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08-AUGUST 25-2023

Generous ThanksGood morning.  With shares up 3 percent before reporting earnings and popping higher as the rest of the market struggled Thursday, it’s clear that Nvidia (NVDA) remains the undisputed champion of AI stocks, even if the market dropped Thursday as a Fed official indicated interest rates would likely stay high.
Nvidia’s record earnings and higher guidance also indicate that the AI trend can keep trending higher.  That’s good news for a number of companies, including those embracing AI technologies.  It’s clear that the increased use of AI in the coming years can lead to substantial improvements in productivity.  That could help grow the economy much like the rollout of the internet in the 1990s.
Traders and investors alike have plenty of ways to play this trend.  As for buying Nvidia itself, wait for a selloff like the one over the last two weeks before getting in, rather than jumping in at all-time highs.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Why We’re Not Out Of The Woods Yet
There’s good, bad – and potentially worse news on the horizon for the resilient economy.  Most Wall Street economists don’t think a downturn is in the offing for 2023.  Yet for some, next year is already starting to look precarious… [Read Here]

Democrats’ Excessive Spending Leads To This
This must be awkward for President Joe Biden.  Shortly after he started taking credit for “Bidenomics” and how it’s “benefiting” the country, the United States got a credit rating downgrade.  It’s only the second time that confidence in the federal government’s ability to… [Read Here]

August 25, 2022

ManufacturingGood morning.
Data acquired by Bloomberg indicates that the steep rise in energy prices in the past year has caused a surge in unpaid power bills in the US.  With billions of dollars now overdue, potentially 20 million homes could face a shutoff in the months ahead.  Add to that the higher costs for energy and fertilizer costs, and several warnings about a coming crisis with food costs, it seems more like a matter of time when a crisis will hit home.
Investors may want to avoid utility companies given rising overdue balances.  Such companies tend to be defensive and pay generous dividends, but that could easily change if 1 in 6 American homes remain behind on their bills.  And it may be prudent to stay invested in commodities like energy and agricultural foodstuffs, given the likelihood that prices there will continue to trend higher than in other parts of the market.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

How Biden Just Wasted $1 Trillion Dollars
Another week, another reminder that heavy-handed government industrial policy is in fashion.  Nobel Prize-winning economist Michael Spence recently endorsed it as embodied in the newly passed “CHIPS+” legislation, an attempt… [Read Here]

Economists Predict “Layoff Tsunami” Within a Year
If half of the firms in the entire country really do cut jobs over the next year, what will our economy look like afterwards?  All over America, companies are anticipating that a major economic downturn is coming in 2023, and a lot… [Read Here]

August 25, 2021

Back Tp School_11Good morning.
It’s hard to be pessimistic when the stock market is at all-time highs.  But there’s been a declining breadth of stocks helping move the index higher.  With a debt ceiling debate on the horizon, markets could be in for the same volatility they faced in 2011 when such a debate caused a ratings agency to revoke the USA’s then-pristine AAA credit rating.
A few other signs are out there as well.  The Fed is hinting at tapering, and its daily reverse repo operations have topped $1 trillion, similar to the market at the end of 2019 before the Covid crash.  Now, the Treasury has stated that once the debt ceiling is passed, it plans to run a cash balance of “just” $750 billion, which would effectively act as $500 billion in tightening.  These trends may not point to a big crash, but they do point to a lot more volatility, and the possibility of a quick crash and subsequent bounce ahead.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Brace Yourself — Inflation’s Coming Back Stronger Than Ever –Álvaro Vargas Llosa, The Hill
A country cannot raise its debt by 40 percent in two years (as the U.S. has since 2019) without consequences.  The latest alarming inflation figures are only the beginning… [Read Here]

“Flash Recession” Could Hit Markets Soon –Jonathan Garber, Fox Business
Markets are acting like the global economy is headed for a slowdown.  All the metrics looks grim.  The transition may be abrupt, taking many by surprise… [Read Here]

August 25, 2020

Traveling with our kidsGood morning.
The S&P 500 closed higher on Monday with leadership among energy and reopening companies.  We’ve been here before with the market rallying on overhyped vaccine news and other therapeutics that haven’t shown a lot of promise.
President Trump’s executive order on Monday produced similar results for equities.  While people are quick to dispute the effectiveness, the fact is that it’s a therapy that has little downside. Regardless, the market has shown a consistent pattern of advances on this type of news and based on the stock and option market activity, it looks like it may have some legs.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

“Learn how to build your network marketing business online and create passive marketing strategies so that people can reach out to you about your business, services or products.” —Tanya Aliza

Here’s Tanya’s Internet Marketing Map Process:

  • SOCIAL MEDIA – First, you want to post value-based Content to get the most Interaction & Engagement.  Instead of having Social Media posts that lead to a generic Company replicated website, post great value on your Social Media accounts and then direct everyone to a Blog.  My Blog controls all my business traffic.
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  • CAPTURE FORMS – If you’re not using these in your business yet, you’re leaving a lot of opportunities on the table.
  • YOU GOT A NEW LEAD! – Now what?  It’s helpful to have Email Marketing Software to collect, organize, and communicate with your new leads.

Tanya's Internet Marketing MapTANYA SUPER TIP: Lead with VALUE.  The most important thing to remember is to always be sharing value first.  When you are consistently sharing value, you create trust and rapport with your online audience.  When you build trust and rapport, your audience trusts your recommendations and suggestions more easily.  This is the magic of online influence.  Show up for others, offer resources, tips, stories, and free value.  Then lead them to solutions that you personally recommend and believe in.

August 25, 2019

Can I add to Your Workload

If you’re looking for a new job — and in this market it isn’t a bad idea to shop around and get a boost in pay — beware the dark side of career-related sites.  The New York Times has reported that Chinese agents have been using Microsoft-owned LinkedIn for recruiting purposes.

The specific targets include academics and recent departures from government jobs.  Using the guise of corporate headhunters, Chinese agents are able to start building up a relationship with the promise of speaking and consulting work.  So if you’re looking for international intrigue, consider some creative twists on your LinkedIn profile.  Who said a job search had to be boring?

For years, financial firms such as hedge funds have turned to using tools like satellites and drones to determine if a company is really shipping all the goods that it claims it is.

Amazon Drone-Releasing BlimpThat goes to show the power of using tech for good — in the sense of bringing out the truth and making a profit for your owners.

That technology can also shine a light on the acts of government that may have gone hidden in the past.  Satellite imagery is showing Chinese armored vehicles parked along the Hong Kong border.  With the city-state under siege, the satellite data tells us this situation may not be resolved quickly — unless there’s bloodshed involved.  It also goes to show that technology is neither good nor bad — it’s the end user that matters.

This has me very concerned for our future!  ;-(

Come From Aways, Do You?

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