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11-NOVEMBER 04-2023

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November 04, 2022

Outside to PlayGood morning.
Export orders have been contracting for months.  That’s caused the US trade deficit to explode.  The one bright spot?  Energy exports, particularly liquefied natural gas, to Europe.  But it won’t be enough to meet the expected shortfall there, which has already impacted energy prices significantly.
As the Eurozone slows, demand for goods from the US outside of energy will continue to decline.  That can add to the pressure already on corporate earnings, particularly for multinational stocks.  It’s clear that with winter about to unfold, Europe could see a significant economic freeze.  And that will cause a chill in the US too.  That’s a good reason to stay cautious in today’s markets.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Jim Cramer Predicts Incoming Market Freefall
CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Monday warned investors that they should trim some of their positions to prepare for a possible market decline.  “According to the S&P oscillator I’ve followed for ages, we’re very overbought right now,” he said…[Read Here]

November 04, 2021

Producing MagicGood morning.
There’s a lot of debate as to how bad inflation really is.  The government’s 5.2 percent calculation is based on a number of factors and weightings, which can and have been changed often over the years.  Some say if we use measures of calculating inflation used back in the 1970s and 1980s, it’s possible that the rate of inflation would be closer to double-digits.

While some things have jumped far more in price than others, the best place to determine the real rate of inflation comes from the goods and services at your grocery store.  Based on what producers are doing, the real rate of inflation may be closer to 7 percent.  That’s the most recent price rise coming from Mondelez International (MDLZ), producer of such goods as Oreo cookies and Ritz crackers.  Investors should look for further price rises on store shelves to get a sense of how inflation is doing going forward.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Here’s Why Supply Chain Problems Will Get Worse
Today, Brandon Smith of explains the causes of our global logistics woes.  He digs deeper to discover who created this mess, and more importantly, who benefits? [Read Here]

November 04, 2020

Cashless society - coming soonGood morning.
With election uncertainty over — at least on the voting side — the stock market is looking at the next big potential event that can impact stock prices.  Traders seem to think it’s one of two things.  The first is more lockdowns.  A number of states have started to tighten up ahead of winter weather.
The other?  It’s somewhat tied to the first.  Another round of stimulus.  The odds are likely to increase now that the election is over.  It’s likely to have a more immediate impact than future changes in legislation, regulation, or tax rates.  So for now, watch the stimulus headlines to drive the market’s daily swings.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

America’s Reset Begins Now:  If you haven’t noticed – signs like these are popping up at grocery stores, restaurants,and retailers…
Most folks think these “no cash” policies are only temporary.  But American billionaire Ray Dalio says the world is going to change “in shocking ways” in the next five years.
This all in the midst of a tight Joe Biden “possible” Presidential Win dampening consumer spending during a fraught holiday session.  A new president in the White House cannot solve ALL the problems that plague US…

November 04, 2019

conflict resolutionGood morning.
Tech bubble 2.0 continues to quietly burst amidst the backdrop of a market near all-time highs.  Besides struggling companies that went public this year in the ride share and plant-based meat alternative space, there’s the failed attempt of companies like WeWork to even get to an IPO.
Now, we’re seeing some companies with a longer market history likewise start to quietly get taken out at steep discounts to a once high-flying valuation.  Google announced it would buy Fitbit for a total value of approximately $2.1 billion.  For a company that went public in 2015 and quickly soared from $20 to $50, the buyout price represents approximately $8 per share, or a 65% discount from the IPO price… assuming the deal goes through.

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I wanted my personal blog to be more than a regurgitation of someone-else’s thoughts — i.e.: Darren Hardy.

However, I find myself immersed into his daily message each morning and feel my purpose is best served by capturing his messages in time!  Darren’s message therefore becomes mine!  I know Darren believes — people will not see the urgency of watching each fresh message each day — and removes each daily message after 48 hours … not so here.  I treasure Darren’s message and therefore maintain it in time!  Yet again is Darren’s — DarrenDaily!

Powerful Stuff, Ah?

Heartbeat no moreAnd in the Financial NEWS:  Mario Draghi, head of the European Central Bank, warned that there were “mild signs of over-stretched valuations” in the markets.  As head of the ECB, Draghi has been a supporter of assets purchases and has been favorable to actions such as the rise of negative interest rates.  Naturally, the central banker had no comment as to the cause of what may have possibly pushed valuations to above-average levels.  The great political game of taking credit and shifting blame is truly timeless.

To tomorrow…  😉

Come From Aways, Do You?

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