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11-NOVEMBER 21-2023

Crystal Ball_22Good morning.  The holiday-shortened week doesn’t offer much for traders or investors.  Typically, Monday is the worst day of the week, being down on average.  As we saw yesterday, in the current market rally remains strong.  Tuesday tends to be flat, as does Wednesday.  The market closure on Thanksgiving and short trading day on Friday tend to also be flat, historically showing a slight gain.
Traders may want to take the full week off – if they haven’t already.  And investors can look for stocks that still haven’t moved higher off the market’s recent lows.  As befitting a holiday week, the bigger moves, if any, will pick up next week.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

We Finally Figured Out Why Warren Buffett Hates Gold
Warren Buffett is an absolute legend in the investing world.  He has a decades-long track record of success.  Everything the man touches turns to money… [Read Here]

When Nobody Wants The Dollar… THIS Is What Happens
The way the U.S. government funds its absurd, multi-trillion-dollar spending sprees is to auction off IOUs.  These promises-to-pay have, traditionally, been… [Read Here]

November 21, 2022

SurgicalGood morning.
One trader is betting $4.5 million that the Fed will pivot starting early next year – and that interest rates will drop to just 2 percent by mid-2023.  If the trader is right, they stand to make a bundle.  If not, the trade will lose it all.
Traders may be tempted to make that sort of bet.  But a Fed pivot will first start with a pause – where the central bank says they’re done raising interest rates for now.  That should lead to a modest rally for the stock market.  And we’ll see that trend continue as rates go down, whenever that happens.
In short, a bull market turnaround is a process. It will take months to play out, much slower than the Covid crash and recovery in 2020.  So traders don’t need to make big bets on a change now.  Rather, some patience will offer better returns.  Until then, there are still plenty of good short-side trades until a pivot, and many companies are at a solid long-term entry price here.

2022_11_19 _ PMP

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Inflation Comes Down, but Gold Surges – What’s Going On?
Every time gold’s price surges like this, we expect there to be some crisis or calamity.  After all, it was gold’s biggest weekly gain in 30 months… [Read Here]

November 21, 2021

Here’s to a better YOU … and now … Today’s DarrenDaily Recap Sunday.  A collection of the weeks videos from Darren Hardy.  Enjoy!

Describing its beauty!!!  A small wooden dory or rowing boat moored on flat calm water, in Savage harbour,


on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

November 21, 2020

Don’t concentrate on the final goal … instead:
Concentrate on choosing the day-to-day activity that will get us to our final goal.

“Better ‘at oops’ than at ‘what if.’

… and …

“If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”

Web FedAre Gold and Silver the Sleeping Giants?
“During times of inflation, and it is a matter of when not if, physical Commodities like Gold and Silver benefit immensely.”

Gold is a Hedge Against Bad Government Decisions.
“Gold is a hedge on policy makers screwing up, and there has been a lot of screwing up in the last 20 years.”

Precious Metal Prices
Price at week’s end (change over last week)
Gold … $1,873.54  (-1.0%)
Silver … $24.27  (-2.0%)
Platinum … $953.39  (+21.5%)
Palladium … $2373.22  (+37.3%)

America’s Economy Cannot Survive Another Lockdown… economist warn.

November 21, 2019

All good, and bad things come to a conclusion.  Here’s part three of our 3_Part mini-series from Darren Hardy.  “The Magic of Influence & Sales Persuasion

I have special treat for you tomorrow!  Want to attract money, stay tuned… 😉

Come From Aways, Do You?

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