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12-DECEMBER 21-2023

Flip-chartUp at 6:00 AM today to get ready for work!  Yes, I’m working weekdays part-time (when the schools are open).  It was initiated to assist my wife pay for our mortgage increase, we share my ‘wage’ 50/50… however, it has become a great boost to paying down my personal credit-card-debt.  Yes! shock, horror, I have credit-card-debt.

Good morning.  Since the end of October, markets have swung from being oversold to overbought, as measured by technical indicators such as the relative strength index.  An overbought stock or sector is one thing.  For an index as a whole, a pullback seems likely.
Yesterday’s decline alone won’t cut it.  Markets need a drop necessary to get off of overbought conditions.
For now, it may be prudent to look at ways to hedge, from taking highly volatile positions off the table, or writing covered calls on existing positions.  From here, a 3-5 percent pullback from the recent high would allow the longer market rally to come back even stronger in 2024.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

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December 21, 2022

HRGood morning.
It’s easy to focus on the daily swings of the stock market – or even the more volatile cryptocurrency market.  However, traders shouldn’t overlook moves in the bond market, or even the credit market.  Those markets don’t move as fast.  But they have more money involved.  So when there’s a relatively big move there, it can be a sign of future trouble in other markets.
Right now, one trend is the rising number of banking institutions taking advantage of the Federal Reserve’s discount window.  The total amount has spiked to $9.5 billion.  While that may not sound like much, it’s the highest since June 2020.  And spikes in the discount window typically only occur amid deeper trouble in the credit markets.
Traders shouldn’t get too bullish on stocks quite yet, until this trend ticks back down.  And until then, we’ll continue to look for opportunities to profit with put options, so we can make money no matter what the market is doing.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

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December 21, 2021

promotion timeGood morning.
The stock market tends to quietly rise on light volume in the last few weeks of the year, a phenomenon known as the Santa Claus rally.  This year, however, stocks are behaving more like in 2018, when they sold off into Christmas Eve before starting a big move higher.
The reason for the selloff?  Headlines point to the Omicron variant of Covid.  But it’s more likely that high inflation and expectations for even higher inflation are weighing on consumer spending going into the holidays.  If history repeats the 2018 holiday season drawdown, markets could decline close to 20 percent before surging higher in the next year.  Traders may want to lighten up on trades for the next few weeks while the market settles.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

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December 21, 2020

Compelling NarrativeGood morning.
Stocks briefly hit all-time highs on Friday, but sold off quickly.  The reason?  Stalled talks in Congress over the latest stimulus package.  Some lawmakers want an additional $600 check… or a $1,200 check… on top of the $900 billion number already being talked about.
A deal over the weekend is possible.  But with the ability of just one senator to hold things up, another round of stimulus is looking increasingly like it’ll take a holiday miracle.  That’s why we expect some (relatively light) volatility as long as further stimulus remains in limbo.

Now here’s the rest of the news:


December 21, 2019
Winter fun. Happy family at winter vacation. Vector greeting card

Just thinking that it’s weird that Christmas falls on Wednesday, Boxing Day on Thursday, and then … for some … back to work for one more day!
Just thinkin’ a bit more, New Year’s Day is on Wednesday too!  And then … for some … back to work for two more days!  Hope your spending some family time too.
Darren Hardy shares his wisdom with, “Warning Holiday Danger Ahead”

During the ‘break’ I’ll be Starting My Creative Searches at the Envato Market … Get everything you need (too) in one place with over 2 million items to choose from.  😉

December 21, 2018

Nothing That’s Worthwhile Comes Easily

“Everything worthwhile is uphill.”

In his book No Limits: Blow the Cap Off Your Potential, John C. Maxwell says, “Everything worthwhile in life – everything you want, everything you desire to achieve, everything you want to receive – is uphill.  The problem is that most of us have uphill dreams but downhill habits.  And that’s why we have a cap on our production capacity.”

Think about that powerful statement “Everything worthwhile is uphill.”  Let’s break it down even further to help it settle in:

  • Everything is all-inclusive and all-encompassing.
  • Worthwhile encompasses all that is good and desirable.  It also includes all that is advisable, appropriate and good for you.
  • Uphill paints a picture of being demanding, gruelling, exhausting, rugged, punishing and strenuous.

While the “everything worthwhile” piece of the puzzle sounds enticing, “uphill” presents all sorts of obstacles to the average mind.  It implies an impending challenge, which many of us do not want to deal with.

On the other hand, “downhill” is easy. It has no requirements, and it take little to no effort.  It’s like taking advantage of gravity, which simply pulls us down without us doing any of the work.  While going uphill takes work, you can literally slide downhill – heck, you could in your sleep.

A downhill is marred by unintentionality, complacency, inconsistency and excuses.  There’s no big-picture vision for the future – only instant gratification.

Then there’s the uphill struggle. It’s hard. Forging uphill requires energy, determination and hard work.  You have to be intentional; you have to be consistent and deliberate.  You have to keep your eyes on the prize, with a focus on the big picture.  You have to be determined, demonstrate character and put in the time and work.

To paraphrase Maxwell, the right thing and the hard thing (to do) are usually the same thing.

Along those lines, the average person resists doing the right thing because it’s hard.  Instead, they choose what’s easy – what’s comfort-able.  They go downhill instead of uphill.

So, where are you headed?  Are you going to coast downhill?  Or, are you going to strap on your boots for the uphill climb? That, after all, is where you’ll find everything worthwhile.

To You,
Change That Up!

Come From Aways, Do You?

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