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09-SEPTEMBER 04-2023

Bar '24Good morning, and Happy Labor Day!  August was the market’s first down month since February.  Typically, August is a positive month for stocks on average.
Historically, it’s September that’s the worst performing month.  And some of the market’s single worst days in history have occurred in October.  So, history suggests that traders and investors alike may want to scale back on any aggressive trades in the coming weeks.
August’s drop and rally could be a sign of the next two months, which could be brutal for unprepared traders, but great for those who expect some more daily swings up and down.  For long-term investors, a market pullback, no matter how small, to buy great companies at slightly better prices.

pmp Sept 02

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Why Gold Keeps Outperforming (Despite Interest Rates)
Possibly the most interesting thing about the most recent interest rate hiking cycle is that gold’s price hasn’t taken the big hit the typical economist will tell you is inevitable.  Has gold’s price… [Read Here]

September 04, 2022

Well, our trip to Newfoundland was spectacular…IMG_2177.HEIC

…they no longer give tours of the brewery facilities, although we managed a peek inside … and the gift shop sold out of XL T-shirts, we’ll order those online … Quidi Vidi beer is the best!

September 04, 2021

What Do You Value Most?

Abraham Mazlow defined self-actualization as, “a bringing together of What I do and what I really value.”

If you want to create more value in the world and become more valuable in the marketplace, then you’ll want to define, embody and live your core values.

No matter how old (or young) you are, you have values that are important to you.  You may not be able to articulate what they are right now, but you have them nonetheless.

In fact, our lives are a result of the choices we’ve made or neglected to make around these values.  Everything we do and everything we choose not to do is based – or at least should be based – upon our hierarchy of values.

The problem is, few of us have a good handle on what these values are.  As a result, we may very well find ourselves with possessions, jobs and relationships that are unfulfilling and sometimes even painful.

When we’re clear on what we want, clear on our core values – on who we are and what we stand for – there’s no stoppin us.  The decisions we make become easier, our work becomes more interesting.

We have more energy and it takes a lot more to discourage us.  Our successes are sweeter and our defeats easier to bear.  We arrive at our accomplishments with a clear conscience and with a clear conscience and with more pride and satisfaction.

By living our values, we experience fulfillment.  We know we’re in the process of achieving what’s important to us, and we do it in a way that makes us feel good about ourselves.  Our self-esteem goes up and our attitude improves with it.  We are truly successful in every sense of the word.

Hand of male putting wood cube block with word VALUE on wooden tableRegardless of whether I’m working with individuals or organizations, I find the biggest problem or roadblock to their success is lack of clarity and focus.  They’re often busy doing the wrong things.  They want me to help them climb a ladder that’s often leaning against the wrong wall.  What they really need is a clear sense of vision and a foundation of core values that can support that vision.  The rest really isn’t all that hard.

It’s not always fun, easy or exciting to sort through the many values one might hold near and dear and to find the five on which we want to build our life.  It takes hard work.  It takes thinking.  It requires being open to our inner voice.

But the payoff is substantial.  It may be the most important thing you ever do.  It will dramatically and permanently impact the rest of your life.  Big investment – big return.  Small investment – small return.

People who have it together are people who are clear on their values – they know what they stand for.  They’re not perfect, but they are congruent.  They know, and others know, what’s important to them.

Are you willing to invest some time in your most important asset?  Is your life worth your best effort?  Do you want to be efficient and effective with your time?  Do you want your family to experience the best of you?  Do you want to live an exceptional life?

If you can say yes to these questions, then begin today to discover your values.  Your future depends on it.

September 04, 2020

If asked, Corner Crossing_2Good morning.
There was a significant bid under the VIX on Thursday as the price of the S&P 500 sold off by 3.51%.  The bid came as institutional investors were scrambling to sell stock and cut their exposure on the way out through buying puts.  The question is whether the selling is over.  Looking at a 30-day weighting of the front two monthly futures contracts and comparing it the VIX, the answer is no.  The futures prices are still trading above the spot VIX and is an indication that volatility is expected to increase in the near term.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Has The Much-Expected Correction Finally Begun? by John Persinos
As stocks in general and technology in particular have soared since late March, a few readers have expressed frustration with my cautious stance.  I turn your attention to the words of Bernard Baruch, financial advisor to President Franklin Roosevelt.  Baruch was the investment guru of his day.  He sold his stocks just before Black Thursday in 1929.  He racked in a fortune, ahead of the Great Crash.

Baruch once said: “I made my money by selling too soon.”

No one bangs a gong to announce the start of a correction.  Yesterday’s bloodbath begs the question: has the long-anticipated market downturn finally started.  No one can say for sure, but it would be reckless to remain unprepared.

September 04, 2019

Good morning.
On July first New York City initiated a one-time transfer tax on homes priced over $2 million.  Not surprisingly, this led to a surge in sales in June, followed by a collapse in sales to a six-year low in July.
With a median home price of $676,000 in the city, and an average price per square foot of $714, the average homeowner in the Big Apple may be paying big bucks, but not in the seven-figure range.  With only 162 homes hitting the $2 million threshold in July, this latest tax on the wealthy will likely encourage the wealthy to take their money where it is treated better, and result in less tax revenue for the city, not more.

**  **  **

“The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it and exploits it as an opportunity.”
—Peter Drucker

And so can you.  By developing an entrepreneurial spirit, you’ll become more successful, whether in your own business or someone else’s organization.  Your value will increase, your income will increase, and you will succeed.  What are some of the qualities of an entrepreneur?  Here are a few:

young entrepreneur1.  Vision.  An entrepreneur sees what is not yet there.  They have the ability to envision something different, something better.

2.  Creativity.  Someone with an entrepreneurial mind is innovative.  They can take circumstances or pieces of information and reorder them to make something completely different.

3.  Persistence.  Entrepreneurs are self-starters.  They don’t need a lot of supervision or much structure.  They have stick-to-it-iveness.  They work hard and get things done.

4.  Resilience.  Entrepreneurs are resilient.  They get back up after being knocked down.  Entrepreneurs aren’t easily discouraged and they don’t quit.

5.  Goal Setting.  Entrepreneurs know the principles of goal setting.  They have measurable objectives, are clear on what they want, determine the obstacles to getting there and have a plan of action to accomplish their goals.

6.  Passion.  An entrepreneur loves what they do, and the quality of their work shows it.  They have passion for their industry, their business and their projects.

7.  Change.  The entrepreneurial type leverages change.  They seem to thrive on chaos.  And turmoil will continue to be the norm.

8.  Enthusiasm.  A good entrepreneur has the ability to sell others on their ideas.  They get others excited by their vision, their belief and their enthusiasm.

9.  Risk.  Entrepreneurs are risk-takers.  They’re not reckless; they take calculated risks.  Security isn’t something they need.  They know that in life, there’s no real security — only opportunity.

Entrepreneurs are made, not born.  To paraphrase Zig Ziglar, we’ve never seen where an entrepreneur was born, but we’ve seen where they’ve died.  So, somewhere between birth and death, by choice or by training, they became an entrepreneur.  😉

September 04, 2018

How can you convince someone who is using Mailchimp that they should be using AWeber instead?

I have used both and now use AWeber exclusively…

AWeber and Mailchimp are similar in that they both have free and paid plans.   However, the two are different in some big, key areas:

  • Support: AWeber has an award-winning Customer Solutions team that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  From technical help to marketing advice, AWeber’s team is available around the clock to help customers succeed.  Mailchimp’s support doesn’t even come close.
  • Premium Features: AWeber Free includes all the features you need without the price tag — like unlimited user access, unlimited email and landing page templates, dynamic segments, email automations, and the ability to code your own templates.
  • Migration Services: Unlike AWeber, Mailchimp does not offer any free concierge migration services to move over your subscribers, signup forms, landing pages or automated campaigns.  We’ll do all the heavy-lifting for free so users can hit the ground running.
  • Integrations: AWeber is the clear choice for eCommerce businesses.  Mailchimp no longer supports Shopify and does not have a direct integration with PayPal.

So the next time someone tells you that they’re using Mailchimp, ask them: “Why aren’t you using a free platform that gives you all the powerfully-simple features you need to grow your business?”

AWeber go page

September 04, 2017

Today we embarked on our 1st of many road trips.  The plan is to travel from (Halifax) The Chocolate Lake “Best Western” hotel, down the coast to Peggy’s Cove.  Words cannot describe the beauty and magnifi-cence of this popular spot.  We got there early enough in the morning to beat many, (yes many) tour buses packed with guests.  We visited the lighthouse and climbed over the rocks; we were finished in the gift shop and had our “spot-of-tea” in the restaurant and were gone before the crowds got unbearable.

We now headed to Chester, NS for lunch.  I believe it was the Kiwi Cafe.  After lunch, we walked down to the water-front before climbing back in the KIA for our next stop, Lunenburg, NS.

The weather here in Nova Scotia has been very warm … warmer than I had expected.  As the picture (below) will reveal, Lunenburg is home to the Bluenose II.

Moving away from the winding south shore coastal highway, we heading inland a bit, traveling the 103 (major motorway) to Liverpool, NS.  We checked in around dusk, at the Liverpool Best Western, then out-for-dinner alongside the Mersey at Lane’s Privateer Inn (Dining Room & Lounge) for our evening meal.

It has been a great first day together … I believe we drove about 100 miles today … that’s 160 KMs.

A few more night-time pictures before returning to the hotel for a great-night’s sleep!


Come From Aways, Do You?

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