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07-JULY 20-2023

Good Morning.
War of the Worlds July '23With commercial real estate valuations under pressure, investing in a big city may seem like a dubious prospect right now.  However, there are a rising number of people so concerned that it may be a time to buy.
That’s because when someone suggests that a place will “never” recover, it’s likely near the bottom.  Manhattan real estate went through a “never” phase in the 1970s, but ended up coming back stronger than ever.  Today’s “never” city is San Francisco, at least according to the CEO of Salesforce (CRM), where the company is headquartered.  Besides the drop in commercial real estate, rising crime has been a concern.
Investors who look for opportunities now, however, will likely be able to find them going for pennies on the dollar – it’s just a question of waiting through the uncertainty for a recovery.  And investors may want to look at beaten-down office property REITs at current prices, although it’s still a stockpicker’s market for that sector.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

U.S. Dollar’s Global Reserve Status Not Going Down In A Straight Line
The U.S. dollar as the dominant global reserve currency has been on a slow long-term downward trend, interrupted by upticks.  And now we had an uptick, when the dollar gained share… [Read Here]

Why U.S. Citizens Should Not Accept 3% Inflation
There is a mainstream narrative that is growing all over the financial media: We must accept three percent annual inflation as a success at combating rising prices.  This is enough to pivot and return to monetary easing… [Read Here]

July 20, 2022

CoffeeGood morning.
Stocks got a boost yesterday on news that the European Central Bank may raise interest rates by 50 basis points.  This would follow on the increasing monetary tightening seen in the US under the Federal Reserve.
Rising interest rates mean a higher cost of capital for any person or business that needs a loan — whether for the purchase of a car, a home, or to get a company off the ground.  So why does the market love tightening?  It’s likely because the more things tighten now, the sooner the tightening can end.  A number of traders are already starting to bet on interest rate cuts in the US next year.
Until that actually happens, it’s prudent to stay cautious.  Rising rates may help crush inflation, but they’ll also slow an already-slow economy.  That could lead to more market volatility in the months ahead.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Democrats Caught In Major Lie About Inflation
Although gasoline prices have moderated slightly, President Joe Biden and Democratic leaders continue to level their usual attacks on the nation’s oil companies.  They’re blaming corporate “greed” for the nearly $5-a-gallon prices that drivers must… [Read Here]

Biden’s Inflation Nightmare Gets Scarier
Remember all that talk about inflation having “peaked” earlier this month?  Well, you can toss it in the garbage along with its predecessor in wishful thinking: that the lightning fast run up in consumer prices that began in late 2020 would prove… [Read Here]

July 20, 2021

MedicalGood morning.
The stock market was in freefall Monday, much like a mini-version of its March 2020 decline.  Is this the next big sell-off?  Probably not.  Monday’s fears, based on rising mask mandate re-impositions and a few select lockdown threats around the world, are likely being overblown.
In the meantime, the bigger market concern is whether or not the current economic growth is sustainable.  The facts are that it will likely slow.  Not the best news, but not the worst news either.  And inflation expectations continue to rise.  But with a lumber market shouting “timber” as it comes back down to earn while inflation hedges like gold and Bitcoin well off their highs, these fears are also likely nothing more than a sign of increased market volatility.  That’s an environment great for more active trading.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Today, Private Pensions and Savers Face the Same Challenge
In a near-zero interest rate world, pension funds and savers have a dilemma: add risk in the hopes of gains?  Or lose the race with inflation?  Here’s one possible way out of the trap… [Read Here]

July 20, 2020

PaddleGood morning.
After three straight weeks of gains for the major market indices, why does it feel like it hasn’t gone anywhere?
That’s because we still haven’t seen the price take out the June 8 high.  One of the bigger takeaways from last week is the fact the Nasdaq stalled out & the Dow outperformed on the week.  On Friday, it was utilities that shined and may be an indication that the bull is getting tired.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Immersion: A Next Wave Stock Market Winner by Jim Pearce
As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, life as we know it is about to get a lot more virtual.  Long after COVID-19 is just a bad memory, many of the adaptations it forced upon society will still be with us.
Like all cataclysmic economic events, this one will have a very long tail and will have an enormous impact on the stock market.  If you act now, you can still get in on some of the most promising investment opportunities for the next decade at bargain-basement prices.
Consider the performance of Zoom Video Communications (NSDQ: ZM), which started the year below $70 a share.  On July 13, Zoom traded up to $281 for a gain of more than 300% in less than eight months.  Zoom Communications (ZM)
Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, Zoom struggled to gain market share.  After going public at $62 per share in April of last year, Zoom ended the year near $67.  Nothing about its performance suggested it was about to take off.
Now, Zoom is considered a “no-brainer” stock to own for this year and beyond.  So too are other COVID-19 beneficiaries including Netflix (NSDQ: NFLX) and Grubhub (NYSE: GRUB).
I wrote about these three stocks in early March, just as the coronavirus pandemic was gaining steam.  I said then, “As is always the case, this crisis creates an opportunity for innovative entrepreneurs.  Yes, there will be many losers as a result of the coronavirus but there will be some winners, too.”
In addition to those three companies, another immediate winner is online e-tailing giant (NSDQ: AMZN).  Amazon gained 49% over the first half of the year and added another 9% during the first two weeks of July.  The Next Wave…

July 20, 2019

“Nothing can resist a human will that will stake even its existence on the extent of its purpose.”
–Benjamin Disraeli

Your plan, as my wife refers to it … our path; your vehicle to get there may change over time, (sometimes it’s low on fuel, needs service, or simply awaiting a part), BUT the vision – the mission – will not change.

My passion is helping people discover, develop and fulfill their dreams.  In the process, I fulfill my own.

Sounds very simple … it is very easy to remember … AND truly IS my passion.  [Saving endangered creatures, removing plastic from the ocean, reverse global warming, and ending conflict & greed … I’m sidelined.]  I’m in support.  I’m watching … “They are just not my P A S S I O N.”

Empowerment … YES!

Encouragement … YES!

Endearment … NO!  (not my battle … not my passion … not my fight!)

And solve them we will … 🙂

July 20, 2017

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