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10-OCTOBER 26-2023

Casual FridaysGood morning.  Stocks tend to have their worst performance in September and October.  On average, November tends to fare much better.  This seasonality is well known, and one we’ve looked at in recent weeks amid this latest market selloff.
Another key trend at work is stock buybacks.  That’s because companies pause their buyback programs ahead of earnings, and then resume them afterwards.  With this week’s big-tech companies reporting, which constitute a big chunk of buyback programs, stocks may start to find their footing in the coming days and start to trend higher.
With market fear elevated, investors can still get some solid bargains now.  And traders can look for companies likely to miss on earnings and sell off hard as a short-side opportunity while also getting long on the overall market.

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Why Are Americans Selling Their Gold?
There is a very bullish reason why many people are selling gold.  No, it’s not because they think its price won’t rise.  It’s because they… [Read Here]

New Bank Loan Rules Announced – Are They Targeting Conservatives?
Regulations are now in place to restrict and control who gets their bank loan application approved.  Are you on the “cancel” list… [Read Here]

October 26, 2022

Can't RememberGood morning.
We’re still anticipating the market to truly move out of its bearish trend as soon as the Federal Reserve pivots from hiking interest rates.  That’s likely on track after the next two meetings to wrap up the year.  However, some traders see the Fed making a move akin to the Bank of England’s intervention in the bond market earlier this month.
Akin to Operation Twist back in 2012, some expect the Fed to continue talking about hiking interest rates – while also intervening in the bond market to better control yields there.  If that happens, we could see markets calm down – and potentially even jump higher as traders close out of short positions.
Until that’s more than just talk, however, we’re likely still working out an exact market bottom in the coming months.  We still see plenty of trading opportunities on the short side, with prices also low enough for long-term buyers to be happy here.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

America Has Only 25 Days Of Diesel Supply Left
The US has just 25 days of diesel supply, the lowest since 2008, according to the Energy Information Administration.  The four-week rolling average of distillates supplied, a proxy for demand, rose to its highest seasonal level since 2007…[Read Here]

Senior Analyst Causes Panic After This Prediction About The World Financial System
With record high inflation and stock market volatility already spooking investors, the senior analyst Judy Shelton from the Independent Institute weighed in on the U.K.’s move to stabilize the gilt market and what it means…[Watch Here]

October 26, 2021

Halloween HorrorGood morning.
When it comes to taxation, the government’s vision is based on movement.  It’s not until you make a move and take a gain that your paper profits become real, and therefore taxable.  That’s a key reason why Warren Buffett’s favorite holding period is forever.
But that may soon change, thanks to a proposed billionaire’s tax.  To fund the latest spending programs, the government is looking at taxing billionaires, or those who made more than $100 million in income for three years in a row, on unrealized gains.  Rather than hold forever, these ultra-wealthy may have to start selling off shares to pay taxes they would be charged for not selling off shares.
While that sounds roundabout, it could lead to a wave of selling that would hit everyday Americans in their 401k or IRAs as well.  While wealth inequality is an issue, this top-down approach could kill the markets and make all worse off rather than better redistribute wealth.  Keep an eye on the passage of this tax.  It may not happen this year, but it’s now on the table in future years when it may be more politically viable.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

I’m A Twenty Year Truck Driver, I Will Tell You Why America’s “Shipping Crisis” Will Not End –Ryan Johnson, Medium
I have a simple question for every ‘expert’ who thinks they understand the shipping crisis: Why is there only one crane for every 50–100 trucks at every port in America? [Read Here]

Silver Fuse Is Burning…
“With this, the narrative will change from a we are not worried, it is transitory to a we need to deal with it where inflation is concerned.  Therefore, this could easily be the fire to the fuse of the silver rocket.” –Korbinian Koller [Read More]

October 26, 2020

Get What?Good morning.
For all the predicted election volatility, we’re not seeing it yet.  In fact, the market’s sideways turn in recent sessions looks more like a sailing ship stuck in windless doldrums.
But, again, beyond the headline numbers for stocks, it’s still earnings season.  And companies that have thrived during the pandemic are continuing to do well.  For the rest, it’s really a function of whether or not things have been as bad as expected… or worse.  Chances are we’ll get a stronger market trend after next week’s election.  The real question is how many days it will take for the outcome to be clear.

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October 26, 2019

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