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12-DECEMBER 17-2023

Prognosis_22Hello world!

I have four credit cards… one with a zero balance; and one with less than a $1000; the other two we won’t talk about right now!  My aim is to have two credit cards with zero balances by February 1st of 2023.

It looks like I will be able to reduce my overall debt by $1500 a month… I’ll tell you how that’s going from time-to-time!



December 17, 2022

TreatOnly the physical side should be held.
“Paper trading Gold isn’t owning gold, it is simply trading paper receipts based upon the fundamentals of price movements against gold.  You never own it and can never be guaranteed when there are as many as 100 claims against 1oz.  With central banks net buyers for years, the BIS changing physical gold to a Tier 1 asset, and the anti west BRICS nations colluding, against a back drop of rapid inflation and eye watering debt levels, there is plenty of evidence to suggest a lot of planning has been taking place in the background relating to gold as the solution.  Only the physical side should be held.” – Andrew Lane

I expect silver to outperform gold in 2023.
“From an Elliott Wave perspective, many individual stocks and gold have developed a 5-wave rally off the recent lows.  That usually signals that the correction is over and the next bullish phase in the market has potentially begun.  Although silver is not quite as clear as of the time of my writing this article, I expect silver to outperform gold in 2023.” – Avi Gilburt

December 17, 2021

I'm GladGood morning.
Today marks the last “quad witching day” of 2021.  That’s the date when all stock futures, options, and index futures and options expire simultaneously.  It can lead to a number of unusual swings in stock prices as traders reposition, especially given the record number of options and futures contracts out there today.
Adding in this week’s volatile markets overall, there could be some unusual drops that create some short-term buying opportunities, particularly in heavily-traded stocks.  This event won’t happen again until March, and with markets calming down about inflation fears, this could be the most volatile day for weeks to come, ahead of a potential holiday rally.  That makes today an ideal time to put on some trades ahead of the final two weeks of the year.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Rent Prices Expected To Go Up, Is Your City Next?
Average rents for a one-bedroom apartment in the booming suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona, have more than doubled year over year, according to data from Apartment Guide.  Meanwhile, rents in Manhattan have reached fresh records as life returns to the cities.  The problems aren’t confined there… [Read Here]

Inflation To Decimate The American Birthrate, Here’s How
President Biden has pledged to limit child care costs with the passage of his sprawling social spending and climate plan, but a new analysis suggests that millions of middle-class families could actually see their expenses double under the legislation.  The study… [Read Here]

December 17, 2020

ElectioneeringGood morning.
There was only a small chance that the Federal Reserve would make some kind of change in its current policy in its last meeting of the year.  But yesterday, the central bank stated that it was keeping interest rates unchanged at zero, and that it would continue with asset support (i.e., quantitative easing, i.e., money printing) as needed.
It didn’t give markets much of a shot in the arm.  Given the performance of stocks this year, a further push was hardly needed in the last fortnight of 2020.  The Fed’s moves this year brought back all of the programs it took months to develop during the financial crisis in the span of less than a month.  And with the ever-popular “Money Printer Go Brrr” meme still in effect, traders should expect market pullbacks, but not full-blown bear markets, anytime soon.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Gold for the People: “With the ‘recovery’ weakening the rate on a 10-year note will tumble even lower than this year’s record lows around 0.5%.  This will provide an enormous boost to gold prices.” —Jim Rickards
Gold is Top 5 in U.S: “In the U.S., gold ranks in the top five most commonly-owned investments.” —World Gold Council

December 17, 2019

Love politics … or hate politics.
Love politicians … or hate politicians.

I don’t think Darren Hardy’s message is centred around politics … I just thought it to be a great intro-duction to:  “Someone’s Gonna Get Fired!”

Ever go to sleep at night with list of plans for the next morning to “start your day right” and instead find yourself pushing the snooze button when it’s time to rise and shine?  I know I’m certainly guilty of this, and I think it’s fair to say we all are.  Why is this such a common issue?  Because our present and future selves don’t always agree with one another!  We may love the INTENT of our future goals, but as soon as we are faced with holding out or instant gratification, the present self chimes in — usually wanting the opposite thing we’ve just spent time thinking about.

This doesn’t mean we don’t WANT to be successful — we all do!  It just means we’re going about how we approach success and motivation the wrong way.  If we know we’re geared towards more instant re-wards, we need to find ways to build these into our long-term plans.  James Clear, a writer and entrepre-neur who focuses on human habits recommends using three strategies to accomplish this.  😉

“Once Your Mindset Changes, Everything On The Outside Will Change Along With It.”
—Steve Maraboli

Come From Aways, Do You?

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