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12-DECEMBER 01-2023

Diary_22Good morning.  Thanks to rising interest rates, the cost to finance a new car is now averaging over $1,000 per month.  Before the pandemic and subsequent inflation, that number was closer to $700 – including insurance.
The hardest hit are the EV space. 3,900 auto dealers report that EVs are stacking up, as the high costs to lease and steady interest in non-EVs are at play.  That suggests that the EV trend may stall out, and that EV stocks could be in for a rough 2024 until the costs to own or lease go down.
Investors and traders have a myriad of opportunities.  Traders can look to short EV makers and companies related specifically to EVs as this trend slows down.  And investors may want to take a closer look at energy companies like the oil players, especially as crude has dropped down from over $90 in the summer to the mid-$70 range today.

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AI-Powered Bank Hacks on the Rise: Are You at Risk?
Hackers have always taken advantage of security loopholes to infiltrate devices, but now they are using ultra-advanced tech to steal from people who… [Read Here]

December 01, 2022

I'm late!Good morning.
There’s usually some strong seasonal demand in the job market, even if it’s mostly for part-time retail and fulfillment level work.  So the latest jobs numbers, which show the weakest gains for labor since January 2021 show that the market may be finally coming off of its imbalance in favor of workers.
Add in the myriad of companies announcing thousands of layoffs in the past few months, and it’s possible that the economy is nearing a turning point in the job market.  That’s likely something the Fed wants to see, as a sign that inflation’s drop won’t just be another “transitory” data point.
Traders should be cautious. Any one company making layoffs can be bullish, as it improves profitability.  But when many companies are making layoffs at once, it can spell danger for the economy as a whole.

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When Will America’s Soaring Debt Finally Matter?

Nearly every year, debt rises more than the alleged deficit.  This is not a fiscal vs. calendar year distortion, but an ongoing deficit lie.  For example, there were alleged budget surpluses in four consecutive years, 1998 through 2001.  Yet debt only fell… [Read Here]

New Report Reveals A Shocking Small-Business Statistic

Many experts are now warning that we could see the housing market and the commercial real estate market simultaneously crash in 2023.  If that were to happen, it would put an extreme amount of stress on our financial system… [Read Here]

December 01, 2021

More Hot AirGood morning.
It’s probably a good time to “retire” the word transitory regarding inflation.  That was testimony by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell before Congress yesterday.  With rising risks of higher inflation for longer, Powell even noted that the Fed could accelerate its timeline to taper its bond-buying program.
While markets didn’t like that particular news, expecting the easy-money spigot to remain open forever, higher inflation levels risk causing more economic uncertainty and for companies to cut back on major projects, which could lead to the poorly-performing economy of the 1970s.  While that may not be the case, ensuring that it won’t be the case will likely mean some short-term pain, and that markets may not continue to rise as strongly as they have over the past 18 months.

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Truly Disastrous Inflation Is Closer than You Think – and This Chart Proves It –Jon Miltimore, FEE
History teaches us something important about inflation: it can spiral out of control faster than anyone expects.  Every hyperinflation episode starts like this… [Read Here]

December 01, 2020

Holiday NuisanceGood morning.
Despite yesterday’s pullback in the stock market, November was one of the best months for stocks since 1987.  The one-two punch of the end of election uncertainty and a number of Covid-19 vaccines was enough to allay much fear.
However, there’s still a way to go.  Jobless numbers remain high.  Lockdowns are on the rise in some areas.  A vaccine won’t be widely available for months.  That’s why, despite the reasons for optimism, traders can still find some down days in the market to profit on the short side — or set up for the market’s next move higher.

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December 01, 2019

Just in time for 2020, I want to let you know about a unique approach to sales skills development created by my colleague and sales expert, Jill Harrington, specifically to support the success of smaller sales teams.

“When there’s something your heart wants to create and you hold back,
you’re stealing from those who need you most.”
—Marie Forleo

The Uncommon Sense Sales Maximizer ProcessTailored sales training comes with a hefty price tag that can be cost prohibitive for small organizations.  And public programs can miss the mark in terms of addressing the challenges unique to your business environment.  As a result, Jill is on a mission to provide smaller teams the same advantage as the big guys.
The solution: The Uncommon Sense Sales Maximizer Process

Key Benefits for Your Team


  • Focus on your environment, using examples from your world, assuring every minute is 100% relevant.
  • Private Sessions tailored specifically for your team to encourage open communication about real client scenarios and sales challenges. 
  • Flexible Format to enable adaptive live session content according to your real time priorities.  
  • Interactive Process to strengthen collaboration between team members.
  • Content appropriate to seasoned sellers, new hires, and support staff who interact with clients.
  • Reading and Application Assignments between sessions to drive momentum and accelerate the learning process to deliver a faster return on your investment.
  • Support from a world-renowned sales expert bringing fresh ideas from her work with a broad range of industries.
  • A powerful “Impact Booster” for teams that have previously participated in salesSHIFT training.
  • Affordable Flat Fee Pricing which includes participation of up to 10 team members.

I always said I would not compete with fellow entrepreneurs that are doing it right.  Jill IS one of those entrepreneurs that is doing it right!  So if you have a business with a small sales team, Jill is the gal that can address the challenges unique to your business environment & exceed your specific sales objectives.
Money well-spent.  You will be glad, you did … 😉

Come From Aways, Do You?

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