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11-NOVEMBER 17-2023

Dollhouse_22Good morning.  Over the past three weeks, stocks have moved higher overall with few down days.  Not only that, but may days have seen markets open far higher than where they traded the previous day.
That’s known as a gap.  And technical traders know that the market has a long memory… and likes to come back to fill in gaps over time.  Many downside gaps were filled in during the September/October market drop.  In the recent rally, markets have gapped higher a relatively high six times.
With stocks soaring now, any pullback will likely move to the first gap around 4,450 on the S&P 500.  From there, markets may hold the gap and trend higher, or may move to test the next gap down.  Traders should keep an eye on that price point, and investors should use any “gap fill” down days as a longer-term buying opportunity, especially ahead of the seasonal rally we’re likely to see soon.

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Something Worse Than 2008 Has Already Started (Bank Crisis Data)
The questionable conduct of the Federal Home Loan Banks in the leadup to the banking crisis has led to this stunning revelation… [Read Here]

November 17, 2022

Offering to HelpGood morning.
While the market may be due for another decline in the weeks ahead following its massive bounce, don’t get too bearish.  If history is any guide, 2023 should be a strong year.  That’s based on a historical reading based on political cycles. 2023 will mark the third year of the Biden presidency.
Third years tend to be great performers, with an average return of 33.7 percent in the two years following a midterm election.  And the last time there was a negative return over 12 months following a midterm was in 1939, the year that World War II started.
Traders can keep looking for short-term bearish trades now, but keep an eye on long-term opportunities going into 2023.

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Did Amazon Lust Admit A Tech-Bubble Is Happening Now?
Over the past month, technology companies have laid off tens of thousands of employees.  And the momentum in layoffs only appears to be worsening.  According to a new report via NYTimes this morning, Amazon could add to the count… [Read Here]

Wall Street Bizarrely Celebrates Financial Disaster
Sometimes I think that we truly are living in Bizarro World.  We just witnessed one of the most horrible financial disasters in years, and economic activity is dramatically slowing down all around us, but Wall Street is celebrating. In fact… [Read Here]

November 17, 2021

non-comprehensive nodsGood morning.
In the late 1990s, investors couldn’t get enough of Internet stocks.  The technology was transformative.  But the market priced in a 20-year trend too quickly, resulting in the tech bubble.  The peak happened around the time that, a website designed around pet food shopping, went public years before the company was likely to ever earn a profit.  In the ensuing crash, it went bankrupt.
Today’s most bubble-like trend?  Electric vehicle stocks.  Rivian (RIVN), which went public just last week, now has a market cap greater than Volkswagen (VWAGY).  Sure, Rivian has some great products on the drawing board.  But it’s now become the world’s largest company to have zero sales.
In a market crash or any tech uncertainty, it could become the next  If they can to the Tesla Motors (TSLA) route and ramp up production, today’s current market valuation will be justified in time.  But at the moment, the stock looks like a sign of how heated the market has become.

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Bidenflation Is the Next Pandemic –Alfredo Ortiz, MSNBCTV
This painful inflation is a result of Biden and Democratic spending of trillions of dollars.  To top it off, the $1.2 trillion infrastructure-in-name-only bill only makes matters worse… [Read Here]

November 17, 2020

Say-YES-to-ChangeGood morning.
So far, the market is shrugging off a rising number of cities and states looking to lock down their economies again.  Why?  Because markets are forward-looking.  And with not just one, but now two potential vaccines underway, markets are looking forward to the spring.  That’s when the vaccines should be widely available.
Don’t expect smooth sailing.  With many proclaiming a “second wave,” expect some turbulence in the markets before any vaccine can come to market.  Fortunately, turbulence just means more trading opportunities.

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November 17, 2019

                                                                               Good morning.
We're ExcitedIn a year of failed IPOs that saw a decline in valuation from the first day of trading, a number of bankers went to Saudi Arabia to discuss their concerns that Saudi Aramco’s IPO would be nowhere near the $2 trillion valuation the Kingdom expects.

But here’s the kicker: The bankers, who had a 10-minute meeting with company leaders, were first kept waiting for five hours.  That’s hardly conducive to building a good working relationship, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the Aramco IPO was, once again, pulled or otherwise further cut back.

Saying ‘No’ to a client can be uncomfortable, and so says Darren Hardy in today’s post…

Good, or good?  😉

Come From Aways, Do You?

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