominate reserve currency.  I certainly received more than my fair share…

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

June 19, 2019

The 5x5x25 Facebook ad strategy (Pure Gold)

Hey, began yet another email from a Guru by the name of Ron Douglas;

“I was at a local online marketing mastermind that we have here in ATL watching my good friend Marquel Russell give a presentation.

Marquel has a gift for simplifying complex strategies to make people understand them.

One strategy he broke down for us was his 5x5x25 Facebook ad strategy which I thought was pure gold.

Honestly, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of it before, but he really summed it up nice and motivated me get in the lab and test it out.”

Basically the way it works is this:

    • 5 ads
    • 5 audiences
    • $25 a day

First you would create 1 compelling ad.  He likes to use long copy and have the link at the bottom of the post so that they only click after they’ve been warmed up a bit from reading the content.  I’ve done well with this strategy too and the costs per click are usually less.

He then uses 5 different image variations for the same ad copy to create 5 ads.  He puts them all in the same adset so that Facebook rotates them to find the winning image.

He will run those ads to 5 different audiences.  You want to have a separate adset for each audience so you can easily analyze and compare them.

Then you spend $5 a day on each of the ad sets for a total budget of $25 a day.  You let it run for 3 to 5 days so that Facebook’s algorithm has a chance to set in.

From there, you can see which ad performed the best in terms of conversions and ROI.  You turn off the losing ads and add gradually additional budget to the winner.

In terms of what type of ad to use – he lets Facebook optimize for conversions from the very start as their system has gotten really good at sending you the right types of people for your offer.

Personally I like to use per click ads until I get some data into my pixel, but what he does is working for him and his clients like crazy.

For the 5 different audiences to target, he likes to use a look-a-like audience as one of the audiences because he finds they typically convert better than interest targeted audiences.

And finally, he runs retargeting ads to all those who visit the site, watch 25% of his video, or engage on his page.  He lets Facebook do automatic placements on the retargeting ads so that he appears everywhere.

That’s it in a nutshell.  Clients pay a lot of money for what I just shared with you.

If that sounds confusing to you or if you want to learn more, we’re having a live class on Tuesday, June 25th to break this down for you.  We’re also going to show you how to automate the process.  Did you get your access link for Tuesday’s free class?

If not, be sure to register now and mark it on your calendar:

Talk soon,

June 19, 2017


Met some great fellas at the Calgary VectorVest Users’ Group, tonight.  They meet at the Memorial Public Library, which is very affordable and accessible.

Chairperson Mike manned the computer/video presentation equip-ment allowing the evening to more along with meaning and purpose. Many different stocks were put forward by the group and discussed openly.  Many … new to me … VectorVest program tricks & tips, and general usability ideas were also shared.

The group breaks for the summer holidays, resuming again in September.  I look forward to rejoining the group in October, as I’ll be away for parts of September.  All-in-all very helpful…


Come From Aways, Do You?

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