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11-NOVEMBER 07-2023

Branding_22Good morning.  With the S&P 500 rallying nearly 6 percent off of its six-month lows in the past two weeks, this week looks like a quiet one.  Consumer sentiment will be the key data this week, but that doesn’t move markets the way jobs or inflation data does.
Traders and investors can expect the market to take a breather, and maybe even have a few sizeable pullbacks this week.  That will give the rally a much-needed pause before trending higher into the final weeks of the year.
Aggressive traders may want to look at playing a short and quick pullback this week.  Investors should use a market pause to take some profits, and look for buying opportunities in the coming days.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

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November 07, 2022

Your Homerun PromotionGood morning.
While Friday’s jobs report came in much better than expected, the reality is once again buried behind the headlines.  The jump in non-farm payrolls was dominated by part-time jobs, as full-time jobs continue to decline.  While higher unemployment will slow the economy enough to cool down red-hot inflation, part-time jobs hiring now are unlikely to last much past the holiday season.
That could cause the hot job market to become surprisingly cold in just a few weeks.  And when that does hit, unemployment could suddenly soar far more than expected.  Should that happen, it could lead to a further decline in the stock market.
That suggests that traders should remain nimble, and not necessarily count on a strong market rally this holiday season.

2022_11_05 _ PMP

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Gold Will Skyrocket When the Fed Makes This Announcement
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November 07, 2021

Here’s to a better YOU … and now … Today’s DarrenDaily Recap Sunday.  A collection of the weeks videos from Darren Hardy.  Enjoy!

Describing its beauty!!! Somewhere in Canada, but not sure where.

North roads

I think I’m lost!.

November 07, 2020

It takes more than a pair of Nike shoes …

“Just do it!”

Sounds good, but we have to know what to do.

Being motivated in the wrong direction doesn’t get us very far in our business.  My first two years in network marketing were a disaster.  I was motivated, had a great attitude, believed, had my “why,” set goals, and … I failed miserably.  We can’t become an airline pilot by reading Facebook posts and having a cheery attitude.
Becoming a doctor takes more than a vision board.  At some point, sooner rather than later, we have to learn how to do our job.
Where is a good place to start?  How about starting with a great first sentence that gets prospects to open their minds?  Then, at least we have a chance.  Then we can grow our skills from that humble beginning.  Yes, we need motivation.  But … we need more than motivation to get the job done.
Here is a humbling test we can give our team.  Ask them, “Please write down, word-for-word, your best first sentence.”  When we see they can’t or won’t do it, we understand what is missing in our business.

November 07, 2019
Hard Working VS Working Hard

free fallsGood morning.
Robinhood, one of the first apps to include free trading for investors, has added a rather dubious distinction.  According to the subreddit wallstreetbets, there’s a glitch on the app.  Traders who buy shares and sell covered calls have immediate access to the cash from that sold call option… which can be used to leverage higher.
One user pointed out the glitch showing that they were able to leverage a few thousand into $50,000.  But another user took $3,000 and leveraged it into $1.7 million – over 500:1 leverage, and the kind of ratio that puts even currency traders to blame.  American capitalism being what it is, we hope the leveraged users will take their profits and simply buy Robinhood.

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Working too hard and too much time with the wrong people?

In order to be successful in this people profession — network marketing — one of the things you must do is spend less time with people that are not interested.  The most common mistake … simply not talking to enough people.  This is NOT cat & mouse … cheese in a mouse trap … I’ve a quick question 4U!  “Are you open to take a look at what we’re doing?”

Yes!  or No?  Here’s todays’ DarrenDaily.

How many calls/texts is too many?

Next!  😉

Come From Aways, Do You?

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