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10-OCTOBER 05-2023

Red tape is goodGood morning.  Tuesday’s market selloff occurred following the JOLTS report.  Short for Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, it gives an idea of the health of the labor market.  A jump in job openings for August indicated that the labor market may be stronger than expected.  Wednesday added a bit more confusion with the ADP data, indicating a slowdown in August, which helped stocks rally.
What to make of this contradictory data?  That the labor market looks fairly strong, but is trending lower.  Some more weakening will help convince the markets that interest rates aren’t likely to move much higher.
We’ll know more tomorrow, when the latest unemployment numbers come out.  Traders still have plenty of volatility to trade with.  And longer-term investors now have plenty of stocks at 52-week lows to pick through.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

The Fed’s Emergency Liquidity Program
I was asked about the Bank Term Funding Program (BTFP) to provide Liquidity to Depository Institutions.  Let’s check it out.  The St. Louis Fed says the Bank Term Funding Program Provides Liquidity to Depository Institutions… [Read Here]

Time To End The Fed And Its Mismanagement Of Our Economy
Every major economic downturn of the last 110 years bears the mark of the Federal Reserve.  In fact, as long as the Fed has been around, it has swung the economy between inflation and recession.  Yet Americans, surprisingly, have… [Read Here]

October 05, 2022

rootingGood morning.
Stocks are now up about 5 percent in the first two trading days of October.  That’s recovered nearly half the losses from September, when the S&P 500 shed a full 9 percent.  While stocks are still in bear market territory, traders are looking at hints that the global race to tighten monetary conditions may be ending.
It’s possible that such a trend is starting to show in some places.  But for the Fed, the player running the world’s reserve currency, it isn’t.  While some countries may intervene here and there to keep a collapse from kicking off, like England’s move to buy their government bonds last week, it’s not a time to get completely bullish yet.  Historically, September is the worst month of the year for stocks.  But all the big market selloff stories, from 1929 to 1987 to 2008, take place in October.  Stay cautious.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Robert Kiyosaki Says The Everything Bubble Is A Dream Come True
Robert Kiyosaki has warned a historic market slump is underway, and heralded it as a rare opportunity to make life-changing amounts of money.  “Here it comes… the everything bubble turns into the everything crash,” he said on…[Read Here]

Why Is The Middle Class Vanishing?
Eric Basmajian explains in easy-to-understand terms why the top 1% are gaining and the middle class is shrinking.  The short answer is a combination of unproductive debt and Fed policies, but do yourself a big favour and play…[Read Here]

October 05, 2021

Fall 2021Good morning.
It’s amazing to think that at one point last year, oil traded at negative prices as traders sought to get out of the way amid collapsing demand and ample supply.  What a difference a year makes.  Crude oil is now at a seven-year high, as OPEC announced that it would not make a big production boost.
Natural gas markets are in a similar disarray, with rising prices surprising traders there.  These prices push up the cost of everything from a tank of gas to heating your home in the winter, and represent a sign that prices are likely to keep rising, even if direct government stimulus programs are now out of the way.  The latest move in the energy markets is adding fuel to the inflationary fire, and helping to weigh on current shaky markets.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Joe Manchin Is Forcing Congress To Think About the Deficit.  Good –Eric Boehm, Reason
Among Americans who aren’t liberal pundits, both the debt and deficit rank as major concerns.  It’s about time Congress noticed… [Read Here]

October 05, 2020

See some resultsGood morning.
In politics, what just happened is called an “October surprise.”  But beyond the President’s positive Covid-19 test, another factor is at play.  Friday marked the final job numbers before the election.
With a 7.9% unemployment rate, President Trump has an uphill battle.  Whether or not the electorate will see past the effects of the pandemic, Trump is the first modern president to go into a reelection campaign with a higher unemployment rate than where he started.  If 2016 proved anything, Teflon Don may still yet win, but expect continued market volatility.

Now here’s the rest of the news:


October 05, 2019

Where do you stand today … though not to compare … with Rockefeller.

Darren Hardy effectively make his point clear:

Have another wonderful day … Promise Me!  🙂

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