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08-AUGUST 08-2023

Good morning.  Traders expect interest rates are about near their peak.  But being near the end may not mean the end.  While the Federal Reserve has hinted at a further quarter-point rate hike this year, possibly at its next meeting, the steepening yield curve hints that higher rates may last for some time.
For large parts of the economy, that could be a problem.  For instance, commercial real estate relies on refinancing properties every few years.  Today, that would mean moving off of ultra-low rates and onto higher ones.  And the housing market has locked up, with existing homeowners unwilling to move and get out of a 3 percent mortgage when they would then have to pay over 7 percent.
The higher for longer move could mean some more trouble with the banking sector, like we saw in the spring.  Or more indebted companies like trucking firm Yellow going bankrupt.  That’s a sign for investors to be cautious, and focus on quality over making the biggest return possible right now.  And it’s also a sign that investors may want to start investing more in high-yielding fixed-income in the months ahead.

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August 08, 2022

Informal MeetingsGood morning.
Friday’s strong jobs report brought the unemployment rate down to 3.5 percent.  While most would see that as good news, typically, the economy is at this level of employment at an economic peak.  Similar levels in 2020, 2007, and 2000 can attest to that.
This strong report also gives the Fed a reason to keep aggressively raising interest rates.  The economy won’t cool down until more people are losing jobs than gaining them.  And given how fast the Fed has been hiking rates, the more likely it is that they could fuel a “hard landing” that they’re working hard to avoid.
That’s why markets started on Friday with a big selloff – this economic good news on the surface shows some danger ahead.  Traders should be increasingly cautious, especially after the market’s current rally.2022_08_06 _ PMP

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August 08, 2021


“Start today, not tomorrow. If anything, you should have started yesterday.”
(Say this 3 times today)

Here’s to a better YOU … and now … Today’s DarrenDaily Recap Sunday.  A collection of the weeks videos from Darren Hardy.  Enjoy!

Describing its beauty!!! Lake in Rain forest in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Lake in Rain forest in Vancouver island, British Columbia, Canada

In beautiful B.C.

August 08, 2020

No Perfect Words
How do you apologize for 400 years of oppression?

No Perfect WordsThere are no perfect words to describe the situation in a way that encompasses the depth and tragedy of it all.
Thank you to the protestors for making change.  And to the activists for bringing voice to this brutality.  To the thousands of people that are walking down ‘my street‘.  In front of my shops & grocery store.  Whose chants I hear each night… on the news.  To those that are creating videos and live streams.  To those who are lobbying politicians.
As I read the stories of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor (and countless others), I realized I didn’t know the full details of their truth.  The horrible truth of the brutality that exists out there.  Of fear.  Of being killed by the very people whose job it is to protect us.  Of there being little to no punishment for the perpetrators.  And it made me sad and angry — but most importantly it made me more aware.

And for that I am grateful.

I don’t speak for everyone, but I know my clients and I have been speaking about its effects.  It’s causing us to wake up.  To think differently.  To be different.  Though I wish that this change didn’t come at the expense of lives being lost.
And to my black friends who are already painfully aware — my heart goes out to you, for the tragedies and the slowness of the changes that need to be made.

To people of every color —
Thank you for speaking out.
Thank you for protesting.

It takes courage to be visible.
It takes bravery to speak out.
It takes hard work to wake people up and make real change.

As a tribe of small business owners we can start contributing to that change by supporting black owned businesses and raising our awareness about the experience of black small business owners.

Yes!  I live in Canada.  Yes, I may be considered privileged; AND NOW gratefully … I’m much more prepared to listen, and now hear, and even understand ‘your pain, your history, and your struggles’ … for that … there are … NO PERFECT WORDS!

August 08, 2019

Good morning.
Everything is tracked these days, from your Amazon package to the location of you Uber or Lyft driver.  While it may seem as though anything can be tracked, there is still a few things in life we simply have to wait for.
Enter Marriott International which will launch a new program through its app that will allow you to track the location of your complimentary hotel shuttle van.  That’s one less mystery lefy when travelling, but we’re still waiting on an app to track where our luggage ends up on the carousel rack at the airport.  Chances are we won’t have to wait long.

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Being positive attracts more positive

Once you get some momentum you need to keep it going by focusing on how great it is that you had a win or that something is going well.  There is great value in realizing that there is no reason to drive backwards toward something that you don’t want.  It’s time for most of us to rip out the rearview mirror and only look through thru the windshield and look forward at what we want – at what feels good!

“You’re richer than you think, you’re more powerful than you know, and small amounts of money can change your life.” @AuthorDavidBach

Fine Canadian Gold CoinA note on gold

Some fans of gold like the metal on the grounds that the government can’t manipulate its value as it can a fiat currency like the dollar or Euro.  Yet the largest holders of the metal are central banks, from the Federal Reserve to the ECB and even non-governmental institutions like the International Monetary Fund.

Any thoughts on the subject?  😉

August 08, 2017

Most Wanted

Hello again!

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Come From Aways, Do You?

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