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11-NOVEMBER 27-2023

Procrastination_22Good morning.  The European Central Bank (ECB) has been a little later and a little slower than the Federal Reserve over the past few years.  However, that central bank has now noted that the worst of the recent inflation is over, that that interest rate hikes may not need to trend higher.  So, much like the Fed, monetary policy is now in the “pause” category.
That could lead to a boom in European stocks, which have already been trending higher following the breakout in U.S. stocks in October.  Much like the Fed, the ECB hasn’t committed to cutting interest rates yet, so investors and traders alike can be optimistic, but shouldn’t get wildly so in the months ahead.

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Now here’s the rest of the news:

What’s Behind the Wave of Bank Account Closures?
As we’ve seen and discussed at length this year, no bank is truly safe.  When banks fail, the FDIC steps in with deposit insurance.  But what happens when banks hate individual customers? [Read Here]

November 27, 2022

Today!and another St. Johns picture as we walked around towne

and another St. Johns pic as we walked around towne!

November 27, 2021

Enjoy Silence

Eliminate a life of expectation.  Expect less from people, and disentangle yourself from obligations.  Learn to say no so you have more time and space to say yes to what you want in life.

At home:

  • Get rid of stuff you’re always moving from place to place.  If you don’t love everything around you, then toss it.
  • Do your shopping once a week.  Those quick pit stops to the grocery store a few times a week take time away from something else.
  • Do laundry less often.  Simplify your wardrobe, and you’ll have more pieces to mix and match.

For life:

  • Downsize.  Now that you have less stuff, do you really need all that extra space?
  • Stop the junk mail.  Take your name off lists.
  • Get out of debt.  Live off what you earn.  Even better, live off less than what you earn, and invest the rest.
  • Eliminate binge shopping.  If you buy for need, great.  If you buy for the adrenaline rush, then it’s something to seriously look at.
  • Automate everything that’s automatable.  Don’t you have something better to do with that time?

For your health:

  • Laugh more, stress out less.
  • Simplify your meals.  Eat healthy.  They don’t have to be five-course meals.
  • Drink more water.
  • Get off the treadmill, and go for a walk instead.
  • Stop running in all directions.  Slow down to the speed of life.

Finally, for you:

  • Be yourself.  If you’re always trying to please others and be like everyone else, who will be you?
  • Trust your intuition.  It will never let you down.
  • Set your personal boundaries.  Trying to place what isn’t acceptable into that gray zone of “almost acceptable” will wear you down.  There is no halfway between the two.
  • Do nothing once in a while.  Let the world in.

Simplicity creates more time and space.  Then, it’s your choice as to how you fill both.

November 27, 2020

Seasonal ShopperGood morning.
The past few years has seen a rise in e-commerce trends.  Those trends got a shot in the arm in 2020, and show little sign of shopping.  That makes the traditional retail holiday season a bit less hectic.  It also means fewer viral videos of fights breaking out to get the last doorbuster-sale item.
It also means retailers can spread out the holiday season a bit longer too.  Instead of Thanksgiving weekend doorbuster deals, we’re seeing weeklong (or longer) sales on many popular internet retailers.  There may be limits to this trend in time.  Sure, we all know someone who gets their holiday shopping done in August.  But retailers tend to stick to selling strategies that work, and massive discounts on popular products will fare well in any event.  But it just keeps getting easier to do so at home.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Brace Yourself for a Sharp Rise in Inflation says Richard Cookson
It may seem strange to worry about inflation during a global recession, a pandemic and political turmoil, but I suspect it’s about to pick up, soon and sharply.

November 27, 2019

Mars MarketIf you want to be a successful salesperson, you need to do some digging and investigation to find out what makes your prospects tick, and how your product  or service can satisfy their itch.  You need to carefully craft a sales message and offer that they can’t resist.  And lastly, you need to over-deliver and build your relationships with your customers so you can continue selling to them again and again.

DarrenDaily: “Success is Hard.  Be Thankful.

Know Your Product and Niche.  🙂


Come From Aways, Do You?

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