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08-AUGUST 04-2023

Good morning.  After a three-year hiatus, student loan payments are kicking in again.  The move impacts 28 million U.S. borrowers.  This could lead to a number of problems.  Thanks to the pause in payments, which started during the pandemic, many loan servicers have had to lay off staff.  So repayments could be a mess for several months.
But once that kink is worked out, there could still be some big issues for the economy.  According to a study from Morgan Stanley, 47 percent of those making less than $50,000 per year will be unable to make their full loan payments.  Even 14 percent of those making over $100,000 per year won’t be able to either.
Given the size of the student loan population and the high ratio of those unable to make full payments, we’ll likely see some restructuring take place.  But before that happens, we may first see a big pullback in consumer spending.  Given other recent events like the U.S. credit downgrade, it may be time to reduce a position in consumer-focused stocks.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

China Goes Through A “Tortuous Recovery”
China’s top leaders pledged on Monday to step up policy support for the economy amid a tortuous post-COVID recovery, focusing on boosting domestic demand, signaling more stimulus steps. The world’s second-largest economy grew at a frail pace in the… [Read Here]

Can Fractional Reserve Banking Survive?
BIG NEWS for #fintech!  A sixth U.S. state – Idaho – is willing to charter uninsured, non-lending, 100% reserve banks that are eligible for Fed master accounts.  This trend could turn the ‘bank-as-a-service’ model on… [Read Here]

August 04, 2022

We encourageGood morning.
We’ve called it a recession since the first quarter data came out.  That was confirmed by a second quarterly drop just last week – even as the goalposts have been moved on the definition of a recession.  Ready for a third quarterly drop in a row?  The data suggests we may already be there.
The data in question is the services PMI. It’s showing a large amount of declining output – in fact, the largest recorded since the global financial crisis in 2008.  That, combined with a slowdown in consumer spending and home prices, points to a third quarterly decline this year.  Of course, we have until the end of September for the data to show a turnaround.  If inflation data shows a peak, markets may start to move meaningfully higher, recession or not.
For now, the data is a bit at odds with the market’s recent rally.  Traders should continue to expect big daily volatility, and plenty of trading opportunities both long and short.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Analyst: Lying Will Only Make The Coming Crash Worse
I really don’t know how to describe the disturbing trend over the last few months of the Biden administration, along with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, simply lying to the American people about the economy.  Months worth of political spin has culminated in… [Read Here]

US Economy Officially Goes Into Recession
The latest figures from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) show that the US economy has experienced two consecutive quarters of negative real (inflation-adjusted) GDP growth.  That accords with a popular definition of a recession… [Read Here]

August 04, 2021

Vacation_1Good morning.
The old joke on Wall Street is that “sell” is a four-letter word.  No investment bank wants to sound that harsh, especially as the firm in mind might be a current or potential customer.  But now investors are looking at a new dirty word when considering their investments.
This time, the word is inflation.  And it’s not a dirty word yet.  Mentions of inflation have jumped 1,100 percent on a year-over-year basis on S&P 500 earnings calls so far this year.  And Clorox (CLX), a darling during the height of the pandemic last year, was just crushed on its earnings report thanks to higher input and logistics costs.  We’ll know in a few months if the worst is over.  Just look for inflation rates to flatten out from here, or even decline.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

A Hawkisk Bullard Sees More Volatile Economic “Regime” Emerging in U.S. –Howard Schneider,Reuters
This St. Louis Federal Reserve president thinks a new normal has arrived, one where the Fed will have to cope with faster changes and more frequent shocks.  A more volatile environment where… [Read Here]

August 04, 2020

Getting Beyond Group ThinkGood morning.
Over the weekend, news of the remarkable accomplishment of the SpaceX Dragon astronauts making the first water landing since 1975 was juxtaposed with the potential acquisition of the social app TikTok by Microsoft.  As stimulus talk and M&A activity begin to heat up, the indication is the potential for overheating on the combination of extremes.  The hope is that any potential selling can be met with a safe water landing for buyers before the next big step for the market.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

New Millionaires Will Be Minted… Likely Even Billionaires… 
bitcoinsEric Wade made a compelling case for  bitcoin’s place in the global economy, and he also said that “investors who realize this are going to become fabulously wealthy in the process.”  We will soon see another bull run in bitcoin and cryptos of a magnitude that will put even the dot-com bubble to shame.  In fact, thanks to a single metric – scarcity – Eric believes that within eight years, bitcoin could be worth 100 time as much as it is today.  And the major catalyst ushering in this new age was the bitcoin “halving” event earlier this year…  Halving refers to the payouts or rewards that bitcoin “miners” receive for securing the network.

August 04, 2019

Our family outing to Reader Rock Garden, Calgary, AB.  [Shameful as it is, I’ve lived in Calgary for over 35 years; and not once walked through these magnificent gardens.]

This historic three-acre garden was created in 1913 by Calgary’s third Parks superintendent, William Roland Reader¹, and has been recognized around the world.  Through Reader Rock Gardenmuch trial and error William located various species of vegetation that, not only survived, but would thrive the dry summers and cold winters, in Alberta.

What a wonderful day in the neighbourhood.  Norm and my mom picked Caryl and me up-in-front of our home for a semi-guided tour of the outdoor botanical gardens.  Not to bore you with the particulars, but when Calgary was established just over 150 years ago … this was bare-ass prairie.  There was little or no diversity of leafy trees, dense bushes, or flowering plants to speak of.  Here are just a few pictures taken in this outdoor garden Sunday.


There you have it, a wonderful relaxing morning!

¹ Reader was originally a school teacher, who took it upon himself to change all that… 😉

August 04, 2017

Now… let’s come back to your role getting people to someone else’s website.  How do you do this?  First, you acquire an affiliate link from your new affiliate partner, one that’s unique to you.  Then you place ads on other online venues:

(with money you don’t have)  Facebook, search engines, forums, chat boards, other websites, etc.  You may not know this, but a huge percentage of the ads you click on online aren’t actually placed by the business owners selling the products.  They’re placed by affiliates, people who place ads and get clicks [traffic] in order to earn commissions.  MSI’s.  Multiple sources of income!

So, just how much traffic do you need to send to a website in order to make your first commission?

That depends mostly on two things: the people who make up your traffic, and how good the website is at making an irresistible offer that gets people to buy.

Here I’ll teach you the basics and how to get started.  Later on, I’ll invite you to join my affiliate program [and Network Marketing company.  We call these ‘turnkey’ programs, because all you have to do is put in a key [your affiliate link] and turn it [ drive traffic] to start making money.  Lust about everything else is done for you.

The first thing you should do when you start any new business, is focus on bringing in cash.


Come From Aways, Do You?

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