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07-JULY 26-2023

Good morning. The rate of inflation has slowed by two-thirds over the past year.  But getting back down to a

07-JULY 25-2023

Good morning. 2023 was supposed to be a fantastic year for the economy, at least in China.  That’s because the

07-JULY 24-2023

Good morning. We’ve looked at the U.S. Treasury curve before.  That’s because the curve has been inverted for several months. 

07-JULY 23-2023

Today! July 23, 2022 Today! July 23, 2021 Good morning. Technology companies need to constantly innovate.  That results in a

07-JULY 22-2023

Today! July 22, 2022 Good morning. First-time unemployment filings are ticking up.  While they’re not huge yet, they may be

07-JULY 21-2023

Good morning. While markets are happy that inflation is dropping, now hitting 3 percent on a year-over-year basis from a

07-JULY 20-2023

Good Morning. With commercial real estate valuations under pressure, investing in a big city may seem like a dubious prospect

07-JULY 19-2023

Good morning. While investors may focus on stocks or trading options, big changes in the markets can often be first

07-JULY 18-2023

Good morning. While the market historically slows down, and even tends to have a mild correction in the early summer,

07-JULY 17-2023

Good morning. Stocks are off to a strong year.  And despite the seasonal likelihood of a market decline, so far

07-JULY 16-2023

Today! July 16, 2022 Today! July 16, 2021 Good morning. It’s easy to bash the Federal Reserve.  They have a

07-JULY 15-2023

Today! July 15, 2022 Good morning. Investors can do best with a simple investment strategy, like buying and holding great,

07-JULY 14-2023

Good morning. The job market has held up well in the past year, as the Federal Reserve has raised interest

07-JULY 13-2023

Good morning. Inflation continues to drop.  That’s generally good news, sending the market to new highs for the year.  Typically,

07-JULY 12-2023

Good morning. Investors largely expect inflation to continue lower in the months ahead.  While the most recent headline number was

07-JULY 11-2023

Good morning. Over the weekend, several developing countries announced a gold-backed reserve currency.  It’s been 50 years since the United

07-JULY 10-2023

Good morning. June’s job data showed growth of 209,000 jobs.  While that’s a respectable number, it’s a significant drop from

07-JULY 09-2023

Today! July 09, 2022 Today! July 09, 2021 Good morning. Investors are swimming in data, and pros are paying tens

07-JULY 08-2023

Today! July 08, 2022 Good morning. Most of last year, politicians and central bankers stated that inflation was transitory.  With

07-JULY 07-2023

Good morning. Even with an economy that looks like it’s slowing, people vote with their dollars… and their feet. And

07-JULY 06-2023

Good morning. The United States has started preventing chip exports to China in recent months, citing national security concerns.  China

07-JULY 05-2023

Good morning. With gas prices down about 30 percent compared to this time last year, Americans are hitting the open

07-JULY 04-2023

Good morning, and Happy Independence Day! Following a strong first half to the year, investors may be thinking that the

07-JULY 03-2023

Good morning. The first half of the year is over.  And despite a strong rally in U.S. stocks, particularly tech

07-JULY 02-2023

Today! July 02, 2022 Today! July 02, 2021 Good morning. Economists used to believe that there was a tradeoff between

07-JULY 01-2023

Today! July 01, 2021 Good morning. For the first half of the year, one of the top trades investors could

06-JUNE 30-2023

Good morning. While investors and owners alike are shying away from office space, there’s another potential danger on the market. 

06-JUNE 29-2023

Good morning. Markets continue to bet on a “soft landing” for the economy.  Talk of a recession has dwindled as

06-JUNE 28-2023

Good morning. Retail spending is slowing, as seen from this quarter’s earnings reports from major retailers.  Walgreens (WBA) even added

06-JUNE 27-2023

Good morning. The weekend saw the news of a potential coup in Russia.  However, it also appears to have dissipated

06-JUNE 26-2023

Good morning. Production data continues to suggest a slowing economy. However, other trends, such as the labor market and declining

06-JUNE 25-2023

Today! June 25, 2022 Today! June 25, 2021 Good morning. The Nasdaq and S&P 500 have hit new record highs

06-JUNE 24-2023

Today! June 24, 2022 Good morning. In financial markets, good news is often bad news.  And bad news is often

06-JUNE 23-2023

Good morning. As we near the end of the first half of the year, funds may start to buy shares