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07-JULY 08-2023


July 08, 2022

Team AbsentiaGood morning.
Most of last year, politicians and central bankers stated that inflation was transitory.  With the pandemic spending and stimulus over, and with central banks now tightening, that’s likely correct, even if it means we’re facing a recession.
But markets don’t just react to changing conditions.  They tend to overreact.  So the overreaction to higher inflation could lead to an overshoot, and potentially even deflation.  We’re already starting to see commodity prices start to fall.  Other data, like housing sales and home prices, could indicate a further drop in prices.
For now, the trend looks like a strong dis-inflation.  But much like inflation could spiral out of control, so could deflation if it takes hold.  Investors should continue to stay cautious, and expect markets to remain volatile.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

The New Anti-Inflation Trend: Gold Coins As Official Currency
Zimbabwe’s central bank said it would start selling gold coins this month as a store of value to tame runaway inflation, which has considerably weakened the local currency.  The central bank governor said that the coins will be available for sale from… [Read Here]

July 08, 2021

Getting Older EverydayGood morning.
Looking over the second quarter of 2021, analysts at Goldman Sachs (GS) noted that investors who simply bought the FANG stocks – standing for the biggest of the big tech firms – would have performed well with fairly low volatility.
That’s no surprise.  These big firms have been dominating markets for a decade now, allowing tech to become the most powerful sector in the US markets.
They’re also firms at or near all-time highs today.  More importantly, thanks to their large market caps, the bigger they get, the bigger a part they become in passive investors’ portfolios.  So that trend is likely to continue, leading markets to new highs.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

The Bill Will Come Due on Biden’s Trillions –Veronique de Rugy, Reason
Biden’s infrastructure package is really a jackpot for public unions and big businesses.  And one day soon we, and our children, will get a bill that might not be payable… [Read Here]

July 08, 2020

We Need Better_2Good morning.
There truly is a disconnect that the market is rewarding typically cyclical companies in the middle of a recession as states amp up the COVID meter and are tightening their grip on their economies.
A great example is Amazon Inc (AMZN) and Tesla Inc (TSLA).  These company’s stock prices have gone parabolic as buyers panic bid the market for these companies.  Until today.  Is this the first day of the market waking up to reality or is it another moment of sanity that will quickly fade to cognitive dissonance?

Away from NEWS … think more to YOUR personal success:

“I’m unattached to results, and I am willing to correct and continue my way to success.”
(Say this 3 times today)

Have you ever wondered how the most successful people approach something new?
I this video, Jesse explains the VERY different approach a successful person has when trying something vs. someone who isn’t “there” just yet.

This tweak was a game-changer.  And if you can adopt it, you’ll rarely feel frustrated if things don’t go well.

July 08, 2019

The elements that set people apart

If you want to know what your values are at this moment, you can examine your recent past & notice the choices you made when you could have gone one way or another.  Your choices and your sub-sequent actions demonstrated to yourself & others what was of greatest value and importance to you.

Compare Different People.  Here is an example.  Imagine you have 2 people who have the same three values.  The values are family, health and career success.  The only difference between these two people is the order of importance that they placed on these values, their priorities.  The first person, Bill, says that, “My family comes first, my health is second and career success is third.”

Tom, on the other hand, has the same values, but he says, “Career success comes first for me, then my family, and then my health.”

Determine the Difference.  Would there be a difference in character and personality between these 2 people?  Would there be a small difference or a large difference?  Which of these two people would you like to get to know and become friends with?  Would you be able to tell these two people apart in conversation?  Which one do you think you would like and trust more?

Values Set People Apart.  The answers to these questions are clear.  The person with the higher values in a better order of priority will invariably be a better person than the person whose values are in a different order.  Your choice of values determines the quality of your character.  When you select values such as integrity, love, courage, honesty, excellence or responsibility, and you live your life consistent with those values, every hour of every day, you actually become a superior person.  It is your values that deter-mine the kind of person you really are.

Action Exercises.  Here are two things you can do immedi-ately to put these ideas into action.

First, think about how you behave, how you choose, when-ever you are under pressure.  Remember, it is only what you do, your actions, that tell who you really are.

Second, observe how other people around you behave when they are forced to choose.  You will only be compatible with people whose values are similar to yours.  What are they?

Becoming Better Every Day,  😉

Come From Aways, Do You?

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