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10-OCTOBER 24-2023

5-year planGood morning.  This is the busiest week for market earnings, which will likely cause some big market moves.  So far, companies that have missed on earnings have seen shares drop 4-6 percent.  Companies that have met or beaten earnings have been flat.
That could be a function of last week’s market weakness, but it does show the importance that earnings are carrying right now.  Traders will likely find many downside opportunities this week, as well as some surprise earnings beats to play to the upside.
Long-term investors have no shortage of opportunities with most stocks trading under their 200-day moving average right now, especially if coupled with strong earnings now.  While returns on earnings day may be ugly, that could still set up today’s buyers for a strong year-end rally.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

4 Steps To Improving Your Retirement Savings
Retirement anxiety has plagued Americans since the Great Financial Crisis – and it’s only gotten worse over the last three years.  Today, we show you how to stop fretting and start taking action to get your financial future back on track… [Read Here]

Government’s Worst-Kept Financial Secret (They’re Robbing Us Blind)
The U.S. government’s addiction to debt fuels inflation by devaluing the dollar.  That’s a real problem, because the dollar’s value relies on an effective anti-inflation policy.  Governments can’t… [Read Here]

October 10, 2022

Brand AmbassadorsGood morning.
A slowing economy could be in for a steep crash ahead.  That’s because consumer savings are being drawn down, after exploding higher during the Covid crisis.  Now, 31 percent of Americans say they’re not equipped for a downturn – even though the Fed has warned that there needs to be more pain ahead to bring down inflation.
When the job market finally starts to show some cracks, those who haven’t prepared could be in for some sudden pain.  That could lead to a bigger downturn ahead.  That’s why traders need to continue to look at downside trades, and use short-term market rallies as a way to take speculative positions off the table.  Even if things don’t get that bad… we’re still going to be into a downtrend until the Federal Reserve pivots.

2022_10_22 _ pmp

Now here’s the rest of the news:

WhyAre Chinese Leaders Rushing to Buy Gold?
There’s a widespread, longstanding notion of Western gold being sold East, to China and India and even the Middle East.  Is it true?  Honestly, it’s open to debate.  Some believe…[Read Here]

October 24, 2021

Here’s to a better YOU … and now … Today’s DarrenDaily Recap Sunday.  A collection of the weeks videos from Darren Hardy.  Enjoy!

Describing its maritime beauty!!! Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island

…or maybe it’s from Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick!

October 24, 2020

If it works… don’t touch it
If you don’t understand it… don’t touch it
If you didn’t write it… don’t touch it 🙂

Just For Laughs

Say NO … Set boundaries.

Learn to say “NO.”
As hard as it can be, you may be spreading yourself too thin by aiming to please others and taking on more than you can handle.  Do what is right and don’t make apologies.
Stop taking so much on, start saying NO, and then you’ll be free to live up to your full potential in life. if you want to do great things, you must do fewer things.

Become Happier … become freer!

October 24, 2019


One of those Daily Routines is to listen to DarrenDaily with Darren Hardy … hear is what I mean!

Here are TEN additional ideas …
Pick 5 of these activities & become a total RockStar in the next 7 Days!

Daily Activity #1.  Read A Good Book

Daily Activity #2.  Create Valuable Content

Daily Activity #3.  Ask ‘How Can I Help With That?’

Daily Activity #4.  Tell 5 People That They’re Amazing

Daily Activity #5.  Remember Special Occasions

Daily Activity #6.  Find A Mentor

Daily Activity #7.  Increase Your Confidence

Daily Activity #8.  Invest In Yourself

Daily Activity #9.  Exercise

Daily Activity #10.  Keep True To Your Word

Thanks Tanya … 😉

Come From Aways, Do You?

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