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09-SEPTEMBER 07-2023

Fed bailoutGood morning.  It’s been six months since the banking sector saw some brief turmoil.  Since then, markets have largely moved past the second and third-largest bank failures in U.S. history.  However, two trends are at play that could cause some more trouble for the space.
The first is further depositor flight.  That was the big reason for the collapsing banks in March.  Depositors simply pulled their capital out.  With interest rates so much higher on money market funds and U.S. Treasury bonds than in a bank, such a risk remains strong.
The second is the continued trouble in the commercial real estate market.  This could be the bigger problem for some banks.  And it’s a reason why it may be prudent to take some money off the table for small and regional players right now – with an eye towards buying the major players on the next market fear.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

This Ominous ‘Bidenomics’ Trend Is A Long Term Disaster
In yet another ominous sign, consumers are being pushed to the financial brink, leading some to abandon homeowner insurance due to soaring premiums.  Without this coverage, homeowners are left vulnerable to fires, burst pipes, theft, vandalism, and… [Read Here]

Powell Doubles Down On Inflation Plans
The most important aspect of Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s speech today at the Jackson Hole Symposium was his total and repeated smackdown of the folks that had either been clamoring for the Fed to raise its 2% inflation target, or had been predicting that it would raise it… [Read Here]

September 07, 2022

To workGood morning.
We’ve already seen some signs that energy prices have exploded in Europe.  With many starting to post on social media that their electric bills have soared 5-6 times compared to last month, the real question is how bad things can get.  We’re not yet in the winter heating season, but the summer cooling season has already led to some shortages.
If your power bill jumped 6-8 times (or more) its usual monthly rate, it would mean more than scaling back on dining out.  With Europe looking at a steep recession, US companies will likely face a slowdown, as the continent accounts for over 15 percent of the S&P 500’s earnings.
That’s a good sign that traders should continue to look at the market through a bearish lens, and use any bounce higher in the next few days to set up some downside trades.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Who Gets The Blame For America’s Dual Economic Disasters?
Last week, Jerome Powell insisted that he’s not going to change his mind on allowing interest rates to rise while allowing the assets on the Fed’s portfolio to (very slowly) roll off the balance sheet.  Powell’s speech lasted only ten minutes but he revealed… [Read Here]

Biden Forgets This Crucial Macroeconomic Fact
Since taking office, President Joe Biden has sought to position himself as an ally of working Americans.  His administration is enacting what it calls a “worker-centric” trade policy, and the president scarcely seems to give a public address without mentioning… [Read Here]

September 07, 2021

SwallowGood morning.
The band Abba is releasing a new album in November, their first since 1981.  The European band was last in its peak in the 1970s, but the musical Mama Mia has kept them in the cultural spotlight.  That’s not the only 70s throwback recently.  The word “stagflation” has been used throughout the year, as inflation rates have risen but economic activity has started to slow from its pandemic recovery.
The latest industrial data gives the stagflation crowd a win.  Higher input prices for material goods are showing up in supplier costs.  And the labor shortage is increasing wages as well.  With supply chain issues keeping production from rising, higher prices for the same quantity of goods, the technical definition of stagflation, is still here.  If the market starts to think that stagflation might be back to stay, rather than being “transitory,” expect a real tantrum in the stock market.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Social Security Will Be Insolvent in 12 Years –Eric Boehm, Reason
The pandemic caused a spike in retirements, but the underlying issues remain the same as they have for decades: the math simply doesn’t work.  So what’s the solution? [Read Here]

Rent Inflation Is About to Surge Forth and It Won’t Stop, Two Fed Economists Say –Lisa Beilfuss, Barron’s
Investors should expect to see the surge in house prices that started roughly 18 months ago begin to push up rents, and in turn drive overall inflation gauges even higher… [Read Here]

September 07, 2020

Wow that was amazingGood morning.
I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend.  We may need the rest and relaxation for what we’re about to experience this week.  While the market saw some serious volatility last week, the volatility markets didn’t reach levels that are typical for a market bottom.  In addition, the advance decline didn’t reach levels that are typical for a market bottom.  For the most part, the selling has been relatively balanced, it’s just the size of the movement that isn’t.  This stands in stark contrast to the selloff on June 11.

Here is the rest of the story:

How I came in last place.
If we wait for someone to come around and motivate us, what will happen if that person does not show up?  Are we going to stay unmotivated for the rest of our lives?  Certainly Not!

September 07, 2019

Are you feeling stuck and struggling to achieve success?
Here Rob shares what it really means to execute and bring success to you business.

Take Action and Execute Your Plans

If you are stuck in training mode, need help to stop, focus and just take action to sell your product or service, the bottom line is that you have to be asking human beings if they’re open to your product, service or opportunity first.  Before getting stuck in training mode.

“Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask.  Everything you want also wants you.
But you have to take action to get it.” —
Jack Canfield

Keyboard comes aliveIf you want to sit in the library and do a bunch of training, then go for it.  But not if you haven’t reached out to people first.

So how do you do that?  You manage your time.  And people who are stuck in training mode and not taking enough action are likely not lacking time, but are struggling to manage the time that they have.

For example, let’s say that you have two jobs, you’ve got 13 kids and you literally have 45 minutes a day to put towards your business.  And you want to change your world.  You wanting to change your life.  So if you have 45 minutes, and that’s it, spend at least 22½ minutes daily prospecting and reaching out to people.  That’s half of the time.

Meaning that it is so important to reach out first.  You can say something like, “Hey, you opened to my product.  You opened to my service.  You opened to my opportunity.”  So spend 22½ minutes daily reaching out to people every single day.

If you do that, you will build a business guaranteed.  🙂

September 07, 2018

It’s funny¹ how one word will spark ‘the memory’ to tell a story?  Squamish.  I’m taken back two months ago today, to Mike & Jasmine’s wedding, in British Columbia.

Squamish, B.C. — definitely want to revisit this place…

According to Native American folklore, long ago during the time when the salmon swam up the Cheakamus River to spawn, the people of the Squamish Nation would fish & store their catch for the coming winter.
One day, a man came to the river and cast his net into the water hoping to catch something for dinner.  Within minutes he had enough fish to feed his family through the following spring.  He packed his catch in cedar baskets and prepared to haul them away.

As he started to leave, he looked to the river and became unsatisfied with the abundance he already possessed.  He cast his net into the water once more and pulled out another bounty of salmon.  He emptied his net onto the shore and admired his second catch.  He now had enough fish to feed two more families until the spring.

Instead of leaving, the man wondered just how many fish the river would give to him.  He tossed his net into the water for a third time.  He pulled it back in and found that it was tangled and filled with sticks, river stones and muck.

He shrugged off this misfortune and turned away from the water.  When he looked toward the last catch of salmon he’d left on the shore, he saw only piles of rocks in its place.  When he checked his cedar baskets he found them filled with twigs & roots.

Then he noticed Wountie, the spirit protector of the river.  Wountie spoke to the man and told him that his greed had broken the ring of harmony with the river — and that Nature expressed her displeasure by withholding her gifts to him.  The man returned home with empty baskets, haunted by the consequences of his actions.  He would always remember that enough is more than plenty.  😉


September 07, 2017

Well today we wake in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

The sun is rising as we look east while sitting on the porch from our [McIntyres] cottage.  Except for our freshly brewed Tim Horton coffee, my wife and I are starving as we await our sister-cottage-travel-eases to join us.  [Normally we would have supplied our respective cottages with enough breakfast goodies — however, this was not the case.  Rounding up the troops — we’re off to Baddeck, NS for a “paid” breakfast.]

We are to meet with Joan and Dione at the base, our starting point today, of the Cabot Trail around 11:00 a.m.; giving use ample time to fuel the ourselves and the KIA.  [Worst breakfast I’ve ever eaten away from home, I’m sure.  Twenty-seven-dollars of pure crap…]  My own fault for not doing something about it then … than complaining about it now!  Oh well … we have about a 45-minute drive to our rendezvous.  Lots of room for Joan and Dione to switch to one vehicle, the Sedona.  Next stop, the Trail Gift Shop and time for me to go in search of a geo-cache or two.  [No such luck … non close bye anyway/anyhow … however … up yonder there might be something!]

At Tim Hortons yesterday, Kierra mentioned a hidden Gypsum Lake that was an old quarry at one time.  Anyone up for a hike?  Here’s Dione checking it out for us.  Joan and Olly opted to stay back with the KIA while the rest-of-us climbed up to the lake.  See why Kierra would share this secret with us … it was fab!  Yes we got our geocache!

Back down the path to rejoin Joan and Olly, we piled once again into the Sedona.  Only a short distance now along the Cabot Trail to The Doryman Pub & Grill, Cheticamp, NS.
















Good fun!  Good food!  Good beer!  Good talk!  Good day!  Still more to see!  Off we go once again, but first a short pee-pee break!  We will be going further east to Pleasant Bay, NS before stopping.  From this point we’ll be coming back down, returning Joan and Dione to their vehicle.  It has been absolutely fabulous.  [I know we have just eaten, but we have a long drive ahead of us today and tomorrow, as we’ll be leaving Cape Breton and our “cottages” to travel via ferry to P.E.I.]

Oh, I almost forgot to tell-you-all … When we got back to Baddeck, we went out for dinner at the Baddeck Lobster Supper, where Alan and I shared a lobster, Caryl and Olly shared a steak, and we all tried a bucket of mussels together.  Esme had her own lobster to eat, but Alan was not sure with a whole lobster, so agreed to split mine.  The meal was a lot of fun as we tried new taste sensations together!


Come From Aways, Do You?

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