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08-AUGUST 09-2023

Good morning.  After a rough week last week, Monday’s rally may be a sign that the strong earnings season can shrug off a downgrade of America’s credit rating.  After all, corporate performance isn’t the same as government performance.  And investors may be following history. As we noted last week, markets ended up far higher one year after the last U.S. credit downgrade in 2011.
This time may be different however, as seen with yesterday’s stock drop.  Interest rates are well off of 0 percent – and may yet continue slightly higher.  The higher costs of debt are adding up, and this year has already seen some big bank failures.  While this has all been isolated so far, any fears of a systemic problem could lead to some danger.
For now, investors should plan on some weak market performance.  Historically, September and October are the worst performing months for stocks.  But a modest pullback now and in the coming months could set up for a year-end rally that pushes stocks near, if not past, all-time highs.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Experts Say Deflation Is Coming, But Not How People Think
China is following in the footsteps of Japan.  Deflation happens when you have an aging workforce coupled with an asset bubble that bursts spectacularly.  The Wall Street Journal article gets some ideas correct but is nauseating for what it gets wrong.  Here are some… [Read Here]

U.S. Government Debt Spike
To set the scene for what’s to come in a moment: The total U.S. national debt spiked by $1.19 trillion since the debt ceiling was lifted, to $32.66 trillion.  And, for the next five months, the government projects to borrow ANOTHER $1.56 trillion… [Read Here]

August 09, 2022

VP of ListeningGood morning.
When it comes to America’s lawmaking process, you can get a good idea of what will happen by taking a law’s title and assuming the opposite.  Many are taking that approach with the “Inflation Reduction Act,” a law just passed by the Senate and moving to the House for a vote.
Rather than cut back government spending, the law looks to increase it by hundreds of billions of dollars.  With the government running a deficit, chances are this legislation will add to, not reduce, inflationary pressures.
That’s especially good news for the wealthy, as high-earners will be largely unaffected.  For those who aren’t yet in the 1 percent, look for inflation protection with the ownership of assets that can rise over time.  That includes real estate and quality stocks.  As long as massive bills like this are being passed, a return to the low inflation of the last decade seems unlikely.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

More Nightmare Shortages Are Coming Thanks To This Emerging Conspiracy
The word “regionalization” is basically another way to describe decentralization, a concept which the UPS representative obviously did not want to dive into… [Read Here]

Here’s Why Thomas Jefferson Would’ve Had Jerome Powell Arrested
I want to tell you a story about the former military dictator of Uganda, Idi Amin.  During his eight years in power, the economy collapsed and…  [Read Here]

August 09, 2021

Summer Time RealityGood morning.
Each economic crisis is different than the last. Those expecting a repeat of the housing crisis during Covid were mistaken, given a big jump in housing prices.  That’s because homeowners have had a decade to recover, and tight lending standards ensure that only a small number of homeowners today are underwater on their mortgage.
However, a crisis is brewing with the CDC’s on-again/off-again eviction moratorium.  Already on dubious legal ground before it ended in July, the organization has kicked the can down the road and extended again.  While that means renters can skip their rent payments and live for free, property owners are still on the hook for maintenance, mortgage payments and, yes, taxes.  The sooner this standoff ends, the less likely there will be any trouble in the housing market.  Until then, there’s a possibility that some parts of the market may be in for a wild ride.

Precious Metals Prices
Price at week’s end (change over last week)

Gold … $1,764.85 (-2.8%)
Silver … $24.42 (-4.5%)
Platinum … $988.50 (-6.4%)
Palladium … $2,663.25 (-1.1%)

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Credit Suisse: Gold At Least 10% Undervalued
Credit Suisse’s commodity analysts make a strong case for a short-term rise in gold price.  Consider bond yields: Last year, when rates were this low, gold was trading at $2,000 per ounce… [Read Here]

What Would Our Economy Look Like In The Shadow of Vaccine Passports?
The Biden Administration says Covid vaccines “should be mandated.”  Brandon Smith of ponders potential consequences… [Read Here]

Yellen Begins Extraordinary Measures to Prevent Default
The non-partisan CBO predicts the Treasury will run out of cash within 90 days, and Congress isn’t even talking about it.  Instead of panicking, here’s what we can do… [Read Here]

August 09, 2020


“I set up and design my life the exact way I want it to be.”
(Say this 3 times today)

Here’s to a better YOU … and now … Today’s DarrenDaily Recap Sunday.  A collection of the weeks videos from Darren Hardy.  Enjoy!

Describing its beauty!!!  Panoramic view of harbor and city of St. John’s, NFLD.

St. John's Nfld, Canada

Brilliant bright blue summer day sky with puffy clouds over St. John’s [Newfoundland].

August 09, 2019

Content that SERVES is content that SELLS

Monica Shah is right-on-the mark when she says, “There’s a lot of confusion out there about how to make money and use effective sales strategies.  So the key to making more money in your business is doing more sales conversations consistently.” (A sales conversation is defined as a conversation in which you ask someone to pay for your product or service.  You say your prices, payments and ask for the credit card or sale.)

Selling One to Many

Lost in RomeThis includes:

    • Selling in front of a room
    • Selling from a stage
    • Selling from a webinar
    • Selling from a video

One of the biggest problems for entrepreneurs today is that they aren’t spending enough time learning the skill set of sales, Monica.  Each of the types of sales above requires training.  And without specific training, selling is like bumbling around in a foreign country where you don’t know the language.  It works sometimes, but most of the time you have no idea what’s going on.

We agree on a general rule of thumbyou should be having 3 sales conversations a week.

Have those three sales conversations a week!
That is How to Move Money Into Your Bank Account… 🙂

August 09, 2017

Ultimately, how well you do with your traffic all depends on who’s doing the clicking.  I agree, however, if we are just out to help people, won’t everyone be reached that can click?  In other words, by keeping it simple, we don’t have to worry any longer about “chicken lists,” or working up, or down, the socio-economic ladder.  I think I like that much better.

I define “targeted traffic” as traffic made up of people who think often about the problem your product solves, or the benefits that it delivers.

Chances are, you are reading this because you were looking for a way to make more money, and to do it from home on your own hours.  Chances are there are consequences if you don’t make this change — like unhappiness, debt, not seeing enough of your family, etc.  In your marketing, you want to target people who are looking for your solution and “now” ready to take action, just like you.

There are hundreds of thousands of ways to earn an extra income from home.  Many of them are garbage, and many individuals promote ineffective ways to package success — many  of these businesses sell courses to opportunity seekers (i.e., junkies) who relentlessly keep buying these course forever.  What most of them are really buying is hope.   Each time they pull out their credit card and buy, they’re buying the feeling of hope that this product is going to be their savior — and a lot of them mistake the good feelings that come with buying with actually making progress.

I used to be a business opportunity (biz opp) seeker.  Biz-opp seeker don’t make much money in this industry.  Strategic entrepreneurs who think like real business owners (and who sell to the biz-opp seekers) make the money.  It wasn’t until I stopped looking for the magic bullet or “next shiny object” that was going to make me millions for nothing in return, and began to focus on building a real business, that I made progress.


Come From Aways, Do You?

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