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11-NOVEMBER 09-2023

Quarantine in your carGood morning.  The potential for a big market move didn’t pan out.  Yesterday marked a speech by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.  But it didn’t focus on the central bank’s current policy or outlook, instead focusing on the bank’s history and the role of the bank’s Division of Research and Statistics.
Even without a big move following the remarks, the market has gone from extreme oversold conditions just two weeks ago to somewhat overbought conditions today.  In the very short-term, traders may benefit from short positions.  And investors may not want to make any new buys right now, and instead hold out for a big market down day.

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Credit Card Debt Moves Into “Code Red” Territory
Americans have turned to their credit cards to cover everyday expenses.  It has actually gotten so bad that a new report reveals… [Read Here]

Analyst Invents Recession-Predicting Rule, Then Immediately Regrets It
A former Federal Reserve economist named Claudia Sahm is regretting her invention of the “Sahm rule.”  Why?  Because according to the numbers… [Read Here]

November 09, 2022

Economic Uncertainty AheadGood morning.
This year’s bear market came after a strong performing year for stocks.  But unlike other bear markets in the past, we’re not seeing extreme volatility.  Yes, we’re having plenty of days where the market indices move 2-3 percent.  But volatility is measured in part by the VIX, or volatility index.
The VIX historically trades around 17-20.  It’s been a bit higher this year, but hasn’t gone into the 40+ range, where we typically see traders reach peak bearishness.  And overall the VIX has been declining rapidly during intra-day trading, another move not seen in prior bear markets.
Overall, this could be a sign that traders are quietly betting on the Fed ending its interest rate hike policy sooner than expected.  If that doesn’t happen, we may yet see the VIX top 40 – amid the market hitting new lows for the year.  For now, traders should still stay cautious, but should look for further confirming signs of optimism going forward.

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Why Central Banks Are Hoarding Gold At Record Rates
“Central banks around the world are nervous,” about the U.S. dollars they have in central bank reserves, says Randy Smallwood, president and CEO of Wheaton Precious Metals. “Gold is the constant store of value, it’s always provided that for…” [Watch Here]

11 Signs The Economy Is Collapsing
Have you noticed it too?  There has been a dramatic shift in the economy in recent days.  It has been sudden and it has been severe.  All over the country, sales are falling like a rock, inventories are piling up to alarming levels, and large companies… [Read Here]

November 09, 2021

Halloween TreatsGood morning.
Stocks are roaring higher, with a number of tech names, even big-cap tech names, seeing double-digit daily moves in recent days.  That’s amid the highest level of inflation in 13 years, a supply chain crisis, and other measures that point to a more mixed picture for the economy.
Enter Peter Theil.  The billionaire co-founder of PayPal (PYPL) and early investor in Facebook (FB) sees one asset’s move as a sign of trouble: Bitcoin.  He sees the cryptocurrency’s current price as a “crisis moment” for the economy and that old systems could be on the verge of collapse.
Change can be gradual, then sudden in many ways.  As a crisis is also an opportunity, we’ll take the warning with a grain of salt that, for the moment, stocks will at least keep moving higher and that any crisis will be more political, rather than economic in nature.

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November 09, 2020

He tells the truthGood morning.
Despite taking a breather on Friday, the stock market had a phenomenal week.  The S&P 500 gained just over 7 percent.  That’s the best performance of an election week since FDR.  What’s even more amazing is that this move came days into counting votes in an election with no certain outcome over the next President.  From the down ballot races, however, it’s clear that America remains deeply divided.  America’s two major political parties may be in need of couples’ therapy, but for the stock market, that’s the best outcome.  Expect some volatility around recounts and lawsuits in the coming weeks, but also talks of stimulus to keep the latest rally going.

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November 09, 2019

Are you notorious?

Darren Hardy asks you to consider becoming so!

Sometimes I feels like a farmer … out there planting seeds!  😉

Come From Aways, Do You?

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