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11-NOVEMBER 10-2023

Turns-outGood morning.  Part of the market’s trend higher in recent weeks has come from the rise in unemployment.  While it’s still at low levels, the weakness in the labor market suggests that moves to slow the economy by rising interest rates are working.  Part of bringing down inflation means some pain in the labor market.
That’s created a “bad news is good news” narrative.  But eventually, that won’t be able to last.  A big jump in unemployment and an economy that slows into a recession will prove bad news.  It may also be the reason why the Fed starts cutting interest rates, potentially by the second half of next year.
For now, traders can continue to play the seasonal trend in stocks higher.  But going into the start of 2024, taking a more nuanced look at the market to find the best long side opportunities may prove best.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Janet Yellen Humiliated By Billionaire Investor… Here’s What He Said
“I literally think if you go back to Alexander Hamilton, it is the biggest blunder in the history of the Treasury.  I have no idea why she has not been called out on this.  She has no right to still be in that job…” [Read Here]

November 10, 2022

Concession SpeechGood morning.
Crypto markets melted down over the summer, culminating in a crash in June.  The culprit?  Leveraged brokerage firms that couldn’t meet their liquidity needs.  The space then leveled out a bit, and even trended higher.
But that’s unwound over the past few days.  Rumors that FTX was having liquidity issues led to some market pressure.  And news that Binance would acquire the competing broker didn’t assuage investors either.  Given the non-binding letter of intent, it’s also possible that Binance pulls out of the deal, leaving FTX to close up shop.
While that may not mean a loss for those holding crypto in an FTX account, the uncertainty and likely lockups will mean more uncertainty in the crypto space.  With crypto markets already down over 70 percent in the past year, it’s clear there won’t be a turnaround until well after the last liquidation takes place… and there may be more downside ahead.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Fed Finds A Scapegoat To Avoid Responsibility
One minute after the stock market closed on Friday, the Federal Reserve mailed out a link to its newly-released Financial Stability Report to folks who have signed up to get press releases from the Fed.  For those of you who have been reading our reports… [Read Here]

Why Banks Are No Longer On The Hook For Mortgages
So we have a weird situation.  Not weird actually.  Just reality.  After mind-boggling ridiculous spikes, home prices in most markets are dropping, and in some markets, they’re plunging at the fastest pace on record.  And in some markets, they’re going… [Read Here]

November 10, 2021

Only Mask They HadGood morning.
When markets, or an individual sector attract too much investor interest, crazy things start to happen.  Companies with no expertise in the area jump into the trade too.  One great example is the Long Island Iced Tea company, which made a splash in late 2017 when it announced it was getting into cryptocurrencies.
This time around, interest is in electric vehicles.  While it’s a huge trend with a lot of upside in the years ahead, it’s a bit odd that a company known as Naked Brand Group (NAKD), which sells lingerie and swimwear online, announced a merger agreement with an AI Autonomous Driving company, Cenntro Automotive Group.  With shares up nearly 30 percent on the announcement, however, it’s clear investors are willing to give any stock support as long as it’s investing in where things are how now.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

November 10, 2020

Door #1Good morning.
Stocks jumped on Monday, with the Dow and S&P 500 hitting new all-time highs.  The news comes as Pfizer announced a Covid-19 vaccine.  Combined with the media’s projection of Joe Biden as the next President of the United States over the weekend, two of the largest uncertainties facing the market today appear to be nearing an end.
Just remember: Nothing moves in a straight line, and there will still be opportunities to profit from short-term drops as well.  That was seen with the Nasdaq, where many work-from-home themed tech stocks soured on the latest news.  A bigger market shift from tech to value may be starting.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

There has been different viewpoints from previous U.S. Presidents like George W. Bush (a former Texas oilman) to Barack Obama who took office campaigning on combating climate change and reducing oil dependency – to Donald Trump that “was in favor of the Canada Pipeline” to now, President Elect Joe Biden – that is thought to (again) focus on renewable energy and climate change.
What I conclude from all this: That a president just doesn’t have a lot of impact on oil markets.  Or, if there is an impact, it takes years to materialize.  Time will tell…

Gold currently at $1881.23, silver at $24.34

The way things are shaping up, the Biden economy appears likely to show uncanny similarities to the 2011-to 2016 Obama economy.  The next U.S. administration will likely face a global debt crisis that could dwarf what the world experienced in 2008-2009. [I’m talking about “zombies.”  These are companies that can’t afford their debt.  They don’t earn enough profit to cover interest … let alone repay their debt when it comes due.]  We are all like the walking dead … only kept alive by creditors willing to lend more money to pay off their debt as it comes due.

November 10, 2019

What is the real difference between a person who seeks pleasure and one which avoids pain?  How can your conversation appeal to each person individuality?  Having differences in teammates is inevitable.  Why they join your team is as unique as their reality.  What magically holds the team together?  I believe it’s Integrity…  (an honest understanding of their reality).  I’ll try to explain:

If your friend answered, “I want to travel around the world and buy anything I want.” — You would share an opportunity to go to exciting destinations, meet successful people, eat at the finest restaurants, and shop to your friends’ heart delight.”  Your ‘travel club’ food, fun & sun caters to your friend’s pleasure.

A different friend says, “I don’t want to suffer from poverty and constant worrying of where I will get the money to pay for the bills.” — This means they want to avoid pain, so you can craft your message by saying something like, “With the same twenty-four hours in the day, you’ll never have to experience seasonal layoffs,  ‘down-time’, or the agony of stressful labor…”  Developing your own part-time business could transform your life!  Are you interested in knowing how?

To tailor your ‘sales-message’ is part art … part science.
Most importantly, we want, to honestly be of service!  🙂

Come From Aways, Do You?

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