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11-NOVEMBER 20-2023

Local MenuThe wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot was always one of my favorites.

Good morning.  After a correction down in September and October, stocks have nearly fully recovered in just a scant few weeks.  One reason came from earnings season.  Companies with a share buyback program have to pause it before they report, but get to resume it afterwards.  The current levels of share buybacks amount to nearly $5 billion per day in market support.
Another reason is that the bullish flip sent program trades bullish as well.  That helped fuel a buying frenzy.  However, that pace of buying will slow down.  With buybacks still ongoing, we’re likely getting into the final calm months of the year.
Traders may still have a few volatile days here and there, but historically there will be fewer opportunities for big daily swings through the end of the year.  Investors can continue to expect the market to trend higher, albeit at a slower pace.  Now may be the best time to take any tax losses for the year, and use the cash to buy a new long-term opportunity.

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Now here’s the rest of the news:

Dollar Weakness May Send Gold Surging to This Staggering Figure
A roundup of senior analysts who forecast gold’s price levels for the year ahead.  Could 2024 see gold shatter its all-time high set during the pandemic panic? [Read Here]

November 20, 2022

A view looking north away from the St. Johns harbour taken at “The Room”.
a view looking north away from the museum and the St. Johns harbour

This city, and its modern museum holds many new and old treasures.

November 20, 2021

Your Success is an Inside Job

“An investment in yourself will pay dividends for the rest of your life. It won’t depreciate, it will appreciate.
It will never be devalued or stolen. Clearly, your inner portfolio is the best investment you can make.”

We spend a good deal of time and money on the outside of our bodies.  We pay for haircuts and styles, we buy cosmetics, lotions and colognes.  We purchases expensive clothes.  We spend many minutes each day primping, combing, washing, feeding and, hopefully, exercising our bodies.  Most of this activity is devoted to adorning or nurturing the outside of our bodies.

But what about the inside?  Doesn’t it make sense to spend as much money and effort caring for our emotional, spiritual and mental side as we do on our exteriors?  You might find it easy to agree with this notion, but I’ll bet you’d be hard-pressed to find many people who spend as much on inner work as outer work.

With the exception of a formal education, most people have no budget for the inside job of success.

What about you?  What investment have you made in your attitude?  How are you improving it?  What new skills and knowledge have you acquired?  What do you do to insure fresh, stimulating ideas for yourself and your company?  What are you doing on a daily basis to be your best?

Everything you do to improve yourself will last the rest of your life.  How many material acquisitions will last that long?  Think of personal development not as putting something on top of what you are, but rather developing more of who you already are.  Like the development of a picture from its negative, real self-development just exposes more of what already lies hidden.

⇒Take a hard look at exactly what you’re doing and what you’re spending on developing your mental, spiritual and emotional stock.  Are you reading books that feed your mind?  Are you listening to tapes that educate, inspire and stimulate you?  What are you doing to enhance your emotional well-being?

It doesn’t matter where you begin as long as you start.  Pick an area you’d like to improve upon and have at it.  It can be fun as well as rewarding.

November 20, 2020

By the WayGood morning.
Unemployment claims ticked up for the first time in five weeks on Thursday.  Home sales also rose.  Typically, those two data points would seem at odds with each other.  But the nature of the Covid-19 crisis has been one that’s benefitted asset owners — whether in stocks or homes — while hitting the job market hard.
That’s why it’s important to stay invested and to take advantage of the market’s swings.  By doing so, it can help to offset the challenges that the labor market faces amidst a potential second round of pandemic closures.

Now here’s the rest of the news:


November 20, 2019

As mentioned yesterday, the other side to buying … is selling.  Here’s part two of the three part mini series from Darren.  “3 C’s of Persuasive Communication”

Look forward to Part Three Tomorrow!  😉

Come From Aways, Do You?

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