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08-AUGUST 17-2023

Law and ServiceGood morning.  China’s real estate problems have been building for years, kicking off about two years ago.   Now, with a slow economy and a rising debt-to-GDP-ratio, ratings agency Fitch may downgrade the country’s A+ credit rating.  It also doesn’t help that China has quickly shut down trading in troublesome bonds on its troubled property development companies.
Downgrade or not, China’s slowdown could lead to slower global growth.  It may not mean a recession, as China is more dependent on Western capital markets, and western nations have worked to diversify their manufacturing supply chains.  But it could likely cause some turmoil in the markets, likely increasing some of the volatility in recent weeks.
Higher volatility gives traders more profitable opportunities, and a market decline can allow investors to buy beaten-down names at better valuations.  Just don’t get too bullish quite yet.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Analyst Issues Ominous Forecast For Government Debt
In the aftermath of Fitch’s U.S. credit downgrade, one analyst has offered an ominous forecast for the outlook of government finances over the next decade.  In a research note published to investors Thursday, Bank of America’s Michael Hartnett broke that down into one… [Read Here]

Home Prices Hit Record Highs In Most States
Home prices are ticking up again and reaching new highs in many markets across the country, according to a new report.  Prices grew by 0.8 percent in June after slowing for more than a year, pushing prices to record levels of around… [Read Here]

August 17, 2022

Bad boyGood morning.
The pandemic and ongoing supply chain issues that stemmed from it have reversed a 40-year trend of globalization.  That trend created a level of efficiency that arguably acted deflationary by keeping prices from rising as much as they would have otherwise.
Today, the trend is de-globalization as supply chains return home.  These forces are inflationary, as they result in many supply chains instead of one large global one.  That can benefit some, such as those who would not have had a job in their home country otherwise.  But it also means higher prices for goods and services.  That’s why inflation may last longer than expected, and may remain higher than many suspect today.
Investors should continue to look for ongoing market volatility, and for the opportunity to buy shares of companies that are best suited to hand off higher prices to their customers.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Wall Street’s Most Accurate Strategist Says Start Shorting
One month ago, with market pessimism at “dire” all-time highs, the mood on Wall Street was so apocalyptic and capitulatory that when looking at the monthly Fund Manager Survey, even BofA’s uber-bearish Chief Investment Strategist… [Read Here]

What Really Drives Investing Success
After more than 40 years of work in the financial markets, studying all the data I could get my hands on, I’ve found it to be universally true that those who argue “history doesn’t matter” have never actually studied history.  While the value-conscious have… [Read Here]

August 17, 2021

Marriage_09Good morning.
The stock market has now gone a record period of time without facing a correction of more than 5 percent.  However, a small correction may now be underway.  Over the weekend, the collapse of the Afghanistan government to the Taliban led to the rise of a geopolitical crisis.  While the market dropped initially on the news and recovered, there may be some more volatility in the next few weeks.
Historically, geopolitics is a dreaded “G word” for markets, at least for a time.  Most crises of this nature tend to flare up and fizzle out quickly, leading to a healthy market pullback before a return to a bull market.  From the Cuban Missile Crisis to even the 9/11 attacks, these geopolitical events tend to only hit markets for a few weeks before markets come roaring back.  History says it would be wise to be defensive and look for bargains during those weeks.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

House Democrats Dismisses Inflation Concerns as “False Advertisements” on Video –Samuel Dorman, Fox Business
In response to the question, “Are you concerned about the rising gas prices and the rise in the cost of consumer goods?” she dismissed inflation as “false advertising” and insisted… [Read Here]

Consumer Sentiment Fall to Pandemic-Era Low, in One of Largest Drops on Record –Jesse Pound, CNBC
“The Sentiment Index has only recorded larger losses in six other surveys, all connected to sudden negative changes in the economy,” the chief economist said… [Read Here]

August 17, 2020

New Class BookmarkGood morning.
With less than 10% of S&P 500 companies left to report, it doesn’t mean that this isn’t an important finish to a big earnings season.  While there was a lot of uncertainty coming in, the results found more companies beating on EPS and revenues than normal.
However, with such a low bar, it did make it easier to hurdle.  While the earnings were surprising, the reaction was under-whelming as the movement exhibited on an earnings beat was less than average.  With some big retail names like Walmart, Home Depot, Target and others announcing this week, it is a big deal.

Here’s the rest of the story: Declare For This Week!

“I am a problem solver.  I help people, and the more people I help, the more money I make!”
(Say this 3 times today, and for 5 days)

Want to be able to sell more of your product or service?  Jesse Eker gives a really great explanation of WHAT people actually want when they choose to say YES to you.  Knowing this gives you the power to change your sales process to get more people buying your stuff.  And it’s not about sales physiology or any manipulation, either.  It’s a word that starts with a T and ends with a N.
Take a guess, and then go watch this video!

Yes, ‘we’ do want to sell more of what we offer!  TRANSFORMATION vs information!

August 17, 2019

Do you hate it when someone doesn’t value your point-of-view?  Then you will love today’s blog post.

There are eight key factors that could dramatically increase your chances of persuasion success.

Eight Key Factors:Great Ideas Shouldn't Take This Long

  1.  Be Crystal Clear in Imparting Your Message.
  2.  Watch Out for Body Language Signs.
  3.  Start Your Discussion on the Right Track.
  4.  Never Assume nor Disrespect.
  5.  Make Sure You Completely Understand His Message.
  6.  Give Them a Summary or an Overall Glimpse of The Big Picture.
  7.  Pay Attention to What Is Being Said Instead of Thinking What You’ll Say Next.
  8.  Practice, Track Your Progress, and Learn From Every Experience.
    • Practice, practice, practice …
    • Observe people’s reaction or response when you apply your persuasion techniques on them.
    • Ask for feedback.
    • Record your persuasion attempts.

A generation ago, workers tended to stay at the same company for years, if not decades.  Today, it’s expected for anyone building a career to move between jobs every few years.  That allows for the fastest way to get higher pay and a better job title along the way.  Now, anyone who has been at a job for two years won’t be passed up by a potential new employer.

Don’t wait too long!  🙂

Come From Aways, Do You?

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