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11-NOVEMBER 30-2023

Momma_22Good morning.  “Invert.  Always invert.”  That’s just one pearl of wisdom from Charlie Munger, the co-Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A), who passed away earlier this week at 99.
Growing up in Omaha, Munger didn’t meet his business partner, Warren Buffett, until later, after becoming a successful lawyer in Los Angeles.  By then, he was a value investor in his own right – and helped Buffett see the importance of investing in a great business, not just a discounted balance sheet.
Munger’s wisdom applies to both traders and investors.  Inverting a concept may yield a different market view that can be exploited.  And his views on the market’s shifting emotions between fear and greed can lead to some great trading opportunities when traders are too crowded on one side of that emotional view.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Real Estate Market In Chaos, People Have Had Enough
According to data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the American real estate market is going through a sudden shift in demand… [Read Here]

America Middle Class Vanishes
If you are wondering why so many Americans are stressed about their finances these days, just look at these numbers… [Read Here]

November 30, 2022

dancing aroundGood morning.
The economy has been in the grip of inflation for some time.  But with year-over-year numbers starting to come down, it may be an early sign that rapidly-rising interest rates are starting to have their effect.  Add in a slow economy overall, and you may have a form of “disinflation.”
The latest sign?  The housing market.  US home prices dropped for the third straight month, based on data ending for September.  The move has come as rising mortgage rates have hit affordability.  The three-month decline is the largest since 2012, near the bottom of the washout from the real estate bubble.
Those looking to buy a home can likely see further price declines in the months ahead, and stocks related to housing may continue to trend lower, even if the rest of the market starts to move higher.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

This Is What Happens When Easy Money Ends

In his recent article targeting the collapse of the FTX exchange, Ryan McMaken noted that the easy money regime we have lived under for more than two decades has led to yet another bubble with a spectacular crash.  Enron and WorldCom… [Read Here]

Economist Warns About What America Will Face In 2023

Brace for a recession next year.  That is the word of warning from S&P Global Ratings economist Beth Ann Bovino, in a post-Thanksgiving weekend report on Monday.  As with many prognosticators inside and outside of Wall Street, S&P sees… [Read Here]

November 30, 2021

No human touchGood morning.
Monday’s reversal of Friday’s big market drop shows that fear of new Covid variants is waning.  While that may change as new data on the latest variant comes in, traders didn’t have to wait that long.  Instead, they’ve been following the BTD playbook – and buying the dip.
That’s been a successful play in general.  After all, markets rise over time.  However, this trend has been on steroids since the start of the pandemic, following the shortest bear market in history and a rise in retail traders armed with stimulus checks and nowhere to go.  As long as dip-buyers step in quickly, it’s a sign that the market isn’t saturated with capital enough yet for a real market pullback — the kind that could cause the next bear market.  While the latest variant is a reason to be cautious, it’s not a reason to be bearish.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

The Last Five Times This Happened, Gold Beat Stocks by 20%
We’ve seen five cases where this indicator signaled a bargain in gold.  As Bloomberg concludes, “if this pattern repeats, gold is well primed to outshine S&P 500 next year…” [Read Here]

November 30, 2020

Virtual ConferenceGood Morning.
Stock Markets never quite move as expected.  For instance, traders expected some volatility around the election.  Although it took longer than expected for a winner to be declared in the Presidential race, that volatility didn’t happen.
That’s led to a number of traders removing market hedges, or putting some of their sidelined cash back into stocks.  The result?  The massive move higher in stocks in the past weeks, ahead of what is seasonally a strong period for stocks.  Add in the development of Covid vaccines, and the economy is likely to heat up into the coming year, plus or minus a few lockdowns in some areas in the coming months.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Predictions for Gold and Silver pricing in 2021, are expecting to do nothing but increase, as much as 22% as inflation rises!  Analysts expect a COVID-19 vaccine will create the same sort of conditions that led to the 1980s hyperinflation crisis…

November 30, 2019

Video presentations and product demos do wonders to explain, usually in simplistic terminology, what the client, prospect, or customer would want-to-know.

Staying on trackWhen the results weren’t what you expected to hear back, I’m usually shocked and express my astonishment of their lack of understanding.  My immediate question to ‘a less that favorable response’ is, “What were you hoping to see?

In other words: If someone doesn’t like your video, you need to roll it back and ask them “Well, I’m just curious, why did you watch the video?  What were you hoping to see” because then we can deal with that.  If you find out what they want, you can go from there vs trying to troubleshoot their translation, albeit a poor one of the actual video.  If I know what someone wants, then I can show them how my product will help them.  I don’t see it as an objection necessarily, nor as rejection.  It’s an opportunity to put the toy train back on the track … and isn’t that really what we’re all looking for?

Our task is to keep the train moving forward.  Can you do that?  😉

Come From Aways, Do You?

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