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08-AUGUST 27-2023

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August 27, 2022

Yes! I’m still reading “Smart Calling by Art Sobczak” Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection From Cold Calling.  (Not that I do any cold-calling any more, it’s interesting to know what I and other may-have-done-better… much better!)

Using Smart Questions – How to Create Assumptive Problem Questions

Here’s a simple way to structure these questions: Make a list of all the situations regarding loss or pain that could result by not using your product.  Then, frame questions that very explicitly paint an emotional portrait of those feelings.  For example:

Not: “Do you ever have a need for temporary help?”
Try: “How often do you find your department with more work than you have time to complete it in, and trouble staring at you if you don’t meet the deadline?”

Not: “Are you happy with your advertising?”
Try: “When have you spent money on any promotions where the results didn’t bring the phone calls you expected?”

You can begin these questions with

“What happens when … ?”
“How do you handle it when … ?”
“What do you do when … ?”
“Tell me about situations where … ?”
“What are the implications of … ?”
“How does it affect ____ when … ?”
Josh Margolis, a Smart Caller, shared that he has success with questions that begin with,
“Is it a challenge to … ?”
“Are you frustrated because … ?”
And his favorite, “Are you embarrassed because … ?”

The Loaded Benefit Question

Similarly, this is a question that implies a benefit of your product or service by stating a problem you’ve solved for someone else.  It then asks prospects about their experience regarding the situation or predicament.  For example:

“Most of our customers found that they were having issues getting their deliveries within five days with the other service.  What is your experience?”
“Before they began using our service, many of our customers felt that their re-do rate was unacceptable because of all the wasted material.  What kind of rates are you running into?
“Many people find it a nuisance to manually fill out those forms every day when the information is already in the computer.  What have your people said in the past about reentering the data?”

This type of question paints the picture of inconvenience in listeners’ minds, and they are better equipped to visualize and feel it.  If and when they agree, you have the opportunity to tell them how you can come to the rescue.  The real power here lies in using a third-party example; it’s much better than blatantly telling prospects that they have probably experience the problem you can solve.

August 27, 2021

Climate Change_11Good morning.
The Federal Reserve continues to hint at eventually tapering its bond-buying program.  Until then, it’s putting a lot of money into the market.  With inflation rates at their highest in decades, many are looking for relief.  Some see trends heading down already, as direct stimulus payments have ended.
However, Bank of America (BAC) has created a meter to determine factors that break down transitory inflation vs signs of persistent inflation.  With a current reading of 100 out of 100, a number of trends point that higher inflation rates are here to stay, which could lead to a shock in the stock market if the those trends continue and overtake the “transitory” view that’s boosting markets right now.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

1877 vs. 1981: The Ghosts of Inflation Past –Joseph W. Sullivan, National Review
The policies that haunt the White House and the Fed are ghosts of 1977, not 1981.  So buckle up: Inflation is only beginning its roaring comeback… [Read Here]

August 27, 2020

Mother's Day_5aGood morning.
It was over a 2% rally in the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 on Wednesday as the bullish legs of the rally just got a little younger.  There is certainly risk going into tomorrow’s Jackson Hole speech by Jerome Powell, but today was all about the familiar as the same tech names were bid.

“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.”
—Maya Angelou

Now here’s the rest of the news:

3 Ways to Prepare for the Next Wave of Winter by Craig Ballantyne
Yesterday while I was on my weekly team meeting … our head copywriter Austin asked me an interesting question.  “Craig” he said… “I’m worried about what’s coming next with COVID and the economy and I’d like to get your insights into how I can prepare myself and my family for the worst.”
And it’s a question that everyone should be asking themselves right now!  Because like I said yesterday.  Winter IS coming again…
Colder.  Harder.  Stronger.  And according to most experts… for much longer.  Now…  When I asked Austin what he was thinking about doing, he listed a bunch of different strategies and ideas he’d head around the Internet.

    • Things like investing in Crypto…
    • Buying other currencies like the Chinese Yeon, Euro, and British Pound…
    • Snagging up a few bars of gold and silver…
    • Even buying solar panels, hunting gear, and water purification systems to get self sufficient.

And none of these things are necessarily bad ideas.  But like I told him on our call…  They all miss the point.   Because even if the U.S. Dollar fails and another country rises to claim ownership of the Reserve Currency…  A few thousand dollars of Yeon and a bar of gold aren’t going to offer any real protection.  (Can you imagine trying to shop at whole foods with a gold brick?)  Instead…  I told him to do three simple things… and I strongly encourage you to follow the advice I gave him.

1. Diversify Your Income/Lead Sources  First and most importantly…  To survive and thrive in a post COVID world you MUST diversify your sources of income and know how to acquire customers from more than one channel.  We’ve seen entire industries tank almost overnight.  And anyone relying on only one stream of revenue or one source of leads is going to struggle.  So one of the best things you can do with your time right now is to find new ways to generate cash flow and attract customers into your business.  If your income has only one or two points of failure…  It’s all but destined to fail.  As the SEAL Teams say, “Two is one, and one is none.”  Right now is the time to get obsessed about creating new offers, solving new problems, and finding new ways to reach your ideal clients.  The more offers you have and the more ways you can drive new leads to those offers…  The more likely you’ll be to survive the coming the storm.

2. Slash Expenses  The second thing you MUST do to withstand the coming winter is to get serious about slashing your expenses and stockpiling real wealth.  Listen…  I know things might feel normal right now…  But this sense of normalcy won’t last forever.  And it’s up to you to make the sacrifices you need to make now…  So that when the economy is hit hardest or when the second lockdown happens you have enough cash in hand to keep yourself and your business afloat.  Now is the time to be frugal and cut your expenses to their bare minimum.  Pull out all the stops and do everything in your power to sock away at least 12 months of operating and living expenses as soon as you can.  Because even if the predictions are wrong and things magically go back to normal…  It’s always better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

3. Grow Your Influence  Finally…  To succeed in this new economy you MUST develop and expand your influence.  Because no matter what currency we’re using five years from now…  No matter which country is the world’s new “superpower”…  And no matter how bad things get…  The people with the most influence always win.  When you have hundreds of thousands or even millions of people who see you as a trusted advisor and turn to you for help and guidance…  You’ll be able to withstand any storm and generate income pretty much on demand.  And right now…  We have a tiny window where it’s easier to establish this influence than ever before.  Your competitors are closing their doors.  Ad costs are lower than ever before.  And opportunities abound for the smart entrepreneurs who know how to capitalize on them.  And with that…  One of THE biggest opportunities of 2020 is learning how to grow your business with social story selling.  With more people than ever before spending more time than ever before on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook…  2020 is a goldmine for the entrepreneurs who know how to leverage social media to grow their business and influence.  And it’s your best opportunity to unlock thousands in “simple profits”, become the expert in your industry, and grow your business to the next level…
[…at this point Craig introduces his Social Story Selling System for $297, which was not my point in sharing this… at our fingertips we have connectability, sociability, and humanability.]

August 27, 2019

Good morning.
One sign of the economy’s health is unemployment rate, which remains near historic lows of just 3.7 percent,  Another is the total number of vacant homes and condos.
About 1-6 percent of the nation’s housing lies vacant, according to Attom Data Solutions.  This is about 1.53 million homes, including about 300,000 homes that have been abandoned following a foreclosure notice in recent months.  That’s after 2018 posted a 13-year low for foreclosures.  That’s our powerful statistics that makes the market look healthy – even if transactions start to slow.

**  **  **

Darren Hardy shared in his Daily Motivational Message… One Trait of All Successful People

Watch it here and share your thoughts below!

Wasn’t that good … G R E A T … 😉

Come From Aways, Do You?

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