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12-DECEMBER 27-2023

Consultant_22Wednesday is going to be an interesting day… it’s the first banking day after the Christmas holidays and we begin to see our credit card statements spring back to life!  Many won’t want to know what-they-owe… but not me as I’m resolved into reducing my debt by at least a $1000 each month.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

U.S. National Debt Triggers Worldwide Capital Shift
The shocking Treasury securities total has reached $33.89 trillion and it is starting to cause some countries to… [Read Here]

The Dark Cloud Of Inflation
Residual anger about high inflation in recent years appears to have soured consumers’ views of the economy.  And that discontent is getting even stronger… [Read Here]

December 27, 2022

SuperHuman ResourcesGood morning.
Many investors bet on gold in the early stages of the pandemic, when it was clear that the government was going to print trillions of dollars and hand it out.  But despite a slight surge higher, gold prices haven’t gone much of anywhere in two years.  That makes it a modest winner for the challenging year of 2022.  But some see a further move higher.
A number of analysts see commodities potentially soaring.  One analyst just predicted that gold would hit $4,000 an ounce.  That’s tough to agree with, as gold has had very few years in its history where it’s doubled in dollar terms.  With inflation coming down, and government spending flattening out after some big stimulus bills, a modest move higher for some commodities is likely overall.  But it will depend on specific supply and demand factors.
Overall, it just goes to show that commodities remain a trader’s market.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

How American Millionaires Are Outsmarting the Collapsing Economy
Today we investigate optimistic claims about the economy, and reveal them as misleading, at best.  We then discuss what millionaire investors think about… [Read Here]

How Long Will Sky-High Inflation Last? History Has the Answer…
Raging inflation has been a fact of life for quite a while since I first asked “How long will it last?” last June.  The short answer back then?  “No one knows.”… [Read Here]

December 27, 2021

We're Livin' TogetherGood morning.
The personal savings rate is a popular measure with the Federal Reserve for monitoring inflation trends.  If consumers are drawing down savings, it may be a sign that prices will keep heading higher as demand for goods can grow faster than supply in the short run.  The past few months has seen personal savings drop, even as consumer spending has flatlined overall.
The savings rate shot higher at the start of the pandemic as households cut back on spending.  Now, that trend has reversed, with the savings rates back to its lowest level since December 2017.  With this trend reversed, it’s another sign that the pandemic is largely over, and that consumers are coming back to their pre-pandemic spending habits.  That tends to bode well for the stock market, at least until the next fear causes the savings rate to soar again.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Former Treasury Secretary Warns: Inflation Isn’t Over Yet
The Biden administration’s push to crack down on antitrust violations could cause a terrible crisis, economist Larry Summers warned this week.  Summers, the Treasury secretary during the Clinton administration, said proposed actions were “more likely to raise than lower prices.” [Read Here]

December 27, 2020

Only one Darren Hardy Recap this week!

My Daily Plan will be to include Morning Gratitudes… they will go something like this!

Morning Gratitudes
Start by writing three things you’re grateful for in the morning (you’ll be repeating this in the evening).  It’s been proven that starting and ending each day with gratitude makes you happier and raises your positive energy — two things that make you a success magnet!  To keep things interesting, I suggest you are very specific with your gratitude.  Instead of writing: I’m grateful for my partner.  You would write: I’m grateful that my partner made me dinner tonight.

I will leave you with a very short story… “Make every season a season for giving.”

A man was speaking with God about heaven and hell.  “I will show you hell,” said God.  They went into a room that had a delicious beef stew on the table, around which people sat chained to their benches, looking desperately famished.  They held spoons with long handles that reached into the pot, but were too long to put the stew back into their mouths.  Their suffering was terrible.

“Now I will show you heaven,” said God.  They then went into an identical room with the savory stew on the table, where people sat with identical spoons with long handles, but they were well nourished and joyous.

The man was baffled until God said, “Quite simply, you see, these people have learned to feed each other.”

Naturally beautiful: Overcast in Woody Point …Woody Point, Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland and Labrador


… in Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland, Canada.

You’ll also put a start and an end time next to each action, so that you can make sure there is time in your calendar to get it done.  The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is creating to-do’s, but leaving no space in their schedule to get them done.

December 27, 2019

Family Photo - Picture Perfect
Walker Family get-together – Christmas morning!

Money isn’t Evil
And so this is one of the big things.
I want you to stop drawing the conclusion that certain politicians want you to draw, that the media wants you to draw, that Hollywood wants you to draw, that being wealthy is bad, evil, greedy, or that you hurt other people to get there.  Or that you’re just selfishly hoard-ing your riches.

I want you to get away from that kind of ideology, which is created to shame and disrupt.  It’s created to entrap people in that mindset from having this division right, it’s this ideology to create division between abundance.  Abundance and victimhood.
It’s actually designed to keep you a victim so that you’re focused on what’s wrong with the world versus what you are actually capable of doing.  Get more people open to the opportunity.
It’s changing the mindset, getting into action, doing the work to impact more people, getting your product in the hands of more people, getting your service in the hands of more people.
Here’s how Darren Hardy suggests: “How To Have A Rich Life”

What would you do if money wasn’t a problem if you had plenty?

  • What’s possible in your world?
  • What can you do?
  • Why can’t you be the person that initiates that?

That abuse center, that educational center, that learning facility in Africa, those water wells, whatever, right?  Why not?  Maybe the pursuit of having more money isn’t so bad.

Maybe the pursuit of becoming wealthy isn’t so bad because it’s not what you have.
It’s what you do with it. 
Happy New Year! … EVERYONE … 🙂

Come From Aways, Do You?

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